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  1. Lord Benrir

    SpaceWard Defender

    Upon the command of high-lord Ibanez Modbane, I stand here before thee today! For I have a gospel for to speak!--And now, let's drop the semi-medievalian thing and get on with it; Ibanez has been working on a new space-defender type of flash-game. It is called ”SpaceWard Defender”(and naturally...
  2. Lord Benrir

    Chapter 316 is out!

    Yes, that's right! Here it is:
  3. Lord Benrir

    Interesting screenshot

    Hi! I managed to track this screenshot back to the wedding dance. I just wondered if there would be any way of including it into this mod without having the source files of neither this or the wedding dance? For personal use, of course. Thanks for reading this. EDIT I: If you wonder, yes, I...
  4. Lord Benrir

    [TBG] The Bicorne Guild - Now a part of Golden Legion

    A great rhanks to Giacomo, or Rapier17 as he's called in these forums, for the amazing banner! Introduction I hereby bring you The Bicorn Guild, a new clan (Now sub-part of Golden Legion) especially made for Hunt Mod. The goal with the guild is to get more actual hunting and less camping into...
  5. Lord Benrir

    Version 0.860 is released

    I am just posting this to give you the download link: Enjoy!
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