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  1. Hybrid_the_Unsane

    keys got struck

    Sorry for the double post but a check revealed that a clean install does NOT fix the problem.
  2. Hybrid_the_Unsane

    keys got struck

    I tried both, thinking it was compatibility issue when it had first happened, but the problem persisted in a new game.
  3. Hybrid_the_Unsane

    keys got struck

    I've had the same problem.  I'm running 1.011 and it's the first time it's happened to me before.

    I'm not sure if it applies to a battle scene, but when navigating the map screen, holding down W A S or D to move around the map and then releasing the key results in the camera not stopping until it reaches the edge of the map.
  4. Hybrid_the_Unsane

    sticky wasd keys

    I've been having the same problem - albeit with 1.011 - and I don't have any programs running in the background when I play it, save for those that are run by the system or just automatically there at start-up, even though I don't have a lot of start-up items.
    I haven't had the problem up until 1.011.
  5. Hybrid_the_Unsane

    Did anyone else want more hair styles?

    This was one of the minor things I was hoping to see more of in the game.  I'm not *****ing or complaining, just curious to know what everyone else thinks as it pertains to this.
  6. Hybrid_the_Unsane

    Requests for custom banners, surcoats and shields

    Hey there.  I've become interested in a custom banner and would wonder if anyone could create one with this image:
  7. Hybrid_the_Unsane

    Max Army Size and Morale - Easy to change in scripts.txt

    This is awesome stuff.  I nearly choked on my drink when I saw my maximum party limit was 800+!

    But, I want to command that many without paying too much for them.  Since I'm braindead when it comes to script editing unless it's spelled out for me, how would I go about reducing my troop wages?
  8. Hybrid_the_Unsane

    17 levels in one second...???

    Hi everybody. Yesterday, I was playing as I so love to play, Mount & Blade.  I'm just strolling around the map, headed towards Sargoth I believe, to compete in the next tournament so I could line my man-bag with a healthy injection of coins. Next thing you know...I get a message telling me I'd...
  9. Hybrid_the_Unsane

    Tale of a near-owning

    So, I had just sold my services to the Nords, thinking: Eh, bit o' coin to line me can I lose? Well, I soon found out. So, here's me!  Riding off to a castle in answer of the call of King Ragnar...I get a message saying that some lord has seen me...Lo and behold...I get within...
  10. Hybrid_the_Unsane

    Random, unexplained, unprovoked lag.

    I've updated my display driver and I retried the game, but the text did it's trick where it suddenly becomes boxy and indecipherable.
    Though, there wasn't any lag this time, but I don't know if that means the problem is eradicated, I only hope it means it is and that the text problem will be fixed with the release of the next update.
  11. Hybrid_the_Unsane

    Random, unexplained, unprovoked lag.

    I tried turning off pixel shaders to no effect and I've been running in DX 7 mode since I began playing it.  I'll see about the drivers though.
  12. Hybrid_the_Unsane

    Random, unexplained, unprovoked lag.

    Okay, first off, Mount & Blade plays great on my machine...for about ten minute. I can be roaming around on the map, meandering around a city or even be in a store and it'll all go haywire.  The FPS goes down to a maximum of 4, the store starts to flash colours and all the text becomes...
  13. Hybrid_the_Unsane

    SP Fantasy Age of Descent: A Violent Ending First Public Alpha Realeased!

    This mod is awesome! 
    I tried it out today and I'm so happy I did.  I love the feeling of satisfaction when a blast a round into a zombies face and I get engulfed in the ensuing shower of blood.
    Great work.
  14. Hybrid_the_Unsane

    The new Dukes Mod 2.0 (update 27th of June)

    I just tried this mod out and it rocks!
    I made a Master Of Swords, it was quite surprising.  I got all this good for a starting character armour plus some really powerful swords and I already had a decent party.
    Fantastic Mod, I'd recommend to anyone!

    I think I even prefer this over normal M&B.
  15. Hybrid_the_Unsane

    Bug reports

    I just can't play the mod at all.
    I go through making my character and all that then when it's about to throw me out into the game it crashed and gives me an error window.  I can't exactly remember what it says so I'll check, or I'll just try re-installing.

    EDIT: The title of the little error window is something like, "Display Driver Stopped Working Properly."
    Then it gives me a bunch of mumbo jumbo about having to reboot to set the computer's display properties back to normal.
    I just can't figure it out.
  16. Hybrid_the_Unsane

    Music to play to

    For battle, something fast and loud.
    HammerFall are good because they do tonnes of songs about Knights and Templars and stuff.

    Or, a bit of the Priest.  Something like Painkiller or Screaming For Vengeance.  Heck if you want to go to the classic 70's then something like Tyrant or Dissident Aggressor, Genocide.

    Well, that's stuff that relates to M&B.

    I really just listen to anything that's on my mind.  Whether it be Uriah Heep or Dio or anything else I like.
  17. Hybrid_the_Unsane

    A roleplay

    ((Well, I'm pulling out, I've got nothing, sorry guys))
  18. Hybrid_the_Unsane

    A roleplay

    Aerick charged ahead with his padded sword held off to his side with both hands.  He charged at a guard who tried raising his sword to bring it down on Aerick's head.  Aerick side stepped the attack and slammed the flat of his sword into the guards head.  He reversed the attack with a counter motion, he slammed another guard with the flat of his sword, this time it hit him in the midriff and knocked him off balance.  Aerick thrust a fist into the guards face knocked him over, a dull blue starting ever so slowly to form around his eye.
  19. Hybrid_the_Unsane

    A roleplay

    "It matters not, it's a friendly arena match."  Aerick looked over to Halden and gave hime a sly grin, "At least as friendly as possible."
  20. Hybrid_the_Unsane

    A roleplay

    Aerick put his mug down and wiped away the excess ale around his mouth.  "I'm liking your thinking.  I dare say I'm up for both."
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