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  1. MRay

    Design/performance UI suggestion

    The size of the icons don't matter. Even if we made them smaller they would take the same amount of time to generate.

    Taking telemetry and sending it to us(or directly to me) would be the best thing you could the and would be a great help. You can follow the steps here:

    Also what is your storage hardware you have your game on? HDD(5400 or 7200?), or SSD? How old is it?
  2. MRay

    Laggy menus

    Submitting telemetry data (steps are in this post would help greatly resolving this issue. A video would also be appreciated, but telemetry would be the most helpful.
  3. MRay

    Laggy menus

    Hey @emrozdemir , back then I had created this support ticket. It was for 1.5.7 but the problem still exists. All the details including telemetry tools submission is there. Please note that on HDD these lags are more visible.

    Can you submit a new telemetry again in 1.5.9 if it's not too much trouble? Thank you.
    This was indeed fixed some patch ago, not sure wich patch, maybe 1.5.8? but it is really back now, i will use the telemtry tools and send the file to TW
    Thank you I'll personally take a look at it.
  4. MRay

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.7

    Are they also aware of UI latency? Something broke in 1.5.7. If they're saying nothing has changed I'm wondering if anyone is tracking it as an issue.

    Yes it is tracked. But I don't think it is related with the UI. Like @Duh_TaleWorlds said

    The performance problems may not be directly related to UI but shaders. This is something we are looking into. Anybody who is experiencing performance issues can help with this process by switching to the telemetry branch and sending us a recording of the issue (or issues). Please note the telemetry branch is using version 1.5.6 (so it is practical for MP as well). However, likely these issues affect both versions.
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