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  1. Timmortal

    Chain Quest for Sandbox

    Quest that leads to other quests, maybe with different choices outcomes, im not speaking sprawling massive stuff here. Just two ekstra quests added on to a quest, with maybe 3 branching choices like kill, bring back (which we pretty much already have)
  2. Timmortal

    Game Progression and tied in things.

    I think one of the major issues with Bannerlord at the moment is how the game progresses. This can be put partially down to 2-3 things. Character/Companion leveling: I think you need to up the speed at which we earn ability and or skill points to maybe 1 per level, you could likely slow down...
  3. Timmortal

    Resolved Cant Marry

    Not sure if I'm missing something obvious. I'm a male lord, clan rank 3, sworn to Vlandia, I succesfully chatted with Liena, no more conversation option after making her say we have alot in common, tried going to her father, I asked to combine our houses, I could only offer my brother and not my...
  4. Timmortal

    Resolved Quest repeat that can be exploited.

    I took a quest in town to get forced labor. The headsman is not happy with this, but he becomes so when i offer to split the pay. Since the headsman had his own quest i wanted to take that aswell, but instead of getting the dialogue for the new quest, i keep getting the same option to share the...
  5. Timmortal

    Resolved Long loading times for items pictures in 1.4.3

    The pictures on weapons and armor are sometimes taking a very long time to load in the newest patch.
  6. Timmortal

    This is what Sturgia needs...

    But not something i really want them to put in the game.å_Ski_over_Fjeldet_med_Kongsbarnet_%28cropped%29.jpg
  7. Timmortal

    Does one get a second chance at charming a lady

    I had been been trying to find this lady for a while cause she was the perfect choice, but she was quite fast so had a hard time catchin up. When i finally caught up so i could charm her, it was in the snows of Sturgia, so i had a hard time of seeing the charm chance numbers, white on white...
  8. Timmortal

    The big cataclysm in Calradia that is never mentioned in Warband ;)

    We know that there will be seasons in Bannerlord, in Warband there was none, so its pretty evident that in the 200 years between the two, the planet Calradia is on, went through a major cataclysm and became tidally locked. (that was always my explanation for why there was always snow in some...
  9. Timmortal


    What are people hoping for? I would like to have more and harder achievements, sometimes it gives you motivation to try something new, like get all the perks for mace or axe or as a female become empress, making you use weapons you might never try out otherwise.
  10. Timmortal

    My childhood favorite games C&C remeaster release date

    These two games Command & Conquer and Red Alert are likely in my top 5 childhood favorite PC games. Age of Empires 2 is up there aswell. These remasters look really good. Command & Conquer Remastered Collection Official Reveal Trailer: Main Page...
  11. Timmortal

    What Weapons Will You Main

    What weapons will be the ones you go for in Bannerlord, Write your reasons aswell if you have them.
  12. Timmortal

    Whats your first playthrough start going to be

    Going to start as a noble meant to rule, a merchant just trying to mind his/her own business, maybe a bandit just trying to survive taking from the works of others. In Warband it was of course almost always rags to riches and we dont fully know the starting options yet, so this is mainly if you...
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