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  1. repositioning objects?

    I'm trying to use beards and hair from TLD in warband. I can get them into game ok but they're out of position and appear in front of the characters face by a few inches. Question is how do I use the Open Brf to reposition the meshes so they fit???? Any pointers gratefully received. Thanks...
  2. Can someone make one of these?

    Can someone make a  Bronze horned-helmet of the "Battersea" type? It's only the most iconic celtic helmet ever discovered!!!! Please?
  3. How to skip tutorial?

    Is there a way of scripting out the annoying tutorial section at the start of the game??? Pleeeeease! It kills me................
  4. Bullets into laser bolts!!!

    How would i go about changing the flying bullet into a bright red laser bolt such as those in the star wars conquest mod? Any help greatly appreciated!
  5. making old skins work in warband.

    How would I go about making Stefanos orks skins from the last days mod for M&B .808 work in warband? I've tried a few things but it doesn't seem to want to know..................... Does anyone ever answer?
  6. Porting a map

    Is it possible to take a map from an old .808 mod and put it across to a warband 134 mod? If so, how complicated would that be?
  7. body count

    How would I go about turning off the body limit in warband. I miss having an excessive "tide of the dead"???
  8. question about boar fur.

    Hi, love your mod and often use the models and textures etc for personal mods. I've come across the model of a boar helmet with skin draped across the shoulders "BL_boar" it's an excellent model and i thought it would be cool as a helmet for a roman signifier (standard bearer) in something i'm...
  9. Repositioning items to fit custom skeletons

    Hi, I was just wondering if someone could point me in the right direction for a tutorial on the subject of making items fit to custom skeletons. For example, how would i stretch an existing item to fit a larger skull or body model? And how would I re-position a helmet to fit a shorter body...
  10. OSP mecca????

    I'm pretty new to all this modding lark so if my next question comes across as dumb please forgive me. Is there anywhere out in the world, some sort of hidden OSP mecca that this sad, sorry dickhead can't find? Does it lurk unseen like some hidden valley filled with glittering wonder? I'm...
  11. How do Re-name a texture file?

    I've finally just today realised how to add source files into mods, so I decided to combine all the armours from Lynores' Pelopenissian Wars and Barbarian Invasion 3 in one mod! Good idea yes? No, because of the bloomin' Linothorax files in both TPW and BI 3! So I've done everything I need to...
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