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  1. imado552

    can't use it anymore why?

    can't use it anymore why? i keep getting error 0x0007b click to close app error and i only get this error with open brf i even installed windows 10(i had windows 7) thinking that i had problems with my installed windows but after checking the dll dependency of the .exe file its all messed up...
  2. imado552

    The Story of A Samurai!

    hello everyone this is a story i've been writing for my mod War of Samurai (for a possible in future story-line campaign in the sengoku jidai)and i thought i will release it  just to get a feedback on it and to just share a story based in the sengoku jidai era PS: The Story has some real...
  3. imado552

    NLP/RP in gekokujo make the forum alive again!

    Make the forum alive again! Make Gekokujo alive again!     yes  i noticed this forum is pretty much dead few people still around and one time in a week or so someone post a thing so i decided to try my best to make this amazing mod alive share your Role-playing stories(i know some of you...
  4. imado552

    Buildable/upgrade to castles?

    hi everyone its been a long while since i posted or said anything here but gekokujo made me worked up today so i was thinking since i use Sado island as my base and i messed with the troops so that i have mounted and infantry and archer troops with their own armors and weapons (thank god they...
  5. imado552

    ideas and opinions for the Mod+ recruiting coders modders...for YouNean DevTeam

    Hi everyone thought i'm new to taleworlds forum i hope this is the write place to post this                                             This is a japanese mod its in the time that triggered the warring states era it will have updates that will change the time for an example the first updates...
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