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  1. Marecone

    -D O W N L O A D - 1860's Old America (+POLL)

    Nice to hear all those good news about the mod. Hope that soon I'll have more free time to jump in.
    Don't mess with your eyes. No mod or supporter is worth that much. Hope everything will be ok and keep us posted. My thoughts are with you.
    Really looking forward to new version. For all you supporters and lurkes; prepare for new pics soon.

  2. Marecone

    -D O W N L O A D - 1860's Old America (+POLL)

    Humlenerd said:
    Hey ! :grin: Are you done with the banners for 0.90? If so,can you put out a link? It feels wierd playing as the confederacy with 1775-era flags.

    Not done yet but you can search the forum, learn how to do it and help us out. This way you can perhaps get the newest version sooner then others.
    Gabby said many times that he is doing this step by step. Even the centers are not yet all placed asnit is not as easy as it looks.
    I love flags and they will be in the game for sure but they are not a burning issue now. To make long story short; invest some of your free time in making flags and you will help both yourself and us as well.
  3. Marecone

    [Plaza] - Main Topic

    Did check university. Great stuff. Organizing regiments is a fantastic stuff. Now I can lead much more men as guy that leads a regiment of let say 20 people now counts as 1 man.
    New question  :lol: ; How do I upgrade a fort? Tried moving around but didn't have much luck. I got it as a reward for serving great KuK  :twisted:

  4. Marecone

    [Plaza] - Main Topic

    Thanx guys. This was ultra fast. Have to try it out and will post if something remains unclear. So in this mod player should concentrate on making his companions as officers and not medics or path finders? Can't wait to try it out
  5. Marecone

    [Plaza] - Main Topic

    Fantastic mod! Bravo!!!!!! Just one q; how the hell do I form a regiment?
  6. Marecone

    >> 0.99 M ...the O L D -P U B L I C- Version of 1860s <<

    Hmm... I have posted 50 or 100 pics you took Gab, and then BB posts this last one and I love it most  :roll:. Not fair dude  :mrgreen:.
    Just kidding, but that pic is FANTASTIC. Rebs look just as they should with different hats and kepis and all. Just keep up with good work Gab. You know we are here to support you.

    P.S. Great move with that weapons thread. Not only they will be or already are in the game but now we get to educate ourselves. Only waiting to shoot from real guns is better then experience of opening 1860's mod forum and learning about weapons that will be in the game  :cool:.
  7. Marecone

    1860s - SCREENSHOTS

    More pics of our no-boobs girl  :mrgreen:
    On a more serious note; make sure to check out new rifle hoster on her horse. Great job Gabby!

    Edit by Gabby:
    Thx Marecone! It took for ever but I love to see horses equipped w/ rifles...and Cavalry sabres!!----and shortly wirh Double Colt Saddle Holsters, Texan Way """" :wink:
    .....and now our CELESTIALRED, the most deserving person to have a charachter in the game (Celly the Unfatiguable), since she helped me a lot on 1776, and was going to help on 1860s as well...but atm she has some personal problems, unfortunately.  :cry:
    Best wishes and a huge, affectionated thx to her, ...and the next joke on her brest will be saluded with  a COLT SHOT !!!  :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:



  8. Marecone

    1860s - SCREENSHOTS


    Rebs vs Yanks! Go rebs  :twisted:





  9. Marecone

    1860s - SCREENSHOTS

    Second pics podt of the day since I own you one set from Sunday  :mrgreen:
    Enjoy !!!

    .....CROUCHING added !!!!!







    AND.....STEALTH WALKING !!!!!!!  :cool:


  10. Marecone

    1860s - SCREENSHOTS

    Some ingame characters.
    AZROOH,  CELLY  and ....MARECONE ??!!!
    Last two are my pics of my own character.








  11. Marecone

    Maximillian Mexican Empire

    Great find Jur, especially on uniforms. Anyway, please read my post and try to find stuff from the list.
    We can always come back to uniforms later and for now most pressing issue is map. Please don't get offended or something, as I am just trying to keep this thread simple and clear so we can easily use it when we will need info from it.

    What we could use is following stuff:
    1. Other interesting sites and points in Mexico (Gabby has Oregon and Sant Fe trail stations, mines, trading posts...) that can be shown on the ingame map
    - so far Jur1974 found one silver mine. Big thanx for that Jur
    2. List of forts with their locations
    3. Pictures of Mexican villages and towns in 1860's

    If you really want to help please read this and try to find stuff I have listed above. It will be much appreciated.
  12. Marecone

    Campaign map making - help needed

    Thanx for a fast reply. As soon as I catch some free time, will try it. If I remember correct, I need to download old mount and blade first. Right?
    And also anyone else can still post ther helpfull  posts as well, especially on making roads in paint just for better look and feel of the map.
  13. Marecone

    1860s - SCREENSHOTS

    Another set from Gabby's production. Enjoy

    P.S. For all of you out there that are worried about history  :cool:, I just want to say that most, if not all, of these images are from "testing" Custom Battles.
    In single player mode Union will mainly fight with CSA, Indians will fight mainly with settlers and Mexican troops under Juarez will fight mainly French invaders.

    Have fun with pics on my last news

    AZROOH (old look, now is even better... :wink: ) escaping from indians....will he make it?!?!  :twisted:


    ....Yessss...he made it!!!  :razz:
    ...and now....last indian warriors look that I made !!!  :cool:


  14. Marecone

    Maximillian Mexican Empire

    Thanx guys. By curtesy of Mr. Radetzky (Thanx a lot man. You saved us some serious time on searching for stuff) I got in possesion of this book "Osprey - Men at Arms 272 - The Mexican Adventure 1861-67" (google for it and you will find free copies).
    Fantastic book from wich we got almost all we needed; army movements, important pearsons, uniforms....

    What we could use is following stuff:
    1. Other interesting sites and points in Mexico (Gabby has Oregon and Sant Fe trail stations, mines, trading posts...) that can be shown on the ingame map
    - so far Jur1974 found one silver mine. Big thanx for that Jur
    2. List of forts with their locations
    3. Pictures of Mexican villages and towns in 1860's

    If you really want to help please read this and try to find stuff I have listed above. It will be much appreciated.
  15. Marecone

    Campaign map making - help needed

    Hi guys, I am a co-developer on Gabrilduro's 1860's Mod for Warband 1.153. We use USA map with Canada, Mexico and West Indies. Parts of western Mexico and USA are not in the game. My first task was to place centers (cities, forts and villages) as historicaly accurate as possible. Went in edit...
  16. Marecone

    1860s - SCREENSHOTS

    They as well as many other stuff in this mod are work in progress. You don't have to worry  :cool:. First goal is to have a playble and stable mod and after that Gabby and me will fine tune it so that every civil war or mexican war buff can be satisfied with the result  :wink: .

    EDIT: Not to brake the rule  :mrgreen:

    PLEASE  :::VERY IMPORTANT ::: !!!!!!

    DO NOT post unless you add a pic, even just one, from the last versions of the game.
    You can also post an old one, but has to be unique, different...or very good quality.

    Edit by Gabby
    hahaha...nice choice not to break the rule, Marecone!!!
    I always hated the small chest for the Baggage in battles....
    I edited a mule, equipped as shown!
    I love small/big things like these, in game

  17. Marecone

    1860s - SCREENSHOTS

    This time a brave indian warrior fights rebel officer.






  18. Marecone

    1860s - SCREENSHOTS

    Another set with indians fighting rebs.

    P.S. For all those that are new on forum; pics posted in older posts are under spoiler marks so that page can load faster. We wanted to make it more user friendly.








  19. Marecone

    >> 0.99 M ...the O L D -P U B L I C- Version of 1860s <<

    yaca38 said:
    Marecone said:
    Thank you all guys and especially to Gabby for trusting me. I will try to do my best in my new role.
    Joe, those pics are from Gabby and I am just posting them  :cool: so he can have more time for coding. As soon as 0.95 gets released you can bet that you will see tons of my pics as well.

    EDITED: Also, don't be shy and post few of your own pics as well.

    Doesn't matter its 1/2 gabby , 1/2 you in these mods !  :lol: :lol: Thank you !  :lol: :lol:

    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: Made me lough. It is more 99.99% Gabby and all other people that helped him, or still are helping, and 0.01% max me. In any case, I will do my best to change that ratio in my favor  :cool:.
  20. Marecone

    1860's Progress reports (-ONLY- Developers open ONE post please)

    I just felt the need to share with all you guests and lurkers  :cool: our progress in last few weeks.

    My department in those few weeks was mapping. I really loved the gamplay, scenes, uniforms and stuff but map in old 0.9 version was not historically correct. Not to offend anyone and I understand it was ok to have it as it was as Gabby worked basicaly alone and had, and still has, his hands full with coding. In any case it served it's purpose  :smile:.

    After numerous mails I finally understood  :oops: how to help and this is what we all did. Not to forget BB who was and still is great help and who did Mexican centers and coordinates.

    1. USA centers - placed historicaly
    2. CSA centers - placed historicaly
    3. Settlers centers - placed historicaly
    - this is a faction that represents western USA, Missouri and Kentucky
    - main idea is to have them at war with indians
    4. Indians - placed as best I could make it
    - this faction is represented by Sioux and Cheyennes 
    - they will be at war with settlers
    - I hope you will like the names for their centers we have picked
    - tried to be as historicaly accurate as possible
    5. Mexico - placed historicaly
    - work done by BB
    6. Maximillian invasion force
    - this is still work in progress
    - Canada is out on my suggestion as this way we will make it interesting down south with battles representing Mexican war of 1862-1867

    For now Gabby limited number of centers so there are still some blanks and some very important forts or towns are not represented. This was done to make it easier for him to code and perhaps we will change that in the future. As someone smart once said: "It is better to go step by step and move then have grand plans that will stay plans forever and will never materialise."

    There will be many other historical places represented probably as villages such as:
    - Pony Express Stations
    - Oregon Trail Stations
    - Santa Fe Trail Stations
    - Trading posts
    - Gold and Silver mines and some other stuff wich you will love

    Please keep in mind this mod is already playable and you can and will have lot's of fun, but also that this is a growing project in wich Gabby and rest of us are investing almost all free time we have.
    So when posting (not in this thread of course) please be gentle and say a good word or two  :mrgreen: as we consider it our fuel  :grin:. We are opened for suggestions but more then that we are opened to people that want to help us and work hard.
    And don't forget to put 1860's signature in your profile if you like what Gabby did with this mod.

    GABRILDURO said:
    EDIT by Gabrilduro in 2013 :
    Back in action, hard and tough like never before, doing mostly on my own, but helped and supported by my best friends and TSs!!!

    NEW  v. 0.99

    I will have to sit down and fix this list and also add the many other things done.  :???:
    ...Ok, I ll try to keep it updated, but pls help me, J O E  !  :wink:

    -CUSTOM Battles changed scenarios and fixed ALL
    -MULTY-PLAYER on a Lan or alone ,
    Playable now with TEN different Factions, including France and...Lost Island CREATURES !!  :shock:

    -added FORMATIONS and ORDERS! Amazing job  :mrgreen: (THX to Super HARLY!)
    -named all French Centers, Lords and Ladies (THX BB for great help!!)
    -new troop tree and names/items for France
    -all indian Towns look the same, as an Indian Camp
    -all Western Towns have a western town scene.
    -fixed ALL Centers COORDS in ALL the Map, as well, pard' !  ...some have to be assigned, cuz of some errors?!  :wink:
    -Richmond Battlefield and most ACW scenes FIXED
    -Miners Village (close to Denver) had some cactus_c that caused crash and some entry points were missing
    -MANY Centers (Towns/Forts and Villages) will look very close or even IDENTICAL.
    To speed up the process of updating 1860s,  I decided to "group" some centers and give a more "western and 1860s LOOK to the Mod, even if they very seldom random, see? I liked the final result, enough ....and I m sure u guys will as well.
    Some ppl promised to work on some rough scenes and they will fix, or even create, new ones!  :cool:
    -Added ALL resources for making Scenes (pls, define Map ONLY the World strategic Map, folks!  :twisted: )
    So now more modern and Western PROPS, Houses and buildings...Trains...and military SHIPS can be added in the scene!!!  :cool:
    -Added all weapons and.... improved skills for a great weapon: the Remington (Admy, happy? :wink: )
    -MODIFIED A LOT OF THEM AND A LOT OF STUFF, creating NEW Horses, Guns, Outfits, etc
    -poisoned arrows with high damage to kill instantly!
    -added all uniforms!!!
    -made new troop trees
    -made new assignements for troops guns and items
    -deleted Canada and made a new faction for France, with full new  troop tree
    -placed many new French Centers in Mexico-Deleted Indian raiders and added APACHES!!!...........YESSS!!!!!!!!!!
    -Comanches are now mixed Indians/Mexican COMANCHEROS
    -improved  many skills and assignements
    -made new faces for most troops....and some characters. THX a lot to JOE!!!
    -made new Companions and Merchants with names of friends and Supporters (...wait to see Marecone the Rebel!!!  :twisted: )
    -changed some Text at start (...and a lot has to be changed yet....but that damned work KILLs my eye!)
    -Some new great sounds
    -Wanderful Music according to Factions and....circumstances!!!

    --many other things that I cannot remember or that are still in my...hands.
    Hope that all Testers will post comments on the many new issues that will find in this last update.

    I think I will upload it in few more days.

    Things that I just fixed now:
    -DELETED "Hurry Become master of the field" during Multiplayer Battles ( I HATED that!!!  :roll: :roll: )
    -ALL weapons show perfectly in Inventory, now!!! (GAX will love it, hehehe  :mrgreen: )
    -Ammos show on troops as Holsters or ammobelts. Choose the right belt for Your revolvers
    -Military reverse draw for revolvers, in Usa and CSA Troops (very realistic!  :cool: )

    -explosive arrows with dynamite on them
    .....some bugs that still occur, sometimes... :roll:

    Captured Joe said:
    GABRILDURO said:
    -explosive arrows with dynamite on them

    Great new features! :grin:
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