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  1. Mekismo

    Need More Info Poor FPS in map and battles

    Summary: I haven't played Bannerlord for a month or so, but loaded it up today and noticed that in the game map screen and in battles there is extreme lag, like the fps is dropped below 10-15, I hadn't changed any settings since I last played. But, even if I try changing the graphics settings...
  2. Mekismo

    Need More Info Winter 8, 1095 - Crashing every time

    My game is now stuck in a crash loop. As my save date is around Winter 6, 1095. So as soon as I advance any further in the game (regardless of where i move on the map) it gets to just after midday of Winter 8, 1095 and the game hangs, the cursor moves really slowly and then after 20-30 seconds i...
  3. Mekismo

    66 hours played, now game crashes at launch

    Hi all, as the title says, I have 66 hours played so far, no real issues aside from the odd crash. However, just now my game crashed at the end of a large battle 300 v 250. Now, every time I try to launch the game, it loads the first screen with the little running horse in the bottom right and...
  4. Mekismo

    Quest: Derthert needs troops garrisoned at Talivel Castle

    Anyone else had this quest issue, King Derthert has asked me to provide 5 troops to garrison in the castle, I have the troops in my army, the quest is marked with a tick and says 5/5. But everytime i go to the castle I am refused entry, and there is no option to garrison the troops!! Any ideas?
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