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  1. A Message to Taleworlds About the Ambiguity of the Development Process and the Plans Going Forward

    @AlexanderTournier Buying an early access game does not make you an "investor" nor does it give you the authority to make demands to the devs. If a comprehensive roadmap was so important to you, then why did you buy the game before you saw one? Sounds like you knew there was uncertainty regarding the content that would be added, but you signed up for early access anyway. Obviously, the game being early access means that it's in an unfinished state, so the first half of your essay complaining about EA launch is invalid--you're not paying for the launch, you're paying for the final product in advance. Regardless if one year has passed, early access is not going to end for several months at least, and even after, the game will most likely be supported and added to anyway.

    You should find something else to do besides "lobbying" (harassing) the devs because this type of post is extremely toxic. I'm pretty sure you know that though, as you use negativity to try to punish the devs for not following everything you want them to do. If you want to make a suggestion, then just give it and it will be taken into consideration. But beyond that, it is the choice of TW whether they will implement it. All this extra pressure and criticism is not only unnecessary but counterproductive because any points you do manage to make will be disregarded.
  2. Siege AI Idea

    I'm by no means a programmer, but I had an idea regarding siege AI that I think could simplify how the AI interact with ladders and siege towers. Basically, the way it is right now, AI will constantly interfere with one another when attempting to climb, leading to far fewer troops making it up...
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