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  1. Recruiting T5+ prisoners not available

    Hi folks, Am I the only one who realised, that game is not offering recruiting prisoners Tier 5 and above? I'm hoping devs will add that option as I'm running with over 90 T6 as a prisoners all over the place (plus over 600 T5+ packed in dungeons)... Selling them is pointless as I have over 10k...
  2. Need More Info Unable to exit dialogue with another NPC

    Same issue here in beta 1.3.0 version. This bug is quite annyoing actually as the only solution which I found was to declare war on them and attacking...

  3. Resolved Got stuck in siege mode after turning an enemy lord to my faction

    I just got the same issue. Is there any way to abandon the siege or force game to attack as I have no previous saves to load now...

    Same issue here after updating to e1.0.5... Before had no issues at all
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