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  1. Why are the steam reviews so good?

    there's one thing I'll never do on this forum and that's listen to anything orion says

    But he quoted facts. A GIF is not really countering his argument.

    On topic:

    This forum represents an extremely small portion, niche, part of the BL player base - long time WB players that do not see eye to eye with TW on the direction of BL.

    Steam users, which also have a large portion of WB and long-time players, see the game differently.
  2. Why 1.5.10 is the absolute worst version

    You do not get the point and still think "beta" is just another word in everyday language. We are talking about terminology here, the meaning of these words do not change unless through the respective discipline. I already gave the example of how one cannot redefine "electron" unless through scientific means. But maybe you guys do that in your country and electron today means absolutely something else there, who the f knows at this point :smile: But if you say to a Physicist "this is what we call electron from now on, get used to it" the guy will only laugh at you. This is the same with "beta version." However I cannot really laugh because as I said people like you whose only knowledge about the subject comes from "hearsay" or "what people do" allow big players to get away with selling products without testing them.

    Whoever told you that 'finding bugs' is a process that never stops also sold you a few bridges I suppose :smile: First of all; it is not 'a process' but more importantly, no software has ever been maintained forever; i.e the process which is "debugging" comes after release of a presumably well-tested and working product, during maintenance stage in Software Development Lifecycle. Once a product is considered "complete" whatever the relevant metrics are, and unless there is any maintenance contract or something similar, devs simply stop working on it. End of story. I assume what you mean to say is no (sufficiently complex) Software is bug-free, which is more or less correct. But that is completely outside of my argument as when I say "game does not work properly" I am not talking about the odd bug that happens once in a million cases; I am talking about critical functionality failing, but the product still being released because it is not tested in the first place. If I say I made a car but who knows if it works, never tested it, would you buy my car? You would not, but we give gaming companies a pass in this and they almost never fail to disappoint in the end.

    By the way, you are debating a senior engineer about engineering terminology. Do you this with doctors as well? Or just us? Like, do you go to a doctor and say "nah, this is what we call metacarpal bones today; catch up doc, language evolves!" :smile:

    You are still ignoring what I said - software developers using beta to find bugs and troubleshoot. You can keep beating that dead horse about the word beta is written in stone (it is not) and ignore the reality.

    Beta, unlike electron, is designed and executed ever so differently from each company - no matter what IBM says. You can keep parroting what your comp-sci prof told you. It is not changing what is happening in the real world. And companies "violating" your definition of beta are not going to get their developer license revoked any time soon.
  3. Why 1.5.10 is the absolute worst version

    "Douche" is not engineering terminology, you can call your pencil "douche" for all care.

    Let's clear one issue: what you call "companies" are obviously gaming companies and they should never be your reference on how Software Development SHOULD work. I am guessing "gaming" because no other company would have an external "beta tester" carry out performance tests (or other alpha stage tests) since a "beta tester" would have no idea about how to perform and report formal tests, let alone fully understand their legal implications.

    I think the part you do not get is: just like how "evolution," "pressure," "electron" each has a specific meaning in their respective fields and are not subjective, i.e you cannot say "such and such gaming company defines 'electron' as an ambulance;" you also cannot play around with engineering terminology like "Beta phase testing," either. These companies use their "Beta version" scheme to sell you untested therefore broken products and release them prematurely to work on other projects as soon as a few bugs in beta phase are fixed. Since people like you allow them to redefine terminology and blissfully propagate their lies, they can get away with saying their product is "tested" just because it went through some "Beta phase" that they defined to their hearts content while avoiding the Alpha phase testing altogether.

    So, when a game is in Beta version and does not work properly, you should actually shame the developer and ask for your money back; and go back to that game only if and when the developer carries out proper tests and releases a product that actually works. The sole purpose of Beta version should be (read "have to be" in the context of engineering) to get feedback from users and not "finding bugs." If it becomes the latter, you should know that the fraud scheme is on, someone is trying to sell you something untested and you will eventually receive a broken product.

    Actually, I am talking about Adobe, Avid, Blackmagic Design - etc. Not video game developers.
    First off, I think you missed the point of the "douche" analogy. Language is alive. Unless you are talking in Latin, definition and usage change over time. When IBM probably set the definition for their development I'm sure they did not plan for applications to have thousands and thousands (even hundreds of thousands) of lines of codes being used in an infinite hardware combination with varying software configurations.

    Second, "finding bugs" is a process that never stops. Be it in alpha, beta, or release. To disqualify an application because a bug was found is rather silly.
  4. Why 1.5.10 is the absolute worst version

    This is not a subjective topic that we can agree or disagree on. It is engineering terminology and is pretty well-defined. Beta phase testing is part of a test methodology (Alpha/Beta testing) developed by IBM and is basically a replacement for acceptance testing and nothing else.
    I'm not arguing how IBM defined the terminology. I'm arguing how companies are actually applying the term. It is like arguing "douche" is a feminine cleansing product per Webster.
  5. Why 1.5.10 is the absolute worst version

    This information is incorrect. the purpose of Beta testing is not to debug software but to test it against user requirements and expectations. Alpha testing should already have validated the software, i.e. it should be more or less bug-free when it reaches Beta stage.
    I disagree.
    Every software I have ever officially beta tested (including from major software developers), bug discovery, and stomping is part of the goal and process. Part of the beta testing is to test the software against much more varied hardware configurations.
  6. Community Reviews of Bannerlord

    I'm not sure how effective it would be if you based it on threads here. Many of the complainers posting are the same people. I'm not saying their criticism is fair or not, but if you remove a couple of hundred active posters I think the forum would be desolate.

    I don't usually buy games in EA, though made some rare exceptions including Bannerlord. I won't leave a review either.
  7. An Open Letter to TaleWorlds from the Kingdoms of Arda team, and the Total-Conversion Mod Community about our concerns and frustrations with Bannerlor

    Understandable, we are on the same page. My comment was merely a pointer to anyone interested because the people who actually wrote the letter participate in that thread. As a nitpick, the letter was posted yesterday and there was a meeting today about it (if we believe Callum that is).
    Can you post a link. Not sure where that is.
  8. Nearly a year in, Does TW acknowledge the anniversary with an update for when EA will be done?

    Warband was a success. They were able to feed off of that success in the run up towards Bannerlord.

    Bannerlord did great. In sales. In the first week. Then the numbers started to dwindle. Well dwindle is putting it mildly. Plummeted.

    Because the game is nothing like its predecessor.

    So no, this game has not been a success. It has been buggy, empty and incredible slow in updates.

    But I like your optimism. I have seen too much pesimists on these forums. Lets try and find the healthy middle of realism.

    Bannerlord probably outsold Warband exponentially. And Warband can be often found for less than $10.
    Regarding sales plummeting, that is almost every game. Even ultra-successful big blockbusters.

    The game is a financial success. The game reviews (Steam, Reddit, Youtube, etc.) have all been largely positive. I'm not sure how you can categorize Warband as a success and not apply the same standard to BL and lead you to the same conclusion.
  9. Nearly a year in, Does TW acknowledge the anniversary with an update for when EA will be done?

    Those numbers are misleading, even if you cherrypick just the pinned threads in The Citadel, there is a 69K thread there alone, while in whole of The Citadel there is even a one 8M views thread, so this statement is factually false or an overlook.

    I wouldn`t generalize these forums that way at all, as it has abundance of great threads and whole boards that have influenced the development for the better for everyone else, which can`t be said about Reddit or YouTube.

    Maybe some people stick arround to watch angry whiteknights shamelessly defend every and any design decision and to laugh at it.

    There are a ton of possibilities to why people stick arround here, the main being the oportunity to communicate with the developers, which you most likely won`t experience on any other platform including Reddit and YouTube, but one thing i can tell with certainty - everyone involved enough to post here on forums loves the franchise and wants to make it better, even if frustration slips away from time to time.

    In any case, being an active part in the division, and back and forths between the "angry haters" and "shameless whiteknights" isn`t at all helpfull in my view.

    68K ? Are you referring to the patch thread? A lot of views in forums are repeats - same few people coming back. Forums like these are frequented by the most active posters.

    On topic - the game is a success in every objective measurement. It doesn't mean some of the criticism found in this forum is illegitimate but the game is a success. I'm sure TW is smart enough to filter through it.
  10. You know the game is bad when

    A lot of people say "Nooo this forum is a negative well everyone loves this game" just go into Facebook are any other media that's not reddit and people are criticizing the game too. I hope it gets good but yeah, this game is boring, the sole idea of opening the game and play it makes me think "hmm do I really want to?"

    Forums (no matter which) are generally negative. This is true about video games or any software. There is stronger motivation to post when you have a negative experience than a positive one. They are more vocal.
  11. You know the game is bad when

    I disagree. The game is fun. Far ahead of WB.
  12. The Latest Major Patch Announcements - TaleWorlds Communication

    Battle terrain can be used to affect tactics.
    (at least from the video)

    just saying, its more than "immersion".
  13. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.8

    They just released a hotfix that fixed none of the major bugs. I call a spade a spade. They tried to fix player made weapons being in tournaments 4 times lol. Frankly it's not inspiring work or content.

    But complaining about the bug is not going to help the bug gets squashed. The whole point of a beta is not only to find bugs but get specific details to recreate the environment in which it occurs and the rate of occurrence so they can get prioritized or not.
    Saying "this **** is buggier than last patch" (hyperbole on my part) is not helping TW or anyone else except you able to rant away. We get it, you don't like the direction of the EA. There are literally hundreds of other topics in the exact same forum for you to express that. If you are interested in changing that, maybe a bit less salt and more relevant details are needed in the thread.
  14. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.8

    If bugs bother you so much then why are you using the Beta version? I mean that is the point of Beta.
  15. Poll - Are u satisfied with how TW has been tackling this EA?

    I'm quite satisfied. I have done several EA games already. This is not the fastest nor it is the slowest.
  16. Decapitation and dismemberment

    will there also be nudity mods? Asking for a friend

    LOL. I think I saw a game like that in my Steam Discovery queue.
  17. Decapitation and dismemberment

    There were a bunch of discussions on this already. I think it comes down to TW avoiding the 18+ rating and there is a mod for it.
    In short, it TW will never release but mods are there to workaround it.
  18. Do people prefer Bannerlord over Warband?

    Bannerlord. The battle system and troop management are just better.
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