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  1. Is the mod considered finished?

    Is there any more work planned on this mod or is it considered finished?
  2. Douar-en-Enez Outcomes

    Hi Brytenwalda team and helpful forumites, Is it possible to succeed on behalf of Wessex during Douar-en-Enez and prevent the death of a certain companion? I hate to ask for spoilers but I am agonizing over this. While there are possible hints that the outcome is fixed (both the companion and...
  3. Return of the Dyfed

    In my current game Britain has been reduced to just a few massive blobs of factions. Only 9 remain and worst of all, Britannia has entered a hippy-like era of peace and love. It seems that the super blocks of allied mega blobs have destroyed everyone else, making the Isles seem a bit static. I...
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