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  1. Wulfsdottir

    Please, don't break what's working

    First of all, I'm thankful for the great game and that the work on it keeps going, though maybe too slowly for most player's tastes but we do appreciate the effort and see that the devs WANT this game to be good. This being said, I want to point out the common problem that often takes place...
  2. Wulfsdottir

    How to make tournaments interesting

    Thread for those of us who like to participate in tournaments. It's not that bad comparing to some other features of the game at the moment but I think there still can be some improvements made and wonder what you think about them. 1. Betting: a. Why are we only allowed to bet on ourselves? I...
  3. Wulfsdottir

    What do you think about population?

    Do you think that population must be a thing? I think that if it will be well implemented, it will sort out and balance some problems with constant wars and lords having magical armies. For example the settlements might have limited number of population and some % of this number could be...
  4. Wulfsdottir

    Lost the scout... forever

    I am not sure it is a bug, because I have seen too many questionable decisions already, so maybe it's intended. I got a quest for tutoring the lady that I gladly accepted. Made her the scout and wandered around, doing some smithing with her here and there and also getting her into tournament...
  5. Wulfsdottir

    I don't think math works this way TW

    Long story short, the probabilities shown in percentage values during persuasion dialogues make no sense whatsoever. First of all, when you show someone that success probability of something you do is 70%, it means that roughly 7 out of 10 times you must succeed. It's BS though in case of...
  6. Wulfsdottir

    Make traits matter (For ALL)

    Hello. One issue I have with the traits system is that it seems they doesn't matter outside some mathematical calculations when it comes for NPC to like you or not. I know they are working on traits system and it will work as they intend in future, but what I am saying is that I am not sure...
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