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  1. Darkeh

    Legio X Fretensis

    Harkyn said:
    Ej777 said:
    What a man, great at administration and organizing lowly peasants.

    No Scotsman is capable of such, you lie. YOU LIE.

    look at me, i'm thotkyn.
  2. Darkeh

    NW Completed Sunday Hot Gates Event |EU| 1st Event 11/11

    Regiment Name : 75th Regiment of Foot "Abercromby's Highlanders"
    Role : Foot Guard
    Amount of Men : 15
    Leaders steam name : [75th] Darkeh

    Thought i'd sign us up a day early.
  3. Darkeh

    Good Bye Mr.Lime.

    Sweet new signatures :grin: thank you janxy :smile:
  4. Darkeh

    Good Bye Mr.Lime.

    Some great training yesterday!  :grin:
  5. Darkeh

    NW Completed Royal Scots Sunday Siege Event

    Regiment Name : 75th Regiment of foot "Abercromby's Highlanders"
    Unit : Line infantry
    Numbers : 7-16
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