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  1. Map and other small things for a Scandinavian Mod.

    Hi, im Peter, me and my friend is making a scandinavian mod from the 12th century( well first of all we got this pic: from Bloodshammar, so we wanted to know if anyone in here happend to have that map file lying around somewhere if you...
  2. SP Medieval Scandinavian Wars of 12th century[In Progress]

    Scandinavian Wars of 12th century[In Progress] Hi, me and my friend decided to make a mod with the scandinavian countries. we plan to make it with 5 Factions, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Kurland We actullay started today so we arent realy been going quite far. BlodsHammar provided...
  3. prvakaciga1.brf error ??

    ok, when i open the game it goes to proccesing INI and instantly give me the error so i searched around and it seems there isnt a file named that in mount and blade ? so i thought some of you might be able to help me out here XD i checked the rar file and still nothing. -Peter
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