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  1. BL Other I can't reach modding tools!

    It's not working for me. The modding tools launcher won't launch, and CTRL E doesn't do anything on regular single player launcher. I verified the integrity of both on steam, and apparently one file needed to be reaquired. And yup, both files are on the same disk.

    Just tried restarting the pc. With the mod launcher I only get to the game launcher. If I hit Ctrl E there, nothing happens. If I hit play single player, it just turns off after a second or two.
    Are you using the release version of bannerlord and not the beta?

    Also, Ctrl+e is used from the main menu, not the launcher.
  2. BL Other I can't reach modding tools!

    Hit Ctrl+e on main menu for single player.
  3. [RRR] Free Agents - No Team? Sign up here

    Name: Zaffa
    Steam: profile is private anyway
    Preferred Class: Co-Captain / Bench warmer
    Region: North America / NA
    Optional Contact Info: No contact.
  4. Can the multyplayer be more Casual. Your killing it with the Competitive mechanics.

    Warband was better

    Warband wasn't perfect but many of the core systems were far better than bannerlord.
  5. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.1

    Beta Hotfix (02/09/20)
    • Added all 1.5.0 fixes.
    • Adjusted healing for heroes:
      • Base healing rate was increased from 5 to 8
      • Settlement healing bonus was decreased from 10 to 8
      • Bonus from medicine skill for heroes was increased from 0.1% to 0.5% of base healing per skill level.
    • Fixed a crash that happened when the meet with Arzagos/Istiana quest timed out.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur during battles.
    • Chinese localisation fixes.
    • War & Peace declarations were adjusted so that there are fewer short wars.
    • Tribute amounts were reduced by 33%.
    • Fixed an issue that caused dead clan members to be considered for marriage.
    Thanks for update.

    Any word on when next major patch (mod tools) is arriving?
  6. Multiplayer Elephant In The Room. Khuzait Is Designed To Be Annoying To Play As And Annoying To Play Against, And Do Not Fit Into The Games Economy

    Khuzait will be banned from competitive play, just as Khergit was in warband.

    Taleworlds can cry about this all they want (TW has stated Battle was removed, in part, because of players banning Khergit), but this is the reality.
  7. Heavy Cav should be 190 gold

    Cav is still ridiculously strong imo.

    I do feel however that it is wrong to force a player to play multiple class types because of the awkward gold spread. Imo, heavy cav should be further nerfed to the point where its gold level can be brought down such that a player can go both heavy cav and non-heavy cav in same match.
  8. Download feature for servers

    The Native maps were always the biggest files to download back in Warband, like Field by the river being a 400kb download. That was a long time ago though surely they can do that faster now?
    I suspect maps in bannerlord are much larger than that, especially with custom textures.
  9. Seriously Concerned About Map Editor for Multiplayer

    You posed your snip right as I did. However, that aside, wouldn't have been hard for NIN3 to just say "I don't know. Sorry."
  10. Seriously Concerned About Map Editor for Multiplayer

    It's infuriating how Taleworlds has once again placed a gag order on its employees for content related to multiplayer.

    Either they don't know the answer or they know the answer will piss people off. Both options are alarming at best.
  11. Seriously Concerned About Map Editor for Multiplayer

    Despite the question being asked like 50 times over the course of a 1.5 hour Twitch stream, the devs refused to answer or acknowledge the below question, and instead banned people who asked it. "Can we get confirmation that all tools work for multiplayer maps and wont break the ability for...
  12. More Gamemodes

    @Bloc While I don't agree with a true "Battle Royale" game mode, I would fully support a one life battle mode where the borders of the map shrunk to a random selection of fixed points.
  13. Harsher punishment for noobs who rq

    This is a population issue and a result of not having private battle servers that allow for 30 people per side.

    Banning people for leaving casual play is stupid. What you are complaining about will go away on its own once private servers come and population grows.
  14. Patch Notes e1.5.0

    Yes and we are working on it.
    Any chance of them modding tools releasing too?

    Would be nice to have access to them in advance of the gamescon demonstration.
  15. Gamescom 2020 Online Event

    Feeling like no modding tools this month.

    Why must the wool always be pulleth across mine eyes?

    Look forward to the developer stream in any case.
  16. Solutions to Low Player Count in Multiplayer

    1) Battle is not possible with class system, at least not in a fun way.
    Battle is possible, even with a class system. However, you would be forced to rebalance all classes such that they were "equal".

    Is this a pain in the ass? Yes.
    Is this 100% Taleworld's fault for embracing / forcing a terrible class system and balancing the entire game around it? Yes.
  17. Solutions to Low Player Count in Multiplayer

    Major advertising should wait until 2.0 release / end of early access.

    As others have noted, before then:
    1) Battle should be added and fine tuned
    2) Combat / faction balancing should be finalized
    3) Custom servers should be released
    4) Modding tools should be released (presumably get these this week)
    5) All single player perks should be implemented
    6) Single player steamrolling needs to be removed
    7) More kingdom management / family lineage options should be implemented
  18. Diplomacy Developments

    Fantastic thread and example of dev communication. You the best mexxico.
  19. Combat feedback

    If block delay gets reverted im never touching this game again. Its finally a game that I can see myself playing. Some things certainly arent perfect, and there are tweaks that need to be made, but the core combat is massively improved.
    This. Reverting changes is a permanent uninstall. That said, the 2h crush through is beyond idiotic given the swing speeds and length of 2hs.
  20. More Gamemodes

    Are these going to be put into the rotation of the existing modes, or are we talking about new queues or new custom servers? More queues/servers means players will be spread out more, so that's something to keep in mind until MP gets another player boost.
    Player boost wont come until there are game modes people want to play. Creating a battle game mode would bring in more people to the scene.
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