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  1. William7667

    Are workshops worth building on the town manage screen

    Talking about the workshops on the town mangement screen not the ones in town that you buy for money As workshops only give out LVL1 +3 lvl2 +6 and lvl 3 +9 to construction but cost thousands of construction points for example lvl 3 3200 construction points to build are they even worth using ...
  2. William7667

    Think they're trying hard to break the player economy ?

    Beta 1.42 I think they're trying to do away with passive income for some reason The problem with doing this of course is that in peace time you rely on passive income to build and train your armies for war as you cant possibly kill enough looters and bandits to make enough money consistently...
  3. William7667

    Give looters a sling

    Just started a new game from scratch Ouch those looters hit low level recruits hard It's sort of embarrasing to get beat up by guys throwing rocks Give them a sling and I wont feel so bad about them killing some of my troops
  4. William7667

    Castles and towns are too similar

    Castles seem to be just towns without a market Towns seem to be just castles with a market There should be a much bigger difference between towns and castles and each should have its own function. My suggestion to start with would be to remove villages from castles altogether and assign them...
  5. William7667

    Capital Fief

    Once you have multiple fiefs you should be able to designate a fief as your capital the capital should get some bonuses you could choose a few from a list. eg; training field for melee/ training field for archers / training for cavalry/ more seige engines/ better defenses/ a Moat/ a portcullus...
  6. William7667

    Resolved Battania towns Beta 1.4.0 have two granaries

    Battania towns ( well the two I took ) Beta 1.4.0 have two granaries instead of one, this makes the manage screen too long and you cant seem to change the daily option. Not sure if the castles are meant to have one but think the castles had no granary.
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