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  1. Ritter Dummbatz

    SP Antiquity Dark Ages 485AD Darkness Rising

    mike56 said:
    How it goes? Can't you show some new images?  :razz:

    Believe it or not but I don't have internet....  :roll:
    So, no, I am sorry, I can't.

    I am currently trying to make social life a bit more... hmm, challenging?... I am not sure.
    I don't really know where this leads to and if I am keeping the things I made so far.
    I find courting the ladies to be more fun than to actually get married. And what? You get married and that's pretty much it?
    Well, I took the challenge in trying to change this. I mean wars have been fought because of the ladies, haven't they?

    To be honest, I am starting to understand why the Mount&Blade developer team kept this simple.
    Anyway, I am almost done with that and think this adds a lot more possibilities and fun.

    Other things that I was working on were economy for example. It is far more alive now and you won't be the only customer in all of Europe anymore.

    I changed a few things for the AI. I'm constantly working on as equal as possible conditions for the player as well as the other parties. Whenever I can see a chance to get rid of things like the player wins a battle in no time all the while other lords keep fighting for days I am usually trying to change that. Well, you still win the battle in no time since the game engine makes it hard to change this but I worked out stuff that evens out these advantages the player has.

    I worked in more specific recruitment conditions especially different for roman factions to simulate assimilation of cultures, well...somewhat. So, over time and with certain buildings or so you can achieve regular roman troops wherever romans own a center. And from what I experienced while playing the game this is highly appreciated.


    Anyway, the joy to develop this mod  is strongly inspired by the many many details that are already worked in, to see how they influence the game flow, to notice the difference between playing this or that culture and as programmer to see how fast I can develop things by now. I can assure you that you won't get to know everything that has been changed if you play the game just once.

    Well, 'nough said. I have pressing matters to attend to... this time real life issues.
    Although my real life sucks right now I hope you guys can enjoy.  :cool:

    @matmohair1: Thanks man for continuesly posting all the pictures. It is always convincing to see how some of them look those I know from the mod.

  2. Ritter Dummbatz

    Modding Q&A [For Quick Questions and Answers]

    Haha, yeah you are right and you would have been my hero. I just posted that I already found the error a minute ago though. You are still a hero though. Thank you!  :cool: :cool:
  3. Ritter Dummbatz

    Modding Q&A [For Quick Questions and Answers]

    Hello guys,

    long time no see...  :cool:

    Well, my problem is everything compiles fine but when I start the game I get an "unexpected end of file" while reading the menu.txt. In other words it crashes before the game is even loaded.

    I've been checking all the modded code since the last running version but can't find an error. That everything compiles fine without any warnings doesn't help my mind to follow the logic behind this.

    All I did was changing the code and adding a few sounds lately. So no major changes and the sounds worked fine.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance...

    Well, nothing much has changed. As soon as I post my problem I find the solution. Seems like posting it is part of that all.  :roll:

    In case someone searches the answer for a similar problem here is what it was.

    In the menus there is that small text to have a little describtion. If the text is divided into two parts by a \  (to make it more readable for the coder, I think...) then the following text in the next line needs to be right at the beginning. I pushed it a bit more forward to have a nice looking and even more readable code with the tab key. It compiles fine but makes the compiled file unreadable.

    I wonder why I haven't had that kind of error before.

    Anyway, it's solved.
  4. Ritter Dummbatz

    SP Antiquity Dark Ages 485AD Darkness Rising

    No time to talk yet.  :neutral:

    Still developing. Still fun in doing that. Found a bug that gives me quite some trouble. Trying to get back on the internet (not being connecting gives me a feeling of freedom although I feel like my grandpa....both at the same time  :shock: ). Anyway...

    Just a 'Hi' to everyone! Especially all those mates from here to which I haven't talked to for far too long. Sorry guys, hope you all do well!

    Cu all soon.
  5. Ritter Dummbatz

    SP Antiquity Dark Ages 485AD Darkness Rising

    Well, ...

    ... Zombies? Dead Mods?

    I mean, afterall I wouldn't recommend having contact to an internet community like this one without having access to the internet. It just doesn't work. You'll never be able to answer messages in time and that really isn't helping very much.

    Every now and then I get distracted from the project but then fascinated again. Not too easy to stay focused on a project over a long long period of time. It almost feels like it would give some fresh energy to simply release it its current state. Considering the amount of time that went into the development makes me afraid of the expected amount of time that's needed to work out all the ideas not yet realized. So all this and the motivation management made me concentrate on steps towards a release instead of adding further details.

    Good thing about the stuff that still missing is that it's not essential to the game itself and mostly just helps to enhance the immersion.

    Anyway, ... before I indulge myself in ranting about what's going on in mind and how it changes on a daily basis I get back to the original intention of my message today which was to tell you once again that this mod is not dead, that I am no zombie, although I pretty often feel like one and sorry for being so heavily absent. I also would like to say sorry to all those who wrote me personal messages that I haven't answered yet (if I ever will) but have my thanks for all your help offered and all the good ideas and links and all that.

    Well, while you guys make sure you have fun whatever you do I'm gonna try to do some serious steps on the road to a release, alright?

  6. Ritter Dummbatz

    SP Antiquity Dark Ages 485AD Darkness Rising

    Kaampper said:
    @Ritter Dummbatz

    If u need any help, i am able to do so. I could fix u banners, or i can help u with the forums.
    I can also do small things except Modding itself.

    Greetings Piet.

    Hey thanks for offering your help. Since I more or less will follow the forums out of an internet cafe in the next future and can tell how often this will be it would be helpful if you give a link to my last post to those who declare this mod dead.  :cool:


    Other than that let me tell you that the mod made great progress. I can provide pictures right now and actually didn't created too many new settlements and stuff but a lot of details and bugs have been fixed, I worked out extra missions with new animations (Sayd! It finally works!) and have been playtesting the game over a longer time with a good amount of fun. May be because it's the game I want, may be because it simply is fun to play. Especially the AI is fun if you ask me. I die a lot and have to wait while watching the AI doing it's thing but still enjoy the fights. The last few changes made that worlds go more round as well but hey, don't want to hear about this. All you care about is a download link, right? ....

    I guess I should go back to modding then...

  7. Ritter Dummbatz

    SP Antiquity Dark Ages 485AD Darkness Rising

    What? Dead? No, not at all. My internet connection died so this makes posting here difficult..., ... seemingly verrry difficult when I check the date of my last post in here.

    I am back on programming and doing stuff for the mod for a few month already. The break from the game that I had made me feel like a complete noob when I first played it again. But coming back to it to reexplore the game and especially the mod gave me some good impressions. Impressions on what good, what's bad, what's really cool and what just sucks. To be able to actually have fun playing it was also really helpful and it would be really a sad stupid thing to just throw all the time spent and work on the pile of projects that will never be realized.

    And by the way I promised to release whatever it is the day I'll give up working on this mod. So, whatever happens - as long as there is no such link this mod isn't dead.

    I am really sorry not te be able to simply log in and check the forums each day. It's a pretty poor life nowadays without internet if you ask me although on the other hand I get things done far more effective without all the distractions from the net.

    If I don't stop now I would start writing a diary so I just stop.

    You just keep in mind: no link = not dead    :cool:

    To all the guys who helped developing: Since I haven't seen you for quite a while as well I hope you are still around the day I am actually back online regularly.

    More later...

  8. Ritter Dummbatz

    SP Antiquity Dark Ages 485AD Darkness Rising

    A beta release would be possible. A few settlements still use a winter scene although they shouldn't and minor stuff like that. I feel sorry about my lack of motivation to get things done more faster. I also received the package from Kuauik with quite a lot of very nice things for the romans but haven't worked it in yet.
    I hope to get back in the mood soon and do these things. Once that is done it's definetly ready for a beta release. It could be a final one actually but missing all those extra things planned. I may just release it that way just to get the pressure off of me and if I'm back into modding 24/7 work on a further release.

    Hard to say what's the best way for you and/or for the mod in conjunction with real life issue. I promise that this is gonna be released one day in whatever state. Depends a bit how things in real life turn out in the near future.

    Glad to see all those postings lately btw. Seems to be a good thing to be not around too often.  :razz: :wink:
  9. Ritter Dummbatz

    SP Antiquity Dark Ages 485AD Darkness Rising

    It's missing a few details that make this mod more unique. There are still a few ideas on how to achieve this missing and a few are already made up or built in. Other than that many scenes need to be overworked but that's it, I guess. I just need to get back to it fully. I am still distracted by this damn Bethesda game. I can't give a release date by now but from the amount of work left to do it doesn't need to be too far in the future.
  10. Ritter Dummbatz

    The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

    Da ich es nicht ertragen kann einen Charakter zu spielen, der eigentlich gestorben ist darf ich kein Problem haben ständig neu anzufangen.  :mrgreen:

    Apropos.... Meine tolle Heldin kam aus ihrer Deckung in Saarthal und trotz epischer (oder war es legendärer??) Daedra Rüstung und zusätzlichem Magierüstungsschutz gab es einen einfachen Kopfschuß und das Spiel war vorbei mit Level 40.  :neutral:

    Saarthal an der Ecke Feuerrune ist eine widerliche Stelle. Ist nicht mein erster Charakter, der genau da starb.

    Da ich so gerne nörgel möchte ich noch mal erwähnen, daß ich es ein bißchen Schade finde, wenn in den höheren Leveln plötzlich das gesamte Land von einer Bärenplage befallen ist. Hinter jedem Baum ein Bär, weil sie keine besseren Kreaturen für Zufallsbegegnungen hinbekommen haben. Das gute daran sind natürlich vier Lederstücke pro Bär, aber dennoch...

  11. Ritter Dummbatz

    SP Antiquity Dark Ages 485AD Darkness Rising

    Ja, it's ok if you post the vid on another website. No question actually, isn't it a public vid anyway?

    Let me know the site ... Not really necessary, I am just nosy.  :razz:

  12. Ritter Dummbatz

    SP Antiquity Dark Ages 485AD Darkness Rising

    F.F.C._fritz said:
    General suggestion: if I remember well, Ritter wanted hair under the helmet, not typical warband skinhead armies.
    In the Vikingr mod they find a way for helmets to have hair or not, depending on the hair style of the charachter.
    I don't know how does it works, but I think you should absolutely check it out.  :wink:


    I hardly remember to have told that I don't like skinheads.  :razz:

    But yes, true. I don't like them too much. Especially not in the 5th century.

    So, absolutely yes. Will do.
  13. Ritter Dummbatz

    The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

    Wieso wußte ich eigentlich, daß, wenn ich Kilo anstelle Pfund schreibe, weil ich dachte mir in dem Moment, es könnte natürlich auch Pfund gemeint sein, es hier darüber eine Diskussion geben wird?  :mrgreen:

    Level 36 ohne je gestorben zu sein!

  14. Ritter Dummbatz

    The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

    Jup, das hat funktioniert. Danke dir.

    Echt ein bißchen lästig die Art und Weise, wie das Spiel Questitems handhabt. Außerdem eine Flöte, die 2 Kilo wiegt, lächerlich!
  15. Ritter Dummbatz

    SP Antiquity Dark Ages 485AD Darkness Rising

    Like said, I love it.

    Glad you joined as help is really appreciated. Especially with the tedious stuff.  :mrgreen:
  16. Ritter Dummbatz

    The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

    Jup, ist mir glaub ich schon mal passiert. Bei jedem dritten Schlag mit der Spitzhacke gibts immer so einen extra Sound. In der Regel springt bei mir aber eher ein Edelstein dabei heraus.

    Ich hab da mal ne Frage...

    Gibts irgendwo im Netz vielleicht eine Liste der Konsolenbefehle?
    Bzw. eigentlich will ich das gar nicht wissen, sondern ich will Questgegenstände, die sich nach Abschluß der Queste noch immer im Rucksack befinden entfernen. Das wird so langsam schwer.  :neutral:


    Ok, Elderscrolls Wiki aus dem obigen Post war das Schlüsselwort, welches mich zu einer eigenen Suche veranlaßt hat. Mein Ergebnis ist

    player.removeitem <base_id> 1


    So, und nun steh ich da wie Kuh vorm Tor.  :???:
  17. Ritter Dummbatz

    The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

    Weiß einer, ob eine Drachenrüstung nun eine schwere oder leichte Rüstung ist?

    p.s. Aus der Reihe Kuriositäten...

    Ein neues Spiel, neues Glück. Mich regte eigentlich schon immer auf, daß sogar ein blöder Bastkorb, über den man irgendwie stolpert, einen verletzen kann. Führte einmal dazu, daß ich den Kohl aus den Karren in Helgen, gleich am Anfang nehmen wollte, mich verhakte und starb.  :mrgreen:
    Aber heute mußte ich zum ersten mal über dieses "Feature" lachen, als ich Riverwood betrat und Faengal tot neben so einem Karren fand.  :mrgreen:
  18. Ritter Dummbatz

    SP Antiquity Dark Ages 485AD Darkness Rising


    Yes, kind of. Not to the knee though. I still can walk and run and fight modwise.  :cool:
  19. Ritter Dummbatz

    SP Antiquity Dark Ages 485AD Darkness Rising

    Yes, although I knew it better I started to play Skyrim and it happened what I expected. It totally skyrimmed me.
    Hope to be able to get back to this soon. I needed and I guess still need the distraction as modding was pretty much the only thing I did. So, no, it's not dead.  :razz:
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