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  1. Need More Info bug at uqba castle forcing merchants to enter the dungeon

    once i took uqba castle from aresai those guys spawned in once i tried to go to the dungeon those guys are not supposed to be in a castle..
  2. Need More Info cant walk up the stairs in a spesfic place in ortongard

    How to Reproduce:go to ortongard , go to the waterfront thugs Quest/Settlement Name (if related):ortongard Media (Screenshots & Video): Version:1.0.6 Computer Specs: OS:10 64 bit GPU:rtx 2070 CPU:i7 9750 h RAM:16 gb Motherboard:gx53wgwr Storage Device (HDD/SSD): ssd
  3. bandit camp too op

    some bandit camps which is way stronger than the others with many troops i can take easily , but some camps have thier npcs spawn a lot in a tiny area which is way too powerful , my first 9 tier 5 troops die easily because of that . please fix this or think about it thanks a lot,
  4. Not receiving XP for thrown weapons

    You are posting in the wrong place my friend, please report this in the bugs section
  5. Need More Info visual bug at ostican

    Summary:visual bug at ostican How to Reproduce:go to ostican then to the brewer Quest/Settlement Name (if related):ostican Media (Screenshots & Video): Version:1.0.6 Computer Specs: OS:10 64bit GPU:rtx 2070 CPU:i7 9750 h RAM:16 Motherboard:rtx 2070 Storage Device...
  6. Need More Info bugs need to adress

    How to Reproduce:go to that location Quest/Settlement Name (if related):Sanla Media (Screenshots & Video): Version:1.0.6 Computer Specs: OS:10 64bit GPU:RTX 2070 CPU:i7 9750H RAM:16 gb Motherboard:gx531gwr Storage Device (HDD/SSD): ssd in sanla you...
  7. Give away 30th march

    Thanks for the kind offer , it was a good idea you posted this in the forums , since most people who really need the game have only a little chance of winning since they are praticipating in youtube giveaways with 40k+ entires or something , cheers !
  8. Pre download?

    Same my internet is 50 megas and it will take quite sometime to download
  9. Important fixes needed before release of early access

    Hello guys I've noticed some stuff that may need to be fixed in bannerlord 1-running animation is kinda weird and not realistic at all 2-When asking someone in town for special NPC he start running weirdly for 2 seconds then start to walk to the target . 3-TaleWorlds introduced a nice...
  10. Suggestions for bannerlord

    Already in the game.

    Already in the game.

    Already in the game.

    In this video you can see people doing stuff other than walking, merchant shouting, and a special NPC giving a quest to the player:

    Armagan said that it might be a future DLC.
    Your video btw legit show no proof of npc moving inside a castle as i said .
  11. Random or designable armor ?

    Good idea but kinda hard to make
  12. Lords in bannerlords are so lonely :(

    Not every lord, but certainly some lords and kings should have one or a few unique starting companions. Would be nice to have the option of family members as companions as well, to train them up before they get promoted to lord or governor themselves.
    Nicely put
  13. 31 March and 50 Bucks what do you think?

    50 Euros for an EA game is a bit much.

    Also the date is hopefully nothing to go by. They release it on the latest day possible without backlash from the community, doubt it is ready.
    Its not like you only payiny for the early access game you getting the full game eventually besides there is no way they can make the EA game 30 dollars and when the full game releases ask you for need 20 dollar more it dosent make any sense
  14. Suggestions for bannerlord

    I hope so also if modders can do it too it would be great
  15. Suggestions for bannerlord

    Hello all here is suggestions i personally would like to happen in bannerlord,if you agree with those suggestions comment something postive about this thread or if you dont like it we can have a friendly chat in the comments and see what is the best solution!😄 Things that i feel it would make...
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