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  1. To kill or not to kill Musicians

    Hello community, You all probably don't know me. My IG name is Gustavson. The reason why I'm writing this thread today is because I am genuinely curious about something that stumps me every time I think about it. Why are people so bent on not killing musicians? I've heard the arguments. They...
  2. Packers won the Superbowl!!!

    Packers won the Superbowl, 31-25 It was a very close, intense game. All I have to say is though, "In your face Steelers!"
  3. How many 5 yr. olds do you think you could take on?

    Hello Forumites, Here's a question man has asked other man for centuries. Let's say there was a swarm of 5 yr. olds, who were intend on killing you. How many do you think you can take on? By that, I mean beating them into submission. I think I could take on at least 10. I'd be sure to use my...
  4. quick questn

    if i were to *** a girl whos mom who did hardcore meth while she was prgnent with here, will i get like a diease in my **** thanks TW ADD: essentially shes a meth baby
  5. Hearts of Iron meet-up!

    What's up. This thread is for people to organize Hearts of Iron matches, since it's hard to. Anyways, who wants to play a game of HoI 2? Armageddon, 1.2
  6. holy **** i just saw an UFO or something

    i saw em right now holy ****. Who else has seen UFOs? i saw em as like ****ing green energy floating real fast becoming different colors then dissapears.
  7. Deathcore

    Alright, I've seen this little sub-genre increase in popularity quite a lot in my local areas (Phoenix, Arizona and Glendale), the internet, everyone's listening to it,  and I can't see why anyone would like it. I guess the pig squeals *can* be cool at times, and the breakdowns are okay, but I'm...
  8. What should...

    Hey hey hey everybody :) I grow weary of my display name, so, as the poll suggests, what do you think my next display name should be? After 4 days, I'll look what's in the lead, and take it. Then ask a nice admin to change it :D andddd!!! if you're just gonna post to say how stupid all the...
  9. holy ****

    what do i do i spilt water all over my computer now theres a huge white blurb taking up my screen  and its growing. what do i do help
  10. Rate the song above you!

    Rule are simple. You post a link to your video, and rate the one above yours! I'll start: Candlemass - At The Gallows End
  11. This guy's got some serious talent.

    Garden of Death This Michael Barens has got some serious talent.
  12. The Official Historical picture thread.

    Well, this is the official thread where you post historical pictures, request them(Since some people have really good historical pictures of what you are asking for), discuss them, and whatever. Here are some pictures of the Fall of Saigon, which I am also requesting pictures for a school project.
  13. Alright, WTF?

    Why cant I download mods now??? I extracted it to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Mount&Blade\Modules  EVERY TIME!!!

    Alright, so I decided to switch MnB from my desktop to my Windows Vista PC. It works nice, but I cant download mods and stuff, since there is no: c:/Program Files/ Mount&Blade But there is Program files, but no Mount&Blade in it!! Or Combat arms >:(
  15. Demo questions

    Argh, I know there is another topic about this on these forums, but it doesn't really answer any of me questions. Well, here are some 1.Can you download mods without buying the full game? 2.Can you download add-ons (such as GE3) to MnB under trial version? Thnks people :p
  16. WWII Question

    Was the Finnish on the Axis side? Did British and Americans help invade Finland with Russia? Thank you smart people.
  17. Forum rankings

    Okay, sorry if this is already answered, but can someone tell me all the forum rankings? I'll lock this after a couple of posts, and some to confirm someone. P.S. Also, if you can, how many posts untill the next ranking? Thanks. Recruit Regular Vetrean ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
  18. The most attractive female user is? POLL FINISHED:WINNER IS LLANDY!

    By popular demand, ladies and gentlemen I give you this thread!!! LLADY WINS!!! Pictures of the contestants! Thanks Merc! Thanks scootar!
  19. Forum schockers '08

    Alright, so I've been here for two or three months, and I figured out some crazy things here! Check it. -Kobrag is a homosexual! -The Mercenary is a woman! -Folthrilk looks...splendid! -People are hillarious here! -Cloud is South Korean! -Tej shall become a father! Post yours here and discuss...
  20. Say one MEAN thing to the user above you >:)

    In response to the "one nice thing" thread, I decided this thread, you say something mean to the person above!! Let it all out, the truth may hurt. You will now understand your annoyances and what-not. Please make it somewhat constructive if you can, to the best abillities. I'll start off. I...
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