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  1. Thegustavobox

    Need More Info Showing that a lords and companions are dead when they are alive and well

    I am playing with the option of heroes can die on (I don't know if this is relevant but i will say either way), I fought a battle against an enemy lord and during the fighting I hit him with my spear and the game told me that I outright killed him, and to "confirm" this I looked the battle...
  2. Thegustavobox

    Duelling system

    Duelling was a common practice in the middle ages, specially amongs the nobility, so i think implementing a system for duelling would make the game more enjoyable and realistic, my ideas for this system are the following: -Friendly duels: inviting companions, family members and noble friends for...
  3. Thegustavobox

    Deeper relationships and marriage systems

    The relationships and marriage systems have great potential, to make it better you should implement: -More ways to better relationship such as: chatting (should be limited once per day), giving spetial gifts based on personallity, winning battles together (only for companions and family...
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