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  1. WESTre

    High Money Siege topic

    Hello all, As you might have noticed, there's a new Siege server in Native Warband. This topic is meant to keep players updated to what's currently happening to the server and community in general. If you'd like to partake in discussions or have any questions, please visit our website and forum...
  2. WESTre

    Loss of a member

    Hello all, I regret to inform that TvS_Athos, also known as TvS_Carlos, has recently passed away. The cause of his death was a cardiac arrest. 19 years of age, it is very unfortunate that it had to come to this. While this is a community based around a game and most of us don't know him in real...
  3. WESTre

    BNet Winter Open

    Blade Network International Winter Open BNet Open is, as the name suggests, an open competition for all players. This is not an invitational competition. Everyone who joins a BNet Siege, TDM, DM, Duel or Battle server will automatically be enlisted into the competition and if you top the...
  4. WESTre

    westre's siege persistence

    Hello, Today I'm pleased to announce my native persistence mod for With Fire and Sword. For the last couple of weeks I've been developing a system, which holds all the players' progress. This new mod includes player levels, experience, seasonal ladders, world ladders, kill streaks, leagues...
  5. WESTre

    Sending messages to server

    Hello, I'm stuck at the problem where data needs to be sent to the server from the client. For now I have this: (ti_on_presentation_event_state_change,     [(store_trigger_param_1, ":object"),       (try_begin),         (eq, ":object", "$g_presentation_obj_adminmod_menu_2"),  #kick Menu...
  6. WESTre

    westre's siege - 1 year online! Happy anniversary all!
  7. WESTre

    Init variables

    Hello all, How would one initialize a variable upon multiplayer server start? Obviously there are triggers for player join/mission start etc. but that's not what I'm searching for. So, is there a trigger that initializes stuff upon server start? Also, it's strictly restricted to native scripting.
  8. WESTre

    westre's siege donations

    Hello all, For almost a year I've been funding my servers (westres_EU_Siege, Battle, DM, Duel) out of my own pocket, aside from a couple of donations (thanks btw!). If you've played WFaS, you know that westres_EU_Siege is the biggest, content-rich siege server on WFaS to date. However hosting a...
  9. WESTre

    WFaS Multiplayer Native

    Hello guys, Basically I want to start scripting in native multiplayer, meaning that the clients don't have to download files. My plan for now is to call an event when a player is killed. This is what I have. multiplayer_event_westre_killed_player = 121 (ti_on_agent_killed_or_wounded, 0, 0...
  10. WESTre

    MP Musket Era Era of Supremacy

    Figured I might as well create a little mod set in the Napoleonic era. Here's some gameplay of the first test session: I used textures from OSPs (Europe 1805 ( for the texturing! HUGE credit to them...
  11. WESTre

    westre's servers admin applications

    Hello all, I think it is safe to say that my siege server is one of the, if not, the biggest siege server on WFaS at this time. Which inevitably comes with some consequences. DoS attacks, griefing, trolling et cetera. That's why I decided to open up the admin applications. This will help to...
  12. WESTre

    Regarding EU Siege

    Hey all, This is an issue about westre's_EU_Siege. If you do not play on this server or multiplayer in general then please stop reading. Over the last couple of days some of you may have had some lag issues or experienced server shutdowns and that's because somehow this server is consuming...
  13. WESTre

    Increased player cap

    Hello all, I run a siege server but most of the time it's at max amount of players. Is it possible to increase the player cap? Does anyone have the modified .exe and can give it to me? Thanks in advance.
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