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  1. Garedyr

    Antiquity OSP 3D Art Near East and North Africa, 2112BC & 612

    Great stuff, thanks a lot for contributing! Ancient stuff is highly underrated.
  2. Garedyr

    Goodbye Mexxico, Thanks For Everything! (Mexxico Leaves TW. Tribute Post)

    I'm kinda late but still...
    Best wishes to Mexxico and thank you for everything.
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    SP Other [WB][STORY MODE] The Erased Century

    Development Update VI

    Small update for you guys - something for the eye here.

    Two more Precursor Skills for Senbonzakura artifact have been added - Slicing Dash and Shukei: Hakuteiken. These two skills have a lot in common as they both require Senkei skill to be active in order to use them and they do the almost the same thing.
    • Slicing Dash, as the name suggests makes character perform a dash forward, then do the slash thing (achieved by thrusting the air), dealing the area damage. Besides the Senkei still activity, this skill also requires the player to be inside the Senkei 'cage' in order to use it.​
    • Shukei: Hakuteiken - one of two ultimate skills of Senbonzakura, almost the same thing as the above but it makes you fly for a fixed range instead of dashing, has a bigger area of effect and deals more damage. You get a pair of some nice animated wings aswell. The biggest difference between this and Slicing Dash skill is the fact that Hakuteiken concentrates all of the Senkei swords in one blade and your wings, giving you huge devastating power and disabling the Senkei skill. You don't have to be inside the cage to use it tho.​
    Huge shoutout to MongolFromForest a.k.a. Darth Mongol The Unwise for making Slicing Dash animation for me and helping me out with animations in general. Truly a great guy that made these two skills possible and opened a door for a lot more in the future. The crappy sword grab & Senkei concentraction anims are by me :oops:, Hakuteiken flight animation is a modified ver of Slicing Dash animation by Mongol.

  4. Garedyr

    SP Other [WB][STORY MODE] The Erased Century

    Development Update V

    Today I'm going to present you a Change Form feature for Precursor Artifacts and some skills that Senbonzakura, also a precursor artifact (based on a weapon that shares the same name from a popular-back-in-the-days manga Bleach) can do. Some skills are available only in specific form, the others change their appearance and the way they work (slightly) depending on the active form. Senbonzakura has 3 forms and a few skills that require some other skill to be enabled in order for them to work.

    I don't plan to assign various forms for each artifact as it's not needed and would prolong the development process by a lot. This time however, it was necessary as I wanted to make Senbonzakura into some sort of a tribute to Tite Kubo's work.

    This is a rather small update for the eye, also pardon me for the video quality but by the time I'm posting this, my connection really sucks.​

    • Implemented the Change Form feature for artifacts
    • Added Senbonzakura Precursor Artifact and most of its skills (still WIP, 6/9 mostly done)
    • Done many things no one cares about (refactoring, bug fixing, etc.)
    I really have to make a second skill bar that you can switch to at any point so you can use 8 bound skills instead of only 4 (sth similar to a system that recent AC video games use - you can switch between 2 skillbars after pressing a bound key).

    Also, at this point I need an animator to continue work on the rest of the skills necessary for the first story chapter. Animations I need are pretty basic stuff tho. Feel free to contact me if you think you could lend me a hand, thank you in advance.

    EDIT: Found the man I need but anyone is still welcome to help at any time.
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    SP Other [WB][STORY MODE] The Erased Century

    Development Update IV

    Well hello there, it's been a while. I've managed to organize some time for the mod kinda earlier then I thought it's going to be possible. This time I bring you the long-promised Skill & Skill Bar systems for Precursor Artifacts. Although the development of these systems is highly WIP, your feedback is greatly appreciated. Many things such as skill icons and descriptions are placeholders for now. Apart from that, the Roadmap to Alpha Release has been added, some features have been unfortunately cancelled (Bannerlord-like improvements, banners update and a few other small things that would take too much time for me as a solo developer). That was a step that I had to take, otherwise this mod would take my whole life to finish.​

    • Added Precursor Abilities Screen that can be accessed from World Map (Character -> Precursor Artifacts) - you can unlock and assign precursor skills to skill bar there
    • Added Precursor Abilities Skill Bar with rebindable keys
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    SP Fantasy [WB] Fate/ Throne of Heroes

    I love those multishot weapons - they're simple yet great.
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    OSP Code QoL Particle Preview Presentation

    Very useful indeed, thank you!
  8. Garedyr

    Forum Upgrade 21/01/2021

    That's some nice update indeed, what about the old forum theme that was said to be in works after the forum migration?
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    SP Other [WB][STORY MODE] The Erased Century

    Development Update III
    General Description:
    Hello there, long time no see. So basically this became true:


    Because my time is about to become more limited than before so I have to see if it's worth to invest any of it in the project.


    So basically I won't have any time to work on the mod for at least one year. People's interest was abysmal anyway but I decided to let you know in case there are still some people waiting for it. This may actually be a goodbye but I hope it's not the case. Cheers and sorry if I made anyone upset by this information.
  10. Garedyr

    SP Dark Ages [WB] Sclavinia

    Sclavinia is now confirmed partial* OSP
    On Sep 28, 2019 Sclavinia team lead (Rybopiotr) made Bitbucket repositiories open for everyone. Since then both last updated mod version together with source code can be downloaded. Despite the mod being available to download by everyone, there hasn't been any usage guideline when it comes to it's assets (until now, that is).

    Asset usage guideline
    If you want to use OSP-considered Sclavinia resources, you have to:
    1. Credit Sclavinia team and it's contributors (or Sclavinia team as a whole):
      Pagan/Leinnan/Rybopiotr/Lev Myshkin - lead dev, 2D & 3D art, scripting, level design
      Masterancza/Garedyr - scripting, some 3D art (textures only)
      Lew/lllew/Illew (not Llew2 or llew) - scripting
      Lotnik - 2D & 3D art
      Kraggrim - 2D & 3D art
      Irgen - level design
      Hubtus - level design
    2. Be aware of this thank-you/credit list:
      Rubik - faction troop trees & some other stuff
      Gutekfiutek - Polished Landscapes OSP
      Daedalus/Slawomir of Aaarrghh - Tavern animation pack OSP
      Brytenwalda Team - Brytenwalda OSP (only a few things)
      xenoargh - Shield Bash OSP
      La Grandmaster - La Grandmaster Shaders OSP
      Iboltax - Improved Male Faces
      Broken_one - New Female face model and textures
      Caba`drin - a few scripts
      Papa Lazarou - Papa's community animations
      Othr, Dunde, Treebeard
      Brytenwalda betatesters
      Cem Çimenbiçer at Taleworlds
      Viking Conquest players
    3. Be aware of what part of the mod isn't considered OSP:

      All the pictures listed below have been made by a professional artist for use in Sclavinia. Unfortunately, we can't contact that person anymore so we can't say for sure if you can use them. It would be the best if you didn't but if you do then only for WB mods (non-commercial use) + you do it at your own risk.

      - pic_camp
      - pic_defeat
      - pic_looters
      - pic_payment
      - pic_prisoner_fem
      - pic_prisoner_man
      - pic_prisoner_wilderness
      - pic_recruits
      - pic_town1
      - pic_village_p
      - pic_village_s
      - pic_village_w
      - pic_wounded
      - pic_wounded_fem


      In case there's anything left of them in the files: 'The Witcher I' video game tracks (wiedzmin_soundtrack_xxx) must remain unchanged. I'm not sure about other usage terms as tracks were already present in the mod when I joined the team, it's certain you need CD PROJEKT RED permission.
    If you've made anything we used in the mod or noticed other people's work that is not not listed above then feel free to contact me and I'll update the list.

    You can find the repository here.
  11. Garedyr

    Native OSP Shaders Warband HLSL Shader Exchange

    So I finally convinced myself to try the shaders and managed to copy VC windy flora shaders to base Native file without the stuff I didn't need (seasons and stuff) and it worked. It definitely isn't something I should be proud of but I'm regardless (kinda) :mrgreen:

    Now that I have a base for my mod and some ideas, I'm definitely going to fiddle around with it, thanks for convincing me via this thread!
  12. Garedyr

    SP Other [WB][STORY MODE] The Erased Century

    Development Update II
    General Description:
    This week was definitely more productive than the last one (despite the changelog list being smaller), as I managed to add some more pretty interesting and innovative things that I haven't seen in any other Warband mod. Other than that many improvements to existing systems were made, concepts were created for new game mechanics and a lot of bugs were fixed. I hope you guys are as excited as I am for things that you're about to see in the changelog below :smile:

    Notable Changes:
    Tip: 'Detailed Description' spoilers contain previews.
    • Added Player Personal Inventory system that can be accessed both from World Map (Character -> Personal Inventory) or during scene using the 'T' key
      Player Personal Inventory was created to separate the Party Inventory which can be accessed by whole player party from the stuff that only player can use. This way you don't have to worry about filling up your Party Inventory with stuff that is only meant for the player.

      There are 3 separate categories for Player Personal Inventory right now:
      Quest Items - Items that are needed to complete quests or are quest related in some way;

      Documents - Items that you can read such as Books, Scrolls and so on;
      Note: Books that the Player Party or companions can make use of won't appear here.

      Miscellaneous - Items that don't fit into 2 previous categories such as Precursor Artifacts, Torches, Lockpicks and so on.

      You can use the presentation to select Documents to read, click on Torches to equip a torch and even more things that are coming soon.

      How it works:
      Items are added to it by various ways [from Chests, Dialogs, Personal Inventory Trade Presentation (planned feature) etc.], you can't transfer an item between Party Inventory and Player Personal Inventory. Why? Because Player Personal Inventory can take up to 801 slots, which means 267 slots per category so if you could transfer, it would lead to abusive behaviour from the player. What is more, if you got more than one instance of the same item, it won't take another slot. Instead, the amount of items for that slot will increase. Don't worry, you probably won't be able to fill every slot up anyway.

      Without further ado, the stuff you're waiting for can be seen inside the spoiler below.

      Video Demonstration (scene version):
    • Fine-tuned the Books & Scrolls Reading presentation
      Books & Scrolls Reading presentation can now be used to read items both from Player Personal Inventory Documents section and from the Party Inventory as it was before. Item selection menu is now visually bigger, the available slots amount has been increased from like 96 to 363, the visible slot amount automatically adjusts itself according to available readable items amount. Now the quit tooltip is still displayed when you have already selected an item to read, you can access the presentation from horse. Other than that refactored the code significantly.


    • Added World Map version of Books & Scrolls Reading presentation
    • Created concept of new Quest Line concerning Manhunters
    • Created concept of Skill Bar that was mentioned in previous development update
    • Organized the Mission Template triggers as their amount was getting out of control

    Future Plans:
    With Player Personal Inventory system I got a solid ground for implementation of systems that you can find in the Planned Features section (Smithing, Potion Brewing, Arrows & Bolts Crafting). Skill Bar system for Precursor Artifacts development is probably going to start nex week. Stay tuned.
  13. Garedyr

    SP Dark Ages The Sword And The Axe


    About the bandit tracking quest, that's a Native thing. I've not edited the Native quests in any way; in the coming version there are a couple added ones, mostly in the vein of the old RPG games (no map waypoints, you need to listen to rumours, NPC conversation and figure it out), but the Native quests remain unchanged.


    Interesting approach! That's what I prefer aswell but I also understand that most of the people nowadays are used to immersion-breaking things such as waypoints so I'm adding them to my mod anyway altho I think I'll add an option to turn some of them off.
  14. Garedyr

    SP Other [WB][STORY MODE] The Erased Century

    Garedyr, those videos are incredible! I'm excited to see how these systems come together! It's honestly crazy to see how polished everything looks, even at this early stage.
    Those features truly look impressive.
    Amazing ideas! Looking forward to the release!

    Thank you so much guys :smile:

    Development Update I
    General Description:
    I've been working very hard on polishing existing features this week as long as on some new things. Many small bugs and some bigger ones were fixed during the development of new systems, some less significant features were added or tweaked. For example adding Blizzard cold status ailment system feature required me to completely rewrite my slow system (not from scratch but some fundamental changes were made that required code to be refactored). Also Bannerlord militia system for settlements was added - previously you had choice of what kind of troops you want to recruit if your settlement had Militia Barracks built in, which was kinda too overpowered if you ask me. Moreover, militia recruitment cost isn't shown as some easy-to-miss message in the bottom left side of the screen, instead it was added to Weekly Budget presentation.

    I could have done much more but sadly I'm that type of a person that is either fully devoted to something or not at all and this week featured many distractions.

    Notable Changes:
    Tip: Some of 'Detailed Description' spoilers contain previews.
    • Added Blizzards & Blizzard cold status ailment
      Blizzard is one of new weather types that you're going to encounter in the mod. Like the name suggests, you're going to encounter it only in colder regions of Calradia. Apart of almost all effects featured by Sandstorm (which works in kinda similar way), it also carries some other effects.

      The most deadly thing that Blizzard does to agents on the battlefield is Blizzard cold status ailment. When agent is not moving for some time (currently 5 seconds), he gains one stack of the effect (5 stacks total). Every subsequent stack decreases agent movement speed futher and further up to the point where he can barely move. Movement on foot will recover agent from this state (stack by stack), decreasing the number of stacks. This is done to simulate freezing cold weather that forces your body to move if you don't want to die. Currently you don't take any damage from it at 5 stacks but it's a planned feature that I'm not sure about yet because it would be difficult to balance.

      Cold Resistance skill modifier decreases the negative effects of Blizzards.

      Blizzard visual effect:
    • Implemented Bannerlord-style settlement Militia System
      Soldiers are expensive but settlements need them for sieges and in big numbers. AI didn't have problems with it (until now, I hate the elite soldiers appearing out of nowhere in AI settlements) but the player had to recruit them all by hand. Now you can rest easy - build Militia Barracks for good and cheap troops (with garbage equipment however) and many of your problems are gone. Most of AI garrisons will also consist of militia units mostly to cut the costs, regulars will appear only if specific lords decide to leave their owns troops in there most of the time.

      Militia are to be used for settlement defending in mind so they are divided only to 2 types of troops - spearmen & archers.

      Garrisons with militia:
    • Added presentation-style message for Lockpicking System when you're out of Lockpicks
    • Removed scripted crosshair (the one that appears while you're in posession of one of the Precursor Artifacts) when you're aiming with ranged weapon
    • Made generic presentation that features Stamina, Navigation bar AKA Minimap Bar and many other things appear almost immediately after it's presence was erased by opening Quest Window for example (previously it had one second of delay)
    • Refactored the slow status ailment code so it allows for more customization (for example weaker effects can get overriden by stronger effects now)
    • Implemented many missing racial bonuses for specific weather types
    • Made Regional Weather region detection script more precise so borders are more realistic
    • Started work on two new quests, prepared scenario for one bigger battle with cutscenes
    • Created concept of new Precursor Artifact that makes use of ice

    Future Plans:
    I plan to add some sort of 'skill bar' for battles where you can select and/or use some specific skills when in posession of specific Precursor Artifacts. I'm wondering if I should do it in similar way that Assassin's Creed: Odyssey does that: You have that two bars of four abilities that you can use via specific buttons but that would require players to have a keyboard with numpad as most of the buttons are used by the game already so the binds would feel uncomfortable to use. The other idea that I have for it is the 'mouse wheel menu' similar to one found in The Deluge mod iirc. Whatever I decide to go with, the increasing number of abilities for artifacts is going to force me to implement either of those at some point.
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    SP Other [WB][STORY MODE] The Erased Century

    Disclaimer Mod was originally intended for MATURE audience only. Sensitive content can be disabled via mod settings. The Erased Century A storyline RPG - SCI-FI mod Description: Mod aims to bring RPG elements such as storyline and immersion to Warband. The story starts from the exact...
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    Suggestion: Waiting in camp

    promote canton to head game designer immediately
  17. Garedyr

    Native OSP Shaders Warband HLSL Shader Exchange

    Great initiative, time for some learning :mrgreen:
  18. Garedyr

    New rank images!

    Well I hope that the OG TW Forum theme that is WIP (at least it was said that it is after the forum update) keeps the old rank images. Would be a fine little touch.
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