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  1. pchalk

    Multiplayer issue

    Hello Ive been playing Warband for some time now but really havn't played multiplayer since beta. A couple friends of mine and I recently tried to get a game started. One of my friends hosted a game online and the other had no problem joining. I just straight up could not find the game. I could...
  2. pchalk

    Companion -> Lord in my own kingdom

    I have been running a campaign as a ruler of my own kingdom. i recently took a castle in Scotland and determined that Firentis was where i wanted him to be when it came to skills and equipment. I awarded him the castle. the next time i see him he has completely different equipment, in fact worse...
  3. pchalk


    i know this mod is considered early in development and am impressed with the progress so far but id like for the time being anyway to mod, myself, the names of the "placeholder" lords and mostly the settlements. i know pretty much absolutly nothing about modding but im assuming theres a file/s...
  4. pchalk

    The spy arresting quest

    ok ive taken up the spy arresting quest and this is the second time Im doing it. The first time i found that blue colored 8 man army with the unremarkable townsman. When i engaged them i knocked them all out none died. I went back to the king and i couldnt finish the quest which means there was...
  5. pchalk

    ??? What to du ????

    I didnt really look around to see if this was asked so srry  :D Im currently in a campaign where Ive taken up Kastor of Velucas claim to the throne of the Rhodocks. I have 10 of the lords and Graveth has 10. I had taken all territories except the castle closest to the sea (estoq i think) when i...
  6. pchalk

    Castle Awarding

    ok ive been playing this character for a while ive got the party capacity up to 78 and i have no problem taking castles with armies twice my size but when I request my king to give me the castle he doesnt.  This is not only after one castle has been taken, I have taken three with this guy, two...
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