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  1. Reapper45

    MP Sci-Fi Fantasy [WFaS] Warhammer 40K: A Universe Divided (MODELLERS AND TEXTURERS NEEDED)

    I can code or model and i want to help but you should known that I'm not that good at either.
  2. Reapper45

    Skill question: Surgery

    Only the highest surgery counts, the rest simply add to that but not above ten.
    So 60% of your casualties still die.
  3. Reapper45

    Mod is not installing

    Are you sure you downloaded the entire mod and just the newest patch?
  4. Reapper45

    How do i add troops to the player party

    thanks i had tried party_add_troops with no success
  5. Reapper45

    How do i add troops to the player party

    How would i add specific troops to the player party? thanks in advance
  6. Reapper45

    [S] Age of False Innocence - Unofficial version (1.1 Update).

    Shredzorz released the source code of AOFI when he began working on his new mod so i think it will be fine.
  7. Reapper45

    Clans seeks other Clan's for Scrimmage

    Not enough for a stable clan base thats for sure
  8. Reapper45

    [BUGS] Freelancer 1.1 Bugs and Fixes. (LOCKED)

    I was serving under count klargus and when iI went to talk to him I captured him instead.
  9. Reapper45


    I tried and the pre-battle orders mod doesn't work with F&S
  10. Reapper45

    Hidden Cache

    It must be the elder i think also are you using the russian password?
  11. Reapper45

    Como ser nobre? - How to be noble? PT-BR

    Either you have to do story quests or get your renown up, just doing standard quests wont work.

    Ou você tem a fazer quests história ou até obter o seu renome, apenas fazendo quests padrão não vai funcionar.
    sorry, if the translation is bad I don't speak Portuguese.
  12. Reapper45

    My two biggest suggestions after 1 year of playing this game!

    This reminds me of the map writing in The Phantom Hourglass which was one of the coolest things in the game.
  13. Reapper45

    Modalidad de juego (peticion a talewords?)

    Even if it's in spanish they idea he's presenting is good.
  14. Reapper45

    Join _Horde_ WfS clan!

    I'll join, if you want to set the [Horde] apart you might use bows instead of firearms.
  15. Reapper45

    How come I can't start a new game?

    Are you on trial version?
  16. Reapper45

    1stEPI (1st East Prussian Infantry Regiment) [Recruiting]

    No i was the moron Crowley just had no mic
  17. Reapper45

    is WFAS worth it?

    Think about it this way you could buy WFaS of you could buy Call of Duty: first strike.
    They cost the same amount of money.
  18. Reapper45

    Help on cossack quest

    ok thanks
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