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  1. adrakken

    FYI windows 10 update KB5001330 causing gaming issues for some

    FYI, the recent Windows update KB5001330 is causing random FPS drops, graphic stuttering, sound, HDD/SDD and random BSODs for some as well as many other non-gaming issues. So, if you updated your windows and are now having game issues you did not have before, uninstall that sucker...
  2. adrakken

    Anyone using Windows 10 Pro having full system crashes?

    So, I am now working at home and got my work rig with me, it is a beast compared to my own PC I was playing this game on and was built for 3D rendering software. MSI MEG Z390 Godlike MB Intel 9900T, 16M cache 4.40Ghz Extreem ARGB DDR4-3600MHZ, 64GB (4x16) 2x SLI EVGA GTX1070 FTW Rosewill...
  3. adrakken

    Dont forget to show support for this mod, vote for it

    People, it doesnt matter if you like Gsanders personally or not. He put in a great deal of work on this mod and came up with some amazing features that is now being at least partly used in at least one other mod I know of (warsword). He deserves some support. Vote for Phantasy Calradia for best...
  4. adrakken

    Any interest in a Modding feature suggestion thread?

    Ok, so I brought the idea to Duh about an getting an official thread going for "community suggestions" where we can get either the most popular or biggest ideas together in one spot and I was suggested to just start one of my own since an official one is out of the question so... Is there any...
  5. adrakken

    Morgh's editor 1.50

    Greetings! So, after searching the forums, moddb, Nexus and google...I noticed no one has a working link for Morgh's M&B WB/WFAS Editor v1.50 since Oct of last year. The program is "free" I am sure the creator will not mind someone hosting the file since his own page no longer lists...
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