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  1. RubbingMyAxe

    Is a replay editor for all multiplayer matches still going to be a thing?

    Last I heard about the replay editor was back in 2020. Dev said it worked like Age of Empires 2 recorded games. Basically it takes a snapshot of game state and then records network messages. When you go to replay, it starts at the snapshot and just reruns the recorded network messages.

    So from that conversation, it sounds like it is still a feature that might get released.
  2. RubbingMyAxe

    Calradic Campaign

    I'll be there!
  3. RubbingMyAxe

    Seasoned Taoge - Looking for Gangban...I mean Active Native Clan Actions [NA]

    Since I was tagged here:

    GK is mainly active on siege nights on GK TDM. We don't really do scrims or Bannerlord skirmish anymore, there wasn't enough interest to keep that going and it caused too much drama. The forum died a long time ago and we switched over to Discord. The app process is pretty streamlined nowadays, you make an application ticket on the discord and then if you don't cause a lot of trouble after a week or two we will probably let you in. If you're looking for organized clan matches and stuff like that though, that's not us in our current state. Maybe if Bannerlord ever bounces back we will give that another go.

    We also don't do the forum "bantz" that the other M&B groups are into, à la @Alyss.
  4. RubbingMyAxe

    Have the developers addressed custom game servers kicking at the end of each round?

    It's definitely something on their radar, it gets brought up constantly. But there is no ETA on when they're gonna fix it.
  5. RubbingMyAxe

    Bannerlord Online mod

    That's just some chat mod. A reverse engineered and hacked server is a completely different thing.
    Check out Ultima Online free servers. It's a similar situation. A team of people created their own version of the game server that was compatible with the official client. EA never shut them down, which definitely seems like something EA would have done if they could.
  6. RubbingMyAxe

    Bannerlord Online mod

    Do you guys think concurrent MP players ever reached 650 globally? If so when was the last time? I am really curious to see what TW thinks about all this
    When EA first launched I remember seeing 900+ in the siege queue.
  7. RubbingMyAxe

    Bannerlord Online mod

    The most Impressive thing so far besides the coop element, is the fact that the server has over 500+ people on it without any problems and yet you try to have 120 people on a siege server and it crashes.
    Idk how they are doing it but it has my attention, imagine a mod like persistent world with over 500+ people... How epic would it be?
    It's probably less of an issue tracking people on the world map. You just have to update everyone's location along with their party info. Lag could just be smoothed out and wouldn't be as noticeable.

    When everyone is in the same scene together, there is a lot more going on.
  8. RubbingMyAxe

    Cant see any MP servers

    Adding a server to favorites does let you connect sometimes if the server isn't appearing on your internet list.

    Since you can't add the servers yourself, what you can do is get someone you know to rename their profiles.dat file, launch warband, create a character, and then add the servers you want to play on to the favorites list. Then they can send the newly created profiles.dat file to you, and you can use the character they created to access the servers you want to play on via the favorites list.

    You could also use a hex editor to edit the IP of an existing favorite on a character, but that's more advanced.
  9. RubbingMyAxe

    NA | Sunday Night Siege (SNS) - Biweekly

    These are great. I look forward to the next one!
  10. RubbingMyAxe

    In Progress Skala Landing - Glitchy spot abused by archers.

    I had the map name wrong initially, it is Skala Landing.

    This is the spot:

  11. RubbingMyAxe

    In Progress Really loud cav sounds on Siege.

    Was just playing siege, and in the middle of the match suddenly many people on the server started hearing really loud cav galloping sounds. It happened a few times during the match for me. I recorded a short clip one of the times it happened. There were no horses around, yet it was the loudest...
  12. RubbingMyAxe

    In Progress Skala Landing - Glitchy spot abused by archers.

    Was just playing Skala Landing on Siege and there was an archer who kept abusing this spot throughout the match. It is blocked by an invisible barrier, so you can't reach the archer to kill them with melee weapons. Archers in that spot can shoot through the invisible barrier into the spawn...
  13. RubbingMyAxe

    Siege maps needs to be made anti cavalry.

    +1 for this. The most fun sieges I have had were special events where cavalry was banned.

    G flag is the worst for this. In a highly contested siege where all other flags are taken, everyone will pick cavalry class and ride as fast as they can to the G flag. The number of horses becomes unbearable for infantry. Even if you kill the riders, the stray horses continue bumping into everyone and clogging up chokepoints.
  14. RubbingMyAxe

    NA Siege Completed Sunday night Siege NA Jan 10th 2021

    Doing this again tonight at 9pm Eastern.
  15. RubbingMyAxe

    NA Native Siege Open GK's NA Native Siege Events

    Still doing these every Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday! Tonight's lasted two and half hours with 80+ people the whole event.

  16. RubbingMyAxe

    Empire Courser is completely broken in TDM

    It's a problem in Siege as well. Top scorers on Empire are almost always menav cav.
  17. RubbingMyAxe

    Resolved Warband.exe contains a Trojan?

    I have received the same message twice from MalwareBytes in the past couple of weeks, in Native with NeoGK and Bear Force II. As you said, it happened on the server list.

    I remember because after closing the messages I got a BSOD, which has not happened before for me on Windows 10. I turned off MalwareBytes after the second BSOD.
  18. RubbingMyAxe

    NA Native Siege Open GK's NA Native Siege Events

    GK has been hosting Friday siege events on our Native US_GK_TDM server for several years, but we've recently expanded them by two more days. Now you can get your siege fix on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday at 9pm Eastern! We play a mix of native maps as well as custom maps with NeoGK features...
  19. RubbingMyAxe

    Public, Casual Events hosted by the Mount and Blade Community Discord

    I've been participating for years. Fun and casual events. They are the only time I get to play some of these older mods in NA anymore.
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