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  1. Gibkiy_Rafik

    Feint spam survival tips for beginners

    This video is great, I learned something and I had fun, I think it's enough. And this would be really useful for me when I started playing, because I had to discover most of that mechanics by myself through a decent number of ragequits.
    This content was obviously made for new and average players, not skirmish 10000k hours sweats.
  2. Gibkiy_Rafik

    In Progress Perks reset after death

    Summary Perks reset after each death. How to Reproduce: Instal the latest hotfix and die. Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: GPU: GPU Driver Version: CPU: RAM: Motherboard: Storage Device (HDD/SSD):
  3. Gibkiy_Rafik

    Need More Info Silent cav

    Here you can see there's a particular distance of horse sounds being avialable to be heard. Seems like there's no fade, it just appears. Guess sometimes obstacles interfere with this distance causing sutiations presented in earlier posts.
  4. Gibkiy_Rafik

    Balance Patch: design insights + full changelog

    I love the new Voulge description, lol.
  5. Gibkiy_Rafik

    Siege Domogtul Castle

    I'm surprised that nobody has adressed the balance issue with this map yet. This map is 9 out of 10 def win with no points lost, adding ladder on D didn't help at all, this map is unbalanced and mostly unwinnable at the early stage of the game.
  6. Gibkiy_Rafik

    Throwing Axe Design Philosophy [Captain Mode Focused]

    I remember the times throwing axes being an insta kill for cav and a source of crippling damage to any footmen class. Actually, it felt like it balanced cav on siege very good. It seemed kind of imbalanced that time, but axes didn't deserve that much of a nerf.
  7. Gibkiy_Rafik

    Siege Ayzar Stronghold

    Hey thank you for your feedback!

    I very much agree with what you are saying about the siege tower, I'll look into it, thanks! I still want the defender catapult to be able to shoot at it during movement, but yeah it would be good to hide it behind the cliff once it's there.

    The attacker catapults are a kinda delicate thing to move, I think with the spawn point adjustments you’ll be able to get more kills on the walls but yeah their main purpose is to accelerate the fight early on.
    The Problem with moving them forward is that the first fight basically happens right in front of them at the ruins (around A). If I move them any closer, over the dune, they will get very vulnerable to defenders' infantry destroying them. Probably to a degree where they could easily do it every round. Ill look into it though. Thanks again!
    Thanks for the reply!

    If you test the attackers cata you can see that it needs just 2 or 3 extra meters to land a stone on the further edge of ballista tower over E and a bit more to smash merlons over the point itself, so it doesn't take much moving forward. If you try moving it to be able to aim at G gatehouse, then, of course, you need to move it more close and change the angle, putting it closer to ruins like you said, that would put it in more danger, that's true.
  8. Gibkiy_Rafik

    Siege Ayzar Stronghold

    I have some suggestions for the map:
    1) Set some kind of an obstacle covering the siege tower at the end of its route or make consistently hitting it much more difficult. A bunch of players start moving the tower at the start of the round when the rest of the team is stuck on A, C, D points and can't get to the defending team's cata, resulting in tower being smashed really fast. Most of the playerbase knows that moving ram/tower is a good thing, game itself lets you know that it helps the team and gets rewarded with gold, but on this map fast tower deployment is the last thing you need to do, so it kinda stands out of the siege game concept.
    2) Catapult on the attacking side seems to have only 1 real purpose - breaking the gates between A and C. I tried to shoot at the walls on E (the tower with ballista and a lower part of it, where the archers usually nest) and managed to break only the couple merlons. This cata looks like it was intended to attack mostly left side of the castle, but this part of it is usually unplayed or has 1 or 2 archers that don't really bother anyone, so there's no need in breaking any walls at that part of the castle. I suggest moving attackers' catapult a bit closer, maybe a bit to the right so I can hit E tower, with a bit of skill E wall, where the lemming jump on the point is usually done, and the G gatehouse. With proper skill it can make the E and F push easier for the attackers, which is important in this sad cavless times.
    3)Another unclear purpose of the attackers' cata is sneakily destroying the siege tower, if you manage to get behind enemy lines as a defender. I think this should be the only way to destroy tower when it reached the walls.
    4) And yes, I'm still waiting for the poo piles. Maybe even make them interactive to be thrown at them damn khuzait so they have something to eat at last.
  9. Gibkiy_Rafik

    Need More Info GPU driver crash in MP

    Friendly reminder: I can't play siege for 2 weeks already, fix your game.
  10. Gibkiy_Rafik

    Need More Info GPU driver crash in MP

    Sadly we can't do much on the GPU crashes. The team is aware of these crashes but as far as I know we can't see the needed information on these crashes. You can try to lower the graphic settings as well.
    Last time it stopped crashing in a few patches, hopefully, it will happen again.
  11. Gibkiy_Rafik

    Need More Info GPU driver crash in MP

    Can you try this workaround?
    As far as I recall, last time it didn't help much, but I'll try again.
  12. Gibkiy_Rafik

    Need More Info GPU driver crash in MP

    Summary: After the update my game started crashing again with GPU drivers crashing too, after the crash there's a chance of either having graphic artifacts in Windows or just having a BSOD. In one of my previous threads about same crash Marda assumed my GPU is overheating, so I kept monitoring...
  13. Gibkiy_Rafik

    Need More Info Game crashing in MP again

    Update: after the new patch it began all over again.
  14. Gibkiy_Rafik

    Siege Ayzar Stronghold

    I mean cav charging out is gonna be a problem on any siege map. Unless you trap them inside or make the attacker approaches super narrow, both I think arent great solutions.

    I do think as the round goes on, cav should get a lot less viable. With putting flags up on towers and adding new chokepoints I am hoping too help that. Also moving the spawns closer so there is less running for inf. You can actually see how few kills cav gets at the later stages of the rounds on this map. But people still choose them cause they dont want to walk that far.

    Still price increases will definetly help yes.
    You do know that both staircases been added to E and F path can be jumped over and are not an obstacle to cav players, right?

    My tactics for this map is getting in the back, destroy catapult on the wall, then break all possible walls surrounding E, gates to G and ballistas. You don't even need to backcap when enemy archers have no cover to defend those points. All that can be done without any chance of meeting an enemy and it feels wrong. 1 or 2 guys prepare the route, then snowballing is inevitable. I try doing the same on Skala and it's 50-50 chance for me to get busted, it's much more visible to the def team that someone is making a mess in their backs.
  15. Gibkiy_Rafik

    In Progress NADuel Stuck In the Please wait phase

    Forwarding, thanks! Both servers are up and running at the moment.
    Having the same issue randomly with EU siege and TDM servers getting stuck on "Please wait" for like 4-5 minutes, judjing by the lobby, the server keeps being empty, so not my issue only. It doesnt crash the game, so no log avialable.
  16. Gibkiy_Rafik

    Need More Info Game crashing in MP again

    Game keeps crashing and it has nothing to do with GPU temperatures.
  17. Gibkiy_Rafik

    Need More Info Game crashing in MP again

    I'm not sure what my GPU temps were before, according to what I checked in other games it gets close to 80-85C in heavy moments. So I checked my GPU fan preferences and it seemed to be in some kind of a silent mode, I tweaked it a bit and started checking it in Bannerlord. Temperature is stable 55-65C, the number of crashes seems to reduce, but it can still happen - at the moment of this crash my GPU temperature is the same, my GPU also passes stress tests without any issues.
  18. Gibkiy_Rafik

    Need More Info Crashing in MP after joining the server

    This means that your crash is originated from the GPU when creating a texture. What is your GPU? Also are the drivers up to date?
    Here is the new thread about this crash I made.
  19. Gibkiy_Rafik

    Need More Info Game crashing in MP again

    Summary: I have posted a crash report here earlier, now there seems to be some kind of a new problem. Still getting random crashes in siege followed by video driver crash, but now after the crash most of the time I can't launch the game and I get a "create texture error" until I reload my PC...
  20. Gibkiy_Rafik

    Need More Info Crashing in MP after joining the server

    New error, now I just cant even load the game.

    d3d_device_->CreateShaderResourceView at rglGPU_device::create_rexture_from_image failed.
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