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  1. Arkinnian

    Trade Advice

    I've come across that before, and it has Zendar in it. Thank you, however; I will just go ahead and use this.  :smile:
  2. Arkinnian

    Trade Advice

    People have posted their trade routes before, yes, but I have been unable to find anything regarding trade routes in vanilla 1.011. There already exist a few guides, but Google the search function here only turn up trade information for old versions and for mods. If anyone has any trade routes...
  3. Arkinnian

    SP Native Native Pro Mod Pack v1.01 + v1.02 Patch for M&B 1.011

    So is it possible to download mods for 1.011 anymore?
  4. Arkinnian

    SP Native Fantasy First try mod: Native_fantasy_Expansion( Alpha release jul. 22)

    Tried downloading the mod but I get a file not found error on both links.
  5. Arkinnian

    Problems with MBrepository

    Aw, shucks...

    It's just my luck that I pop back in to see what's available to DL, see several mods that I'm quite interested in, and then hit a wall.

    Oh well, at least I have Fury of Odin. ^^
  6. Arkinnian

    Most Tempting Targets

    I picked caravans because the enemy settlements' prosperity is affected by caravans entering them. Cut off their supply lines and the enemy seems to afford less troops of lower quality.

    It doesn't affect things much, but every little bit helps.
  7. Arkinnian

    How many people have you gotten to buy Mount & Blade?

    I got three to try and they all bought a copy.

    Well, two bought a key, and I bought a key for one of them, so nyatch.

    Also, I lost my key one time, making this the second time that I've bought

  8. Arkinnian

    I fell madly in love with Lady Chedina

    I agree. Running a yard of steel through someone's guts always gets me in the mood to rut.

  9. Arkinnian

    Who are these banned/muted/warned people? (Discussion thread links in OP)

    Elenmmare said:
    The truth set him free. From the forum.

    That's going in my sig.  :lol:
  10. Arkinnian

    Multiplayer Mod Team Recruitment

    I don't know. He got Oblivion to connect two PC's together. All I need from him is his networking skills and a chain of miracles.

    It's  a long shot, but at worst it'll fail.

    Speaking of highlander, hardcode and fujiwara: Have they worked on M&B Multi themselves, or are they just overall modding deities?

    If they've worked on a multiplayer mod, then maybe their notes would be useful. I could see where they hit a wall, and maybe...I don't know. Find someone who knows how to code and someone who knows how to network.
  11. Arkinnian

    Multiplayer Mod Team Recruitment

    I've sent a PM to Armagan. No response.

    I've tried getting in touch with 13asu. No response.

    I've sent an email to the Multiplayer Oblivion guy. No response.

    I'm going to go see if they have a forum right now.
  12. Arkinnian

    Multiplayer Mod Team Recruitment

    There was no harm in the asking. Also, I remember seeing about someone else asking him for the source. Granted, it may have been bull****, but even a slim opportunity is an opportunity.
  13. Arkinnian

    Multiplayer Mod Team Recruitment

    There's precious little I can do on my part; I just signed on as a playtester. Right now, I'm poking around on the Internet, trying to find capable coders. I sent an email to the guys that made the Oblivion MP mod, but I got a mailer daemon reply saying that it was an invalid address.

    I don't know what 13asu is doing. I sent him a PM asking about the team roster and he never got back.

    I sent a PM to Armagan asking if he would consider making the source code public, but (unsurprisingly) he didn't reply.

    I suggested (I think) to 13asu that the mod team all get together on an IM and discuss this in real time, but no reply.
  14. Arkinnian

    Multiplayer Mod Team Recruitment

    . . .

    That's what this entire thread is about...

    ........ make my head hurt.
  15. Arkinnian

    Multiplayer Mod Team Recruitment

    I apologize for my dropping off the radar, guys; I was pretty bad sick. I'm back now, and I just sent an email to the guys that made the multiplayer mod for Oblivion. Hopefully I'll hear from them soon.
  16. Arkinnian

    Serious discussion only!

    Trooper5445 said:
    *Millions of Rhodoks swarm forth like a great plague of locusts*

    I'll go ahead counter them with two of my Huscarls, maybe get a few villagers to flank them. Piece of cake.
  17. Arkinnian

    Multiplayer Mod Team Recruitment

    Archonsod said:
    You'd get better performance playing via carrier pigeon.

    :lol: Proof that where there's a will, there's a way. Maybe get pigeons with USB ports?

    Okay, back OT.

    The Scrip Extender idea seems to me like it would be our best option at this point. My question is how hard would it be to make a MBSE? What exactly would be involved in the creation of it, and would it be legal?

    If we could get a MBSE going then I'm sure that implementing variables such as account_id and player_name wouldn't be too difficult. If you had a dedicated server you could have a folder on that server labeled something like MB Accounts. Players could register with a third party client, which would add an account to the folder. Savegame information, etc. could be stored in this folder...

    Aside from getting the source code, an extender seems to me like it'd be the best how do we make it?
  18. Arkinnian

    New way to auto-calc battles

    Observer mode actually seems like a great idea, and it would be easy to implement. You could have a free-roaming camera like in edit mode, and maybe even allow the cheat that lets the AI control your character without actually having the cheats.

    Now that I think about it, I could just enable cheats and let the computer take over. It's more of a workaround, but then again there isn't a real problem with the way that the game calculates battles; I was just thinking of ways to change it.

    If troop quality is taken into effect, would it be possible to factor in the troop type as well, then?
  19. Arkinnian

    New way to auto-calc battles

    From what I understand, when a battle occurs without player involvement the game engine simply tallies numbers and bases the outcome off of that. My proposal is this: assign a point value based on which troop types are involved, then apply an outcome based on the virtual troop count. Let's say...
  20. Arkinnian

    Multiplayer Mod Team Recruitment

    I was planning on it. Some of the criticism was helpful, some of it was actually funny. I saw the pic of the freight containers and the one with the car through the roof and  I lol'd.

    Hopefully, though, the thread will begin to lean more towards actual discussion of how to make this thing work. We all seriously need to get on an IM of some sort.
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