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  1. 1.6.1 - Crash when closing the chat window in a battle/arena (single player)

    Hello, after updating to the 1.6.1 beta branch, I have been reproducably able to crash the game when opening and closing the chat window, although only in a battle situation. On the map it is fine, I didn't try in a tavern or settlement. I stumbled upon this, since I usually use the numpad enter...
  2. In Progress Freezes in battles next to siege.

    Well, as it turns out, I no longer can reproduce any of the freezes anymore. There has been an update today, although it is labeled for beta only and no freezes/crashes are said to have been fixed. Odd.
  3. In Progress Freezes in battles next to siege.

    Sadly, I don't seem to be able to reproduce the second incidence. I reuploaded the other savegame with my username and the link to this thread.
  4. In Progress Freezes in battles next to siege.

    My latest save game seems to have to following problem. When I am besieging a settlement and then get attacked while doing so, the game freezes during the resulting battle. It just freezes and doesn't crash, so I was unable to submit a regular crash report. I have already submitted a save file...
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