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  1. A young vampire

    Mele idea

    I've had this idea for some new attacks for a while now. I don't know if you guys like it, but I think it would make mele more interesting and better looking. I hope you can forgive my "lovely" handwriting :P
  2. A young vampire

    Specular and bump problem

    Hello guys :). Today i thought i should tackle my old enemy Open BRF and his allies Bump and Specular maps. The two latter ones i slapped so hard across their faces  that they gave up immediately. (I downloaded some Plugins to make Bump and spec Maps that is  :P). But Good old BRF still refuse...
  3. A young vampire

    MP Modern Fantasy The Innovations Of Steam ( a steampunk mod)

    This is a steampunk modification for M&B Warband Hi I'm a long time player of m&b so I've seen many mods come and go. And a few of them were steampunk mods. But unfortunately none of them had a very long lifespan, but I'm here to change that with The Innovations Of Steam. It will be a steampunk...
  4. A young vampire

    Krig och... mer krig

    Jag undrar om det finns några stridslystna nordbor som skulle vilja gå med i ett regemente till The vast fields of europe. Än så länge är vi bara nordbor som är medlemmar i det ståtliga 45te regementet.
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