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  1. how do i start my own kingdom?

    im sitting outside a weakly defender city but i get no attack city option i really want to make my kingdom of italy
  2. siege defense loadouts

    Hey i was wondering what everyone uses to defend their cities/castles since well mine just inst working very well. Im a dshar lord right now and own sarelon and 2 surrounding castles. I have 200-300 troops in the castles of 50 bladesmen 50 pendor armoured archers and the rest are armsmen...
  3. supply wagon help

    hey just started playing this mod and i love it seemed a bit overwelming at first but still good. But i had maxed out my caravans capacity and sent it on a usualy safe trade route and sent about half my army with the caravan but it was attacked now i no longer have the companion I sent with it...
  4. steam help

    can someone help me with downloading ive heard about trouble with downloading mods with steam so ive always tried to stay away from them but this one looks really good and i dont know what to do any help would be greatly appreciated PS. very sorry if i posted this wrong place etc
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