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  1. 88 swing speed for stuge axe?

    yea it's a very good crowd fighting weapon especially the long reach and high dmg combo, however it's impossible to kill any guy in 1v1 with this **** and that is literally the only thing I have got.....have you guys test it about this wouldn't be this bad if i have a spare weapon....
  2. turn cap when?

    turn cap when? one hand is way to slow compare to 2 hand weapons. it's just not meaningful to faint for certain weapon.
  3. why manual block stun still there?

    after serval month break, and found today it's still there? why, what purpose does it serve instead of breaking combat flow? does dev atually play their game???
  4. Buff legionary sword to 100 length?

    a sword with 85 length make no sense, it doesn't open up new routed to attack compare to 70+ length axe while it has much inferior dmg on everything, a sword suppose to be a versatile option with current length it hardly be the case, hopefully it will be tweaked.
  5. cav over buff

    cav seems over buff, speed increase to spear shouldn't affect horse lance or spear. before everyone figure out cav is op everything seems fine with causal 1 cav spawn each round, today I met 3 cataphract twice in skirmisher, bump combine with spear speed make their dps rival pre-patch archer at...
  6. a lastest stupiest example of why Crushthrough shouldnt exsit in skirmish

    in a clan war, one of my teammate got compeletly knock off by heavy cav, i instinctly raise my shield and block in front of him from incoming blow. then i got crush through by batania 2h wooden stick with spike which i dont even know it's classify as a warhammer at time, then he step backward...
  7. lighting fast 2hand weapon?

    is there a plan to address 2hand weapon speed? 2hand weapon already have reach advantage is it really need to give a speed advantage for it to dominate at all range? not mention they can be carry by archer as well.
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