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  1. Real-World DLC Idea: Mount&Blade II: Ottoman Conquest

    What a garbage idea for a dlc.
  2. A troll ruining our game

    Holy ****, you can block people with a horse? That's amazing, I'm definitely trying this right now. It looks hilarious.
  3. Where's the patch, TW.

    If they ran off, who's been dropping all these patches for the game? Damn, I am scared now...
    There has been no major update in 12 days. The game is probably dead already and the money long gone.
  4. Where's the patch, TW.

    I don't understand people speculating TW running away with money. Most of those people have been working on this game for years and this is their main job. They established a game and a brand, why would they just randomly run away when its all coming together lol.

    I mean if you wanna speculate TW sucks at making games and will never finish the game because of incompetence that is whatever. However saying they will randomly run away because they got some money seems weird. Is that what you think of when you get a good chunk of money? Run away?

    Yeah, there's a big chance they just ran off with the money, the fact that has been absolutely NO updates from the devs, not even a dev diary or something is a BIG red flag. You should definitely be scared.
  5. Where's the patch, TW.

    It's been a week without a patch, the game is almost certainly dead.
  6. Is this game dead?

    stating a goal of wanting to do something is not a guarantee, therefore it doesn't qualify as lying. Also there could simply be a delay (e.g. public holiday). Why is that not one of your options? Run out of ideas after only 3?

    If there's a delay that just enters in B. They are not devoting more development time on the game. Wich could means that they are devoting their time in another project already and abandoning this game.
  7. Is this game dead?

    "about a week" isn't exactly a week, so the word "clearly" massively overstates any level of certainty you can claim to have.

    If they say they want to make a major update every week, and do not deliver on this promise, just means that: A. They are lying. B. They are not devoting more development time on the game. or C. The game is just dead.
  8. Is this game dead?

    "The beta branch will include content that has gone through our internal testing and will be exposed to public testers for at least one week. During this period, we will address discovered issues with hotfixes. Our goal is a weekly cycle where we push our internal version to the beta and the prior beta version to the main Steam build. However, if serious challenges arise, we may delay an update until those issues have been addressed."


    This just proves my point, they said about a weekly cycle, but there's no major update in a week. Clearly they are not devoting enough attention in updating the game and probably are not interest in the game anymore.
  9. Is this game dead?

    literally two post above you is commenting on how there is an update, could you read before rushing to conclusions, i know this isnt this game but terraria is having a major update May 16, 2020 3 years after its previous update, how do you come to the conclusion that there "wont be any major updates" after a week? when even i just disproved your major assumptions

    That is just a wild guess, since the fact is that the game hasn't received any real updates in a week, and since there's no response from the devs there's no guarantee that this game isn't dead, or that they will ever updated it again. My point still stands.
  10. Is this game dead?

    If it is true that they are still working on the game, the fact that has been more than a week without any updates definitly means that the game has reached a stagnated development time. That most certainly means that there wont be any major updates anymore. So i still want my refund now please.
  11. Is this game dead?

    In what world is a week without a patch a long span of time?

    Well, it is quite a long time, and there's has been no comments from the devs either. That certainly means that they are probably not doing anything anymore and just moved to another project.
  12. Is this game dead?

    you can't expect everyday updates anyways. Im sure that they are working on something bigger

    Are you sure? The fact that they have not updated this game in such a long span of time might mean that they are just not interested in it anymore, probably moved to another project. If that's the case i just want my refund now.
  13. Is this game dead?

    It's been more than a week now without any updates. Is this game dead already? I hope the devs haven't simply run away with the money... If it is dead i want my refund now please.
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