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  1. vicwiz007

    Unsolved Siege Gates Doubled- One Open, One Closed

    Good catch. This case was also when i had helped defend one obviously, but it was odd because it kicked me out right when the enemies attacked and i had to click the town again to join in defense. Pretty sure i wasnt allies with Vlandia (defenders) at the time. Never had the issue while attacking.
  2. vicwiz007

    In Progress Wrong Dust Trail

    i7 7700k gtx 1080 16gb ram windows 10 I've been changing settings a lot so I don't remember exactly. At some point I turned down the settings related to particles and kept them that way, not sure if it was before this clip. Anyway here is what they currently are.
  3. vicwiz007

    Patch Notes e1.0.3

    A small patch but an important one :party:
  4. vicwiz007

    Unsolved Wages Not Paid Bug

    Keep your jokes to yourself, this issue is much more serious here than some little pandemic!
  5. vicwiz007

    Unsolved Wages Not Paid Bug

    I think youre on to something. It did happen much more often when i was in a city, and only after i had purchased my first workshop.
  6. vicwiz007

    Someone Missed Decimal Place

    Yeah I agree with all your points. I don't know who did the balancing, but they must be playing a wildly different version, theyre all actually bugs, or they havent actually been playtesting at all. I refuse to believe someone can make the conscious decision to give the player 10 or 15 denars...
  7. vicwiz007

    Bankrupting a kingdom

    I think it does because I'll see certain lords have empty parties and if you go to barter with them they'll also have no money. Just a guess.
  8. vicwiz007

    Unsolved (Yet Another) Framerate Loss Video

    I realize the performance goes to **** once the battering ram starts ramming / attacker infantry start whacking the inner gate.
  9. vicwiz007

    Is it just me or did the new patch make game optimization ****.

    Not as bad as you report, but it is worse for me. Fps in general decreased by like 10-20 and it stutters more.
  10. vicwiz007

    Tertiary troop trees?

    The only way i know of is just getting lucky with the notables. Sometimes they happen to have them, like the Vlandian Squire to level up to knights. I think the system need to be looked at. Id rather have these “noble troop trees” recruited through separate means at castles or something.
  11. vicwiz007

    SP Native Female Troop Trees [All Factions]

    Oh I dig it. Good quick fix for anybody who wants a few women. Nice job
  12. vicwiz007

    Unsolved Siege Gates Doubled- One Open, One Closed

    So this was quite the siege. The doors spawned doubled up like this and apparently the enemy couldnt/didnt want to get through, so then this happened as you see in the video.
  13. vicwiz007

    Unsolved Stuck in loop after peace treaty

    After making a peace treaty, this guy kept on trying to fight me, presumably because he was within engagement distance when we made it. There was no way out of it that I could find. Eventually i just reverted to an old save.
  14. vicwiz007

    Unsolved Indoor sounds playing outdoors

    Self-explanatory video. You can hear the echo-y sound of when you yell indoors even though I'm outside.
  15. vicwiz007

    How to Increase Relations with Lords?

    Derthert got pissed because I wanted to leave his horrible "10 gold per party killed :roll:" contract, bringing me down to -20 relation. In order to become a vassal, you need at least -10 relation. Has anyone found a reliable way to increase it? I thought it would be as simple as doing quests...
  16. vicwiz007

    Unsolved Siege AI Pathfinding Failing

    Sometimes a video is worth a thousand words... get some recording software if you plan on making bug posts, its really helpful.
  17. vicwiz007

    Unsolved (Yet Another) Framerate Loss Video

    Yes I know everyone posting their performance issue bugs. This is the only issue I had that was actually uncharacteristic of the normal performance, so felt more like a bug than general performance issue.
  18. vicwiz007

    Unsolved Siege AI Pathfinding Failing

    Self explanatory videos. Really sad to see after watching the siege back in 2016 work so flawlessly :oops:
  19. vicwiz007

    Unsolved Wages Not Paid Bug

    Here you see I clearly have enough money, but it keeps saying wages arent being paid. It was happening very frequently around this time, but just stopped seemingly without reason.