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  1. Arzeal

    Referenced memory error (Warband 1.154 only)

    Hi guys, I recenly gotten into moods to play M&B and updated Warbands (on Steam) to 1.154. And it always crashed on desktop with referenced memory errors. I searched Taleworlds and the Internet for solutions but I have tried so far: - start Windows with no startup (not worked) - updated and...
  2. Arzeal

    Game Design Discussion

    Aplogies for pulling this up again, but I think Microsoft pulled this success based on other thing, such as Behavioral game design, effectively turning us players into lab rats inside a "skinner box" No, that guy didn't...
  3. Arzeal

    Spear & Shield of Modern Warfare: What'd won in the close future?

    The basic concept of mankind's weapons is spear & shield: Offensive weapons (spears, swords, bows, muskets, guns, rockets, missles, etc.) and Defensive armors (shields, chain mails, plate armor, tanks, etc.) Currently the Spear is dominating (as speculated in Iraq war whom tanks are chewed like...
  4. Arzeal

    WoW, how did this slip on my radar?

    Wow, just Wow, I'm really impressive by Blood and Steel, it's really sad that I didn't try your guys excellent mod since the beginning. You guys have done a great job creating such a beautiful world, I really enjoyed it  :P Hats off to the team ^_^
  5. Arzeal

    So how was the Invasion in 5.0?

    First off, great thanks to the team, u guys have created such a masterpiece that I abadon my LoL ladder and other games (namely the Witcher 2 and few others which just released) to solely enjoy this mod I really enjoyed SoD 5.0 alot and I am at days 132 in Caldaria, wiped out Swadia and about to...
  6. Arzeal

    Suggestion to represent the chaotic of supply chain in this period

    Hello William Berne, and thanks for the great mod As I recalled in another discussion topic, u mentioned the chaotic of supply chain in this period with alot of weapon types and ammo, but it's nearly impossible to represent it in-game. I just have a small idea which will involves much less...
  7. Arzeal

    Sharing Joyful moment of PoP

    Yeah, why not? PoP is giving me alot of "special moments", and it made me happy whenever I think of those moments, I wished I could read more of those, so Let's share! Okey, to me it's: - After several weeks of fighting, I captured my my 1st castle and deceided to start my own Kingdom. The 1st...
  8. Arzeal

    How to download older version of MB?

    Hello, I hope I found the right place to ask (I searched be4 though). I currently had 0.903 in my comp (and well, the historic version 0.202 at 1/4  :lol:), so I'm kind of bored with current mods and want to try older grand mods such as TLD and Battle for Sicily. But I cant find 0.808 version...
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