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  1. Huge Performance Issues in battles 1.3 beta

    Hope it gets fixed tonight... I want to continue my save
  2. 1.3.0 fps drops

    same. now i can't play my save at 1.2 either
  3. A Fresh and New FPS Problem after the 1.3 Beta (with Hotfix Patch)

    Hope it gets fixed tonight... Can't revert my save back to 1.2 now
  4. What do you want? balance or content

    I want no block delay like in Warband
  5. Auto upgrade all troops button

    Just to clarify, I am talking about the act of going through the menu and clicking to upgrade them, NOT acquiring XP for them to upgrade. Upgrading troops is very tedious at the moment, especially in the late game where you might have 50 - 100 different groups of troops, and you have to scroll...
  6. does the path finding skill stack?

    for example if i have 2 skill points in path finding and another guy in my party has 2 points in path finding as well, will my party get +12% map speed instead of just 6%?
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