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    Fields of Mars - Leaderboard update visit

    I believe option 2 is the better choice. It alters the gameplay experience in the least intrusive way whilst achieving the goal.
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    Milites Fortunae Sunday Mod Events -Bear Force II

    Thank you all for responding. I've got enlisted already so see you on the event :smile:
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    The Noble Longbow

    btw about armor, i forgot one video

    Crossbow with goatfoot and heavy crossbow with windlass against very very crappy aliexpress lamellar from like 10-15 meters.
    And guess what - 0 damage to the person behind it.

    You have to factor in internal damage. Bruises, haemorrhage, broken bones are all valid types of injuries inflicted on an armoured opponent being shot at. So being dicked by a heavy crossbow, whilst your armour gets a tiny dent, means you're most likely out of breath and bruised heavily underneath. Easily compared to how body injuries occur whilst you get shot at in modern body armour. The armour would certainly save your skin most times 1v1 but imagine getting 3-10 shots whilst you try to charge at an opponent. Also, factor in the speed of cavalry charging in the direction of the missile fire.

    You are correct. My post was a hectic mess and I will edit it but my initial point still stands. People ought to educate themselves with the available video material before claiming nonsense they imagined being accurate. I launched at skallagrim or other guys due to the way their earlier content paled in comparison to aforementioned guys or documentaries ( most are weak tho ). Anyways I find people silly for arguing about pulling this and that weight. It's very conclusive that most horsebows ranged below 150lbs or 120lbs even and longbow warbows usually 100-150lbs when we discuss high/late medieval setting. I'd even argue that its the most common draw weight for most periods where archery was utilised heavily. Otherwise, there wouldn't be Parthians, Scythians, Huns, Hyksos or any other cultures relying on archery. It's a simple fact of crossing a certain threshold required to pierce soft body armour which was utilised since human began to do military. People used to be outside and work physically 90% of the time back then. So the average fitness or muscle strength used to be better than ours, even so for women. Try arm wrestling a construction worker if you're not an active guy.
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    Milites Fortunae Sunday Mod Events -Bear Force II

    Any chance of joining outside of clans ? Any clan willing to take recruits ?
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    The Noble Longbow

    I am sorry. You guys are f*ckin brainlets. The links to Joe Gibs's video and to Tod Workshop armour penetration test are the most valid test done I have seen. You weebs tell a dude who has been making historically accurate bows for over 10 years and shooting them. You can literally google Joe Gibbs and see the guys draw a 210 lbs bow once and saying its ultra-hard and would probably be a few shots a day max. Whilst he says, he would be able to shoot a 150lbs bow in a battle for an extended period of time. If any of you armchair idiots actually pulled anything above 80-100 with your upper back muscles ONCE in your life you would definitely agree with the man. First of all, retards go and actually try out things IRL because that is what experimental archaeology is about. And actually watch reliable sources, not wanna be LARPers like Skallagrim or Thegn ****. Tod's Workshop even uploaded a video about bolt penetration versus soft and flexible body armour ( gambeson, padding, mail ). The amount of bull **** you guys spew is mind-numbing.
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