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  1. Campaign Map needs a reshade

    I never had any issues with the game perfomance but many players reported a bad performance on the campaign map. So it seems to make sense that it doesn´t look "that" good as it was shown back then. It´s also not ugly, it just works, which I wouldn´t say about other more important stuff.

    I would even play the game on a 2d map with asci graphics if the rest would work as they´ve shown / announced back then.
    Even if they keep the detail down to fix performance issues they can at least fix the grass texture. It looks awful.
  2. Campaign Map needs a reshade

    I want this map back, so ****ing bad. Just wish I had the modding abilities to do it.
    I know. Its a massive shame.
  3. Campaign Map needs a reshade

    Calradia's map looks great as it is.
    It really doesn’t. There’s one ugly shade of green for the entire Map, the trees look low res and they got rid of a ton of detail that was there in the pre release map. See above comments with photographic examples.
  4. Campaign Map needs a reshade

    @Callum Can we expect a reshade/grass retexturing or map detailing/beautification to make it more like the pre release map?
  5. Campaign Map needs a reshade

    Honestly the campaign map looks pretty enough to me as it is, i would prefer if it was abit more open with less unnatural mountains that only serve to create narrow paths that force chokepoints, it looks more like moba lanes than a proper world map.


    Does it? Let me offer a little comparison


    Here is the pre release map.


    Map now. Literally the entire map besides the very edge of the khuzait territories and the Aserai Desert looks identical. They need to change things up, the current map has one very ugly shade of green and it desperately needs some more diversity.

    Maybe the shape of the map might be more interesting now but the diversity and detail is way worse than what it once was.
  6. Campaign Map needs a reshade

    This is the main problem imo. That one shade of green covering almost the whole map. It just looks weird and unnatural, actually slightly difficult to look at sometimes. Deeper, more earthy colours would improve things. There also appears to be some sort of pale filter over everything.

    Also I'm sure rivers aren't what they were when I first got the game. You can only see water flowing from a particular camera angle.
    Exactly. Is there a way we can ask the devs if they’re planning to change this?
  7. Campaign Map needs a reshade

    Well.... they look bad? I mean not awful but the current version is better in terms of detail. We discussed this a few times already. I can also give a technical explanation why the current map is better for TW and modders but I think it's not necessary right now.
    I will copy-paste a few responses I posted about this in other discussions

    Bannerlord's map is beautiful right now with its terrain features. Some aspects of the map are still bugged like the ground is all green but trees are snowed etc but these can be fixed super easily with a stroke of the brush.
    However, the overall color palette can be improved more like what Terco showed and texture saturation should be changed.
    I think the main problem is the grassy texture that they use and the map FX filter. In 2016's photo, you are seeing that atmosphere is way darker than what we have now - which I'm all up for - but textures are still good in terms of color/saturation.
    Adding moving fog/clouds or flying flock of birds on some forests as small details would also make the map look great.

    That being said, the map definitely needs some fog/FX adjustment - as Terco demonstrated before

    And having more details would also make the map look better ( as Calradia Expanded demonstrated )
    I think the current map is not too bad but it really needs some more details. The main thing I want is some diversity in the grass and tree textures and maybe some more detail as well.

    Right now, every part of the map has the exact same ugly shade of green that does not look appealing whatsoever. All I’m saying is if they added some more diversity, like emerald green grass with a foggy atmosphere for battania, the map would be 10 times better.
  8. Campaign Map needs a reshade

    I think they just deleted detail to improve performances, as @archaicwarrior says a high detailed world map is much heavier for the system, as there are many elements, in addition to all other NPC parties.
    For now, I think it's better like this and also more clearer (better to spot other parties). Also, I hope in the future with better game optimization it'll be more aesthetically pleasing.
    Other games have managed a highly aesthetically pleasing campaign map and good optomization just fine. As far as I can tell from the game demos, the game was running fine back then too.

    It doesnt look cleaner. It looks much blander and each part of the map feels the exact same. I don't think its worth giving up a good looking map just so you can spot parties easier.
  9. Campaign Map needs a reshade

    Most rivers are just blue colored ground with water sounds, they didn't even take the time to add real water. Like I said before, they have this thing for doing stuff half assed just to cross it off and move on.
    They do. Its so sad because they nailed the map design in the pre release versions.
  10. Campaign Map needs a reshade

    They have also worsened the graphics quality.

    This is both color palette and graphics problem.

    There is literally no detail on the world map except under some light during specific times of the day.
    Agreed. It's so disheartening to see that the devs are fine with the map in its current state. Its one of the worst parts of the game IMO. It NEEDS to change
  11. Campaign Map needs a reshade

    Are there any plans for this, mods? A reshade would really help the game.
  12. Campaign Map needs a reshade

    Look at these screenshots from the pre-release map Wow. Look at how much more detailed everything was. How much better the trees were, how much better the lighting was, how much better the grass looked. It was like there was actually a diversity in the map, now it literally looks all...
  13. Campaign Map needs a reshade

    Maybe with the new battle terrain system its too late to actually change the map. But it desperately needs a reshade. The funny thing is, the map used to look so much better. Take a look at these screenshots from 2018 Just wow. The grass, detail, shading, trees, water, everything looks a...
  14. We need an in depth banner editor

    The current one is just lackluster
  15. Change the settlement icons

    There are a number of reasons why the new settlement icons are bad and compromise gameplay in a number of key ways. As you can see, each town has a box with its name, next to the banner of whichever clan owns that town. This is the first big problem, lack of variation in banners. In warband...
  16. Map looks washed out and bland

    I'll pass on your feedback everyone, thank you.
    Thank you so much!
  17. Map looks washed out and bland

    ^ I can't fathom what the reason would have been for changing that. That lighting and everything else makes me want to dive into the screen. Perhaps it was to improve performance?
    I don't know much about balancing performance, but I don't think being on the world map would be too performance breaking. Then again IDK
  18. Map looks washed out and bland

    It is good to see some people touch on that. I have my concerns about this topic too.
    Look at these pre-relsease devblog screenshots of campaign map.

    During sunrise and sunset might not be perfect but during day different areas had different tones of green and they looked actually realistically pretty.

    edit: I don't know why I can't see imgur image.
    Holy Harvesting Season those screenshots are incredible! The fact that we went from that to what we have now is just sad.
  19. Map looks washed out and bland

    @Piconi I see that we are not the only ones who think this 😌 🎻 .
    A voice in a vast wilderness of nothingness I see
  20. Map looks washed out and bland

    Notice how the pre-release map had deeper shades of green and not just one, incredibly ugly and washed out shade of green for the whole map. The forests of battania looked every different to the plains of Vlandia, but now pretty much the whole map is dominated by that one shade of green. Please...
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