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  1. StevieLee7132

    There NEEDS to be way to keep companions out of combat and SIEGES especially

    I want my companions to be able to fight, but I also want to be able to put them in a separate category so I can ALWAYS control them (even in a larger army I'm not commanding). I think making a new group, with the option to select any group as a "reserve" would make everyone happy.
  2. StevieLee7132

    The Big Problem with Combat -- Unit collision and mass [FIX / SUGGESTION]

    Capsule size for horses is a problem; humans are actually about right-- it's the friction coefficient (forget what it's called in game) for humans that needs to be tweaked. I doubled the horse capsule (0.4 to 0.8 I think) and increased the friction for humans by a bit and now no one melts through the formation, even cavalry charges get stopped by tight shield wall at a reasonable rate (one or two horses may break through, but most are stopped). BUT-- free formations (F2 F3) are still far more effective than fixed formations in general, which is wrong. This is for a number of reasons not related to collision mechanics (weapon swing selection, not maintaining orientation with adjacent men, not maintaining pace, turning to face horse instead of enemy main body, etc.). If the soldiers would hold strict formation in ranks shield to shield and ignore distractions, keep pace, AND choose appropriate weapon actions (e.g. forward thrust or overhead swing only) I think it would work properly.
  3. StevieLee7132

    A Dozen practical suggestions (after five hundred hours of play)

    1. Add more battle scenes, maybe a randomize terrain feature? Much better now than at release, but still seeing the same maps again and again kills the tactical challenge 2. Add fog of war... AI should discover units by seeing them (e.g. range, LOS, etc.) same as the player rather than have...
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    BL Coding Extreme Performance hit from very simple mod-- help?

    This is my first attempt to mod this game, so I may be doing something really stupid. I am not compiling Python at all, just modifying existing .xml files and dropping those into the ModuleData folder.
  5. StevieLee7132

    BL Coding Extreme Performance hit from very simple mod-- help?

    So I used the modding toolkit to generate a shell mod, then modified parameters in two .xml files (monsters and native parameters) to increase the capsule size of the horse collision box and slightly increase the resistance of humans in collision to make cavalry charges more realistic (e.g...
  6. StevieLee7132

    Companions spent faster than denars

    Keep them in their own battle grouping (the number on the party tab) and deploy them only when you're sure they'll be victorious. I keep mine under 8. I set them to follow me about the field unless I'm charging in myself, then I usually park them behind my infantry somewhere so they can keep an eye on flanks.

    I really only recruit companions to my party for their scouting, healing or engineering perks, so I'm not that interested in them becoming super-human fighters. I mean, they are usually some drunk unemployed person you picked up at a pub (no offence to the unemployed folk at the pub amongst us), so it's not like they're going to be your top rate general straight off the bat.
    This only works when you aren't part of a larger army; when you are they go where the AI puts them (usually infantry or archers if dismounted). If they are mounted and have bows, then they should go to horse archers, which makes them quite survivable. Simple solution is for the dev to create a new hotkey category exclusively for companions (e.g. "x") that allows player control of the group for field battles, sieges, etc. even when you are not in command of the army.
  7. StevieLee7132

    SP mechanics that make no sense

    Should just have a numeral you can assign (e.g. VII) that is locked for companions that you can command in every battle regardless of who is in charge of the Army... basically your personal guard.
  8. StevieLee7132

    SP mechanics that make no sense

    1. you can switch which formations your companions, and other troops for that matter, are attached to in the party screen. You'll see a small banner with a roman numeral on it to the center top right I believe.
    But the assignments you make don't carry over when they are pulled in to a larger army. I have tried slotting my dismounted companions as Horse Archers (IV) just so I can command them in big battles-- doesn't work. I can control them as "4" with just my warband, but when I go into a larger army and command horse archers they are not there. Walking around the battle I see they are randomly grouped, some as archers some as infantry probably determined by their strongest skills. Makes it tougher to keep them alive (easy if they really are horse archers on horses).
  9. StevieLee7132

    SP mechanics that make no sense

    These are all very good points, equally frustrated on all. I think (4) is just a balance mechanic; if your companions can complete such quests quickly you would likely take every single quest you come across and farm large amounts of reputation and loot. With current mechanic, you are strongly discouraged from using companions (I don't want to lose companions for a month for one silly quest), so you either do it yourself or skip it. I think changing it to like three days would be a good compromise.
  10. StevieLee7132

    Female Relatives Are Worth Less Than Half As Much As Males

    I like the game as is. Women died in childbirth fairly often back then, testicular cancer has always had an extremely low rate of incidence. The primary cause of death back then for young men was death in battle. Women took the names of their husbands and joined his clan/culture/family. Women should not even be leading armies in the game, but the devs heard the wailing of the masses and capitulated on this issue. Aside from the historical accuracy, it is a GREAT mechanic. It means you need boys to expand the clan and ensure continuation of the clan, but girls are also useful to can relations with other clans, or be used as governors or to lead war parties.
  11. StevieLee7132

    Why didn't the son (heir) become king?

    In my current playthrough Caladog died and I was elected King.

    This was a surprise because no one like me, my highest relation with any lord is around 9. I have no favor, its -14. And I had not been a member of Battania for very long.

    Is the game programmed to elect you to King?
    Happened to me twice now; I'm pretty sure if your clan has the most influence that is the main factor in deciding. Also, if you stick to the king like glue and fight with him constantly, he is bound to pine for the fjords eventually if you catch my drift. If you "help" him catch looters and he accidentally gets headshot, you could also become king (I've killed other lords this way, haven't tried the king yet but pretty sure it would work).
  12. StevieLee7132

    Anyway to influnce the vote for fief??

    Factors that are considered are: Proximity of other fiefs to new one (those with closest fiefs get points); whether you captured the castle (led the Army) or not, whether you have any fiefs at all (so you could give them all away to have zero, then you would get points); how much gold you have (if you have more than 30K it really hurts you). I can't remember if there are other factors, but I think those are the main ones. I gave away two castles and led the army to capture a city I really wanted and I got it.
  13. StevieLee7132

    Execution of insurrection leaders should NOT have negative impact on relations with nobles

    Yes you are right. Probably not yet implemented but already planned as executing them will not give any negative relation with nobles as I remember. Will tell team this.
    Awesome, thanx!
  14. StevieLee7132

    Siege Battles and Siege AI

    Battering rams are best. Just crash down the doors and send everyone in. Siege towers are the worst as noted by many-- everyone seems afraid to climb the ladders so they just sit at the bottom, or just use one ladder (obviously extremely poor tactical decision). Ladders are good sometimes when there are multiple ladder points and you don't get traffic jams. I'm guessing they tested this with smaller battle sizes (below 500) where it would probably work okay.
  15. StevieLee7132

    e1.5.6 impressions (after not playing for a while)

    Death and Inheritance * Overall I love it-- adds new dynamics to the game. Lords die, even faction leaders... led to me becoming leader of Vlandians at 22 years old in one play through, and killing off many of my enemies key lords over time in others-- but needs some tuning. * Should...
  16. StevieLee7132

    Khuzait still snowballs

    The problem (in my playthroughs at least, e 1.5.6) is really just a diplomacy problem-- no need for nerfing troops or perks. It is rare for anyone to declare war on them, and no one ever gangs up on them. Contrast that with Battania, Vlandia, Sturgia... if they begin to gain any power everyone mobs them, not just those nearby, but even the Aserai and Khuzait. But when Khuzait has twelve or more cities and are at the borders of nearly everyone, they just coast on with no major multi-faction war. So just tweak the diplomacy so that everyone hates them and doesn't resist going to war with them (which would historically be the case anyway... they are outsiders with no benefit to preserving relations).
  17. StevieLee7132

    Execution of insurrection leaders should NOT have negative impact on relations with nobles

    Executing a noble should have severe relations impact (as it does) on all nobles, but execution of insurrection leaders should actually lead to an increase in relations much as taking out a bandit hideout has a positive impact on nearby nobles. These are rebels against the lawful authority who...
  18. StevieLee7132

    Battle Scenes

    I agree. I was able to create huge randomized maps for Warband with entry points at correct places (opposite sides of map) so that it took several minutes for cavalry to get across the map. That was such a blast, actually get to do recon/counter-recon, and see how clever you can be about using unique terrain.
  19. StevieLee7132

    POLL: What i've seen from the modding community.

    after looking through like, 10 pages of mods on nexus, all i see are basic tweaking mods and fixes that will undoubtedly be added into the game. this disappoints me because its telling me that the creativity of the modding community for this game is rather lacking, and instead of creating new features and such, modders are focused on fixing a game in its first month of early access. in my opinion, while the game is being aggressively worked on, getting mods for these things seems silly, as i can download a unit fixer mod today, and tomorrow, THAT WHOLE MOD COULD BE IRRELEVANT. this means constantly checking changelogs and comparing the changes to your mod, and also constantly checking the mod to make sure it didnt get slapped with a big ole redundant stamp. lemme get your opinions on the modding community in the comments below and lets have a discussion. im an open minded person so there will be no wrong opinion.
    This is the most idiotic post I've ever read. Learn what modding actually is, then get back to us. Actually make an ambitious mod that adds a faction, or a whole suite of new armors at some point in your worthless life. The developer has not released any tools, or access to any source code, or access to any flat files that can be modified by text editor. All the resources are encoded binary. It's amazing the modders have been able to do what they have, it's not worth the effort to most of us modders until the developers release some toos, guidance, formats, templates etc. The folks who created the great mods for Warband like Prophesy of Pendor devoted likely a thousand hours of their time to bring joy to the community. When you have done something similar maybe you can lecture us on how WE lack creativity.
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