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  1. Anistec

    Pick a wife

    So in a search for a wife all over Calradia...and i was thinking...which wife would be the best (except looks)....would be better to get a civilian wife with just horse riding and steward and work my way up with her skills or should a pick a battle ready one with not much room for improvements?
  2. Anistec

    High death counts makes me lose heart

    So...ive been deleting my saves every time half way through before i even have a fief...the reason for that is that i lose heart to keep playing my save whenever i see so many dead noblesafter a even some clans are getting destroyed around 200 days...does anyone else had this...
  3. Anistec

    How does the persuasion work and how do you get higher chances?

    As the title says....i would like to know how you get higher persuasion chances whenever you talk or flirt with someone...does roguery or other skill have something to do with it?
  4. Anistec

    1.6.5 crashing with any mod that needs to be checked in the launcher

    Is there a bypass for that??or do i have to wait for a hotfix...cuz maaaan...cant wait to play
  5. Anistec

    Personal Troop Tree as an idea for future patch?

    So i was thinking....after we make our own kingdom why shouldnt we be able to create our own kingdom's troop tree???like we should be able to name them and buy their gear...and be able to recruit them only from our fiefs....i wish they will include it in the future
  6. Anistec

    Best way to LvL up Medicine? (1.5.7)

    As in the title
  7. Anistec

    -- Needs A Tutor Quest (question)

    So i wanted to know if this is a triggered kind of quest....because i find it so do i have to be specific clan tier???do i need to be in a specific date?anyone knows?
  8. Anistec

    1.5.7...are those bugs in every campaign??

    So...i got 3 bugs that i feel like breaking my game...1st bug is that when a lord creates an army everyone fast forwards and joins a magnet pulling them..insanely fast....and second bug is that when i recruit recruits they are ready to lvl up without doing anything....third bug is...
  9. Anistec

    Cant donate prisoners 1.5.7

    So...i cant really donate prisoners anymore...when i try it says ''you cant take prisoners'' although i am not taking anyone...i am just trying to donate...anyone knows why and how to bypass it?
  10. Anistec

    Something wrong with the companions after Hotfix

    So...the comapnions still looks there is a new comapnion named Whatever name the Two-handed-swords and he is 65 years old and with no skills
  11. Anistec

    Still no Update for the Fat and Old soldiers/Ugly Companions?

    the questin is on the title
  12. Anistec

    Ideas about late game

    Actually there is only one idea that comes in my mind about the late game....something like Total War did....big armies coming from a far place to conquer and raid you have to protect your lands until you cut off the head of the enemy Leader...something in those lines i was...
  13. Anistec

    What the this a halloween event?!

    when did Golden became the surname of Ugly?!...also the npcs look like trolls....those small wish trolls or how they are called.
  14. Anistec

    Troop Feauture i wish they put in!

    Arent you a bit jealous when you see the other mercenaries having unique troops??Yes you do just like i wish like an end game kinda mechanic to be able to customize your own troop tree...and that should be something really expensive..what are your thoughts on that?...and is it viable?
  15. Anistec

    Enable Death:Is it worth?

    What i mean by that....if you enable it arent you gonna be facing a dead campaign after a while??like if Heroes die there will not be big armies on the map right??? etc is it even worth?
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