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  1. Chricky

    A question..

    If I bought a steam version of Warband but wanted to play the non-steam and if I were to downthe non-steam version, could I use the same serial key if it has been activated on steam ?
  2. Chricky

    Is Rome Unsiegable ?

    I've been raiding their villages and currently have -3 relation with Papal States, but I cant siege Rome ?
  3. Chricky

    Hi, abit of a download problem for SP

    C:\Users\-\AppData\Local\Temp\_eMMqsN2.rar.part could not be saved, because the source file could not be read. Try again later, or contact the server administrator. The download didn't go the full way. That came up in a download error box :?: :?: I downloaded it again and this came up, it...
  4. Chricky

    Cant enter a city

    Anytime i enter a city (town) it crashes and says M&B Warband has stoped working.. Any ideaS?
  5. Chricky

    M&B .751

    Hi, I installed this in program files as Mount&Blade75 and I also have the latest version as mount&blade2. For 751 I installed RPGmod and Storymod this is what happens when I try to run 751 :
  6. Chricky

    A little suggestion

    Ok, so I'm guessing you didn't reserach whats towns/cities were in which countries in 1200 because its so big a map. But Belfast didn't emerge until 1758 :D and it didn't even become a city until like 1771
  7. Chricky

    Help, please.

    Hi, can someone upload the textures folder please, because although I have lastest versions of the mod and game, I'm missing some textures for some reason.
  8. Chricky

    Versions question.

    If I were to downgrade to M&B .808 or .903 would there be any trouble getting back to 1.011 when the time comes or, any trouble down grading ? And yes, I do still have my serial key. Thanks in advance.
  9. Chricky

    M&B files corrupted ?

    So, I downloaded M&B a few days ago, played it and it is a superb game !! I'm just waiting to put money in the bank to buy the serial key, however I went to run M&B and this came up : I un-installed it and re-installed it about 3 times already and I've tried using my registry cleanr (Eusing)...
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