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  1. General Darius

    been hoping and waiting for this to reach my hope to be dashed?

    So warband port? please with cheezburger on top D=
  2. General Darius

    Is floris a overwrite of native?

    If so I highly recommend you make that clear as I just installed it and cannot find the installed folder of floris. I am slightly angry that if I wish to play true native ill now have to reinstall mount and blade to clear your files out and get mine back (yes i know with steam i can delete all...
  3. General Darius

    Anyone ever think of a starship troopers mod?

    as that would be pretty cool =D
  4. General Darius

    Any chance on

    Yes i know this may of been asked for but the search function for single player with no ability to check this sub board makes it pretty much grab EVERY single post in the entire forum of talesworld Any chance of a Single Player Version of the mod?
  5. General Darius

    Can anyone make me an item model and perhaps modified items file to add in

    A blade staff as cool as the one in the dragon age 2 trailer THAT BLADESTAFF IS BADASS!!!
  6. General Darius

    would it be too much to ask if

    someone can craft (model and add intoitems perhaps or even use existing models) me Roland (yes i know theres a hero named rolandbut IM roland XD) My blade of Legend Durandal? (ie make it the best 1h blade in the game without being too op as well as nicest model? perhaps a 2h model for the 1h...
  7. General Darius

    benifets and conflicts of being a crusader states man

    i feel since this mod is aimed at trying its best to be close to a realism mod as possible ANY holy man of the century would follow a man of ANY nationhood into battle against the evil men from the desert i feel if your apart of the crusader states (merc doesnt count) you should get a high...
  8. General Darius

    a way to help modders and mod users

    if maybe TW can make a deal with steam where modders can use their servers in exchange they can charge 99 cents per mod dl (you own it once you buy it even with updates) and the modder gets 10 cents out of it (which i dont mind as well ) then i can finally dl mods alot faster and dont mind...
  9. General Darius

    Marrying true royalty

    i know you can marry the ladies of the land and whatnot except kings daughters but what about the lady of swadia? if you married her and took her quest on NO ONE could deny you kingship so why cant i marry her?
  10. General Darius

    DX 11 support possibly?

    i bought a 480 and alotta gamers get the best they can get id like to be able to use it though =(
  11. General Darius

    how to modify the game?

    i wanna make it so armors of medieval sort still appear in the realm of revolution mode how to do please and thank you
  12. General Darius

    Continious crashing =(

    im guessing its that the game cant handle my computer (and no thats not a typo)
  13. General Darius

    Moon Blade wont thrust?

    Is this supposed to be this way? if not is there a quick fix i can do without having to have a major patch overhaul?
  14. General Darius

    Troop placement for Sieges

    Ive seen so many sieges I could of won because i knew archers up there and soldiers down here and auxillary there would of produced a better fighting chance for my men but you always start with a bulk of troops at the entrance and some archers in the towers what if you wanted all archers...
  15. General Darius

    the ability to slow down your troop speed

    cause im not sure if anyone else has felt this but ive chased enemies who ran but i moved to fast for them but wanted only to pursue and not engage till my troops healed this feature would just basically give you a max speed and the ability to slow down to .1 speed
  16. General Darius

    What happened to the roman mods?

    i like having a variety of mds and miss my roman mods *cry*
  17. General Darius

    Graphic card help(its now about water cooling systems)

    I want to know some opinions whats worth it to get 295 or 285 (hell no to you ati fans so stick it) the 295 has lower speeds but is 2 cards in one whereas the 285 has higher speeds but is 1 card only atm i have a 280 XXX edition XFX (i know im crazy to think of upgrading but im a enthusiast)...
  18. General Darius

    Empire total war

    I just played the demo and i felt like i had a nerdgasm!  :lol: discuss the awesomeness or the okness of this game
  19. General Darius

    name problem

    i just dled v4 opened it and it started good enough but when i finally got ingame all nations were still named swadia and all other names im guessing this may be normal but uh which kingdom is which?
  20. General Darius


    i may be sick but reading a post made me remember that Medieval 2 total war is mainly based on fact in it scotlands description is that they are strong in infantry but lack calavary what i suggest is make so no horses for any any scotlanders except maybe special units (noblemen probally as...
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