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  1. BL Coding String search in all dll files

    Is there a solution to search for a specific string in all decompilled dll files? I can search with dnspy with ctrl + f in one class for a specific string. I want to do this on all files and on all classes with one search.
  2. BL Coding Campaignmap click and double click handler

    I´m looking for the eventhandlers for clicking and doubleclicking on the campaign map in Bannerlord. I want to alter the behavior of the time speed fast forward and normal speed. At the moment a single click will set time to normal speed and a double click will set the time to fast forward. I...
  3. BL Coding Where to find required relation for recruiting in settlements?

    I want to edit the value required relation for recruiting in settlements and citys. Can`t find it. Can someone help me out?
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