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  1. ssssnake

    Does half barding horse armor provide 360 degree protection?

    I searched, but couldn't find a thread where this was addressed. Does half barding only provide armor protection for the front of the horse? On humans, your body is divided into different target zones, and the armor value of that particular zone (leg, arm, etc.) varies depending on what...
  2. ssssnake

    Killing Looters is a Full Time Job

    Looter spawns are out of control. I have 2 fiefs right next to each other. Pretty much all I do is kill looters. They spawn constantly, in groups of 20 to 40. It's whack-a-mole 24/7. I can literally do nothing but kill looters, and it doesn't seem to put a dent in their population. I...
  3. ssssnake

    What hardware makes a performance difference?

    Will a very high level modern gaming rig make a big difference in warband performance? Or is the game software not able to take advantage of a current high performance cpu and video card? I'm currently able to play battles with 400 men. I'm wondering how high I could get with a state of the...
  4. ssssnake

    When we receive notice that an army has formed, tell us the army's objective

    Right now, when an army is formed, we have a notice the army exists (and my character seems to be automatically directed to it, which is strange) What would be great is if the notice says, "Martock has formed an army to besiege Pravend" or Martock has formed an army to patrol around Pravend"...
  5. ssssnake

    Please allow us to construct a smithy and a stash in castles

    I'd love to be able to build a smithy building in a castle Likewise, I'd like to be able to construct a storage stash in a castle to store my extra stuff.
  6. ssssnake

    Non-polearm mounted combat is basically useless

    This is me on a horse, trying to hit an infantry enemy with a one handed sword. (or a 2 handed sword for that matter.)
  7. ssssnake

    How to recruit prisoners?

    Is there a trick to recruiting prisoners? I have some prisoners in my party. I click on them, and a menu opens up that has a button to "recruit prisoner." However, the button is inactive. Are there some prerequisite skills needed before being able to recruit a prisoner?
  8. ssssnake

    Do you prefer free saves, or "realistic" (single save) mode?

    Do you like to play with the ability to do multiple saves, or do you prefer "realistic" mode where you have a single save and can't quit without saving? I've done both. The "realistic" mode definitely can get your palms sweaty when you enter a battle with serious consequences if you lose...
  9. ssssnake

    Retreating part of your army during battle?

    I wonder how difficult it would be to allow players to order some of their troops to retreat from battle. This mostly comes up during offensive sieges. Your archers shoot all of their arrows, then they are useless. It would be nice to be able to order them to retreat from battle, so they...
  10. ssssnake

    Ally Joins Battle, but his troops don't show up? (Answered)

    I am Marshal of my faction.  I initiated a battle with an enemy army.  I have 211 troops.  An ally, with 404 troops is nearby, and I got the message that he would join in the battle.  The pre-battle screen tells me that we have 615 troops to fight the enemy's 217 troops.  However, when I begin...
  11. ssssnake

    Did tournament victory conditions get changed?

    Used to be that if you were in a tournament and your team won, that you progressed.  Now, it appears that if you get knocked out, you lose, even if your team prevails.  Not sure I like this.  Seems like if you are on a team, you should move forward if your team wins. 
  12. ssssnake

    Bow Targeting Reticle Question

    I've noticed that my Bent Noldor composite bow has a significantly tighter targeting reticle than my Sapphire Rune Bow.  The "accuracy" for the sapphire bow is supposedly higher, but the targeting reticle is about twice as large, making it not nearly as accurate.  Is this a bug? 
  13. ssssnake

    Any way to increase time before enemy contact in battles?

    I would love to be able to introduce some tactics into my battles.  Make use of terrain, utilize shield walls, deploy my troops in a rational fashion.  However, the battle map spawns our armies so close that we are in contact within seconds, so it's just a mad free for all. Any way to tweak...
  14. ssssnake

    Any reason why my NPC lords would not be able to recruit prisoners post battle?

    Whenever I see an army with a ton of prisoners, I typically view it as a way to pad the troops of my NPCs. So, I saw a Heretic army of 240 soldiers with a prisoner count of 1100+  Seemed like a prime way to bulk up my lords.  I attacked the Heretics.  Three of my lords joined me in combat.  I...
  15. ssssnake

    Factors that lead to declarations of war? (And truces)

    I've searched this topic, but haven't found anything directly on point. Is there a comprehensive list of factors that lead to declarations of war? Some things that I have guessed at from playing the game for a while are the following: If you own a castle or town that was originally part of a...
  16. ssssnake

    Won the siege defense, but still lost the city?

    Defending Laria, I just held off 1400 D'Shar with 270 troops.  Killed 157 attackers myself.  Won the battle, got renown.  Battle was over, I sold some stuff in the marketplace, then left the city to visit one of my other castles.  About 5 seconds after I left, I get the message that I have lost...
  17. ssssnake

    Help! Forgot the location of the Red Brotherhood Treasure Stash

    One of the travellers gave me the map to the Red Brotherhood stash. I completely forgot what town it is near. Any way to look this up somewhere? 
  18. ssssnake

    Character Kill counter for battles?

    I have played Mount and Blade for a while. One of the games had a little kill counter in the corner of the battle screen that kept track of how many kills I had in a battle. I can't remember how I activated this, and it's not there in my current game. Anyone know how to turn on this feature? 
  19. ssssnake

    Slowing down the pace of the game?

    I have a problem with the pace of POP. The game tends to go too quickly.  With all the propensity for war, the factions tend to take each other out too quickly.  By the time I'm ready to start my own kingdom, one of the factions (usually the Dshar or Sarleon) is generally eliminated or...
  20. ssssnake

    Why can't I train knights in this order?

    I captured a castle that was held by the D'Shar. This castle is the home of a knighthood order, the Knights of the Blue Cross.  (Never heard of these guys before.  Must be a 3.6 order.)  However, there is no dialogue in the War Room for training up knights in this order.  Any ideas why? 
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