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  1. Waybook

    SP Native Fewer Minor Faction Parties

    Just published my first mod on Nexus: Basically, each mercenary clan gets only 3 lords instead of 4 when starting a new game. This means there will be fewer mercenary parties. Enabling or disabling this mod doesn't change any...
  2. Waybook

    I heard the new patch is over 9gb. Is it a problem if I only have 7gb free space?

    The SSD I've installed Bannerlord on has only 120gb space and my Windows install is also there. (I'd add another SSD to my PC, but I'm out of free SATA3 slots and don't want to throw out the HDD with all my other stuff.) Is it a problem if the new patch is over 9gb and I only have 7gb free...
  3. Waybook

    BL Coding Anyone know where I could find the code, which determines whether the upgrade troop button is active?

    I've been looking around the game source code, but can't find it. Basically, I'm looking for the code that determines if the upgrade troop button is active in the party screen UI. For example in the native game if you're missing the required disciplinarian perk or a horse or enough troop XP...
  4. Waybook

    Resolved [1.4.0] I think I found a bug in your code. Looks like a perk is applied twice, when calculating XP gain for troops.

    It's in the class TaleWorlds.CampaignSystem.TroopRoster. public int AddXpToTroop(int xpAmount, CharacterObject attackerTroop) { if (this.OwnerParty != null && this.OwnerParty.IsMobile && this.OwnerParty.LeaderHero != null &&...
  5. Waybook

    Simple idea to make bandit fights more interesting

    Currently, when you're fighting Sea Raiders, you're only fighting melee infantry (with throwing weapons). When you're fighting Forest Bandits, you're only fighting archers. Having only one type of enemy in a battle makes the battle less interesting and makes the bandit fights feel more...
  6. Waybook

    Resolved [1.4.0] Troop duplication bug/exploit, when recruiting from your own prisoners with left shift+click

    I've encountered this bug a lot, when I'm mass recruiting from prisoners. It happens like this: 1) I have 6 of troop A in prisoners and 4 of them can be recruited. 2) I hold down left shift and click to recruit all 4. 3) Game adds 4 troops to my troop list, but removes only 2 prisoners from...
  7. Waybook

    The way troop movement speed is calculated, makes balancing more difficult for the devs and modders, I think

    As I understand, currently troop movement speed is calculated based on their athletics skill and the weight of their equipment. This means, whenever a change is made to the weight of an equipment piece, it will change the running speed of every troop that uses that item. Also, when one item is...
  8. Waybook

    [Code] I wrote this C# script to fix the wrong default formations in spnpccharacters.xml. Now I just run it after each game patch.

    Basically, it checks if a troop has ammo for crossbow or bow and if it has anything in the horse slot. I've used this for several patches now and it works great. This is the class, which replaces the formation: using System; using System.Xml; namespace BannerlordTroopEditor { class...
  9. Waybook

    Please please add a feature to LOCK CURRENT ORDERS in battle!

    So many times the battle is going fine, but then I get knocked out and my troops suddenly go stupid and my side starts losing hard. It's especially stupid when I tell my guys to charge and simply continuing to charge would be enough to win. Or when I have archers standing in a good position on a...
  10. Waybook

    Cavalry auto-resolve bonus should be reduced in forests, villages, marshes, mountains and sieges

    (Unless if it is already.) It would make Khuzaits less dominant and it would make sense.
  11. Waybook

    BL Coding How to change the number of lords/parties in minor factions?

    Anyone know how I could reduce the number of lords and thus parties per minor faction? I tried looking through the XMLs, but couldn't find it. EDIT: I found it and made a mod:
  12. Waybook

    BL Coding How to stop the different quality loot introduced in Bannerlord 1.2 from showing up?

    I dislike how my inventory is such a mess since 1.2 because of how there are lots of "tattered", "battered" and "fine" items now. I don't want to remove these items themselves from the game, I just want to set the chance of loot having worse or better quality to 0%. (In other words, I want to...
  13. Waybook

    Resolved List of troops that have wrong default formation in spnpccharacters.xml

    aserai_mameluke_regular has formation: Infantry, should be: Cavalry aserai_youth has formation: Infantry, should be: Cavalry sturgian_woodsman has formation: Ranged, should be: Infantry vlandian_levy_crossbowman has formation: Infantry, should be: Ranged galloglass_tier_2 has formation: Ranged...
  14. Waybook

    The sieges in 1.2 really are better

    The few siege battles I've done after the patch have really been better. Better AI and better performance. My troops used to get stuck right behind the siege towers, but now they don't anymore. Also haven't noticed any lag spikes, like I used to have before. Good job, TW!
  15. Waybook

    My inventory is a word salad now. Please change the item quality system!

    "Reinforced Studded Bound Kite Shield" "Rusty Cervelliere Over Laced Coif" "Flexible Highland Thinhide Coif" "Cracked Imperial Studded Strip Shoulders" "Tattered Padded Cloth with Strips" "Torn Southern Robe with Waistband" This does not look good and makes it hard to understand. Please change...
  16. Waybook

    Resolved Battanian Veteran Falxman doesn't have a falx.

    They are named "Falxman", but don't have an actual falx. Instead they have a spear and throwing axes. The falx is a cool looking weapon, so fix please! :) Current weapons for Battanian Veteran Falxman: <equipment slot="Item0" id="Item.battania_polearm_1_t5" /> <equipment...
  17. Waybook

    Add a difficulty option for economy

    Currently it's easy to get rich by selling loot you get from battles. It makes other forms of making money kind of redundant. I think this game would benefit from having difficulty options for economics too. This way players, who want a more challenging management game, can get that, and players...
  18. Waybook

    [Suggestion] Would like to order my cavalry formation to only attack enemy cavalry.

    Would be nice if there was a charge/advance order that would tell my cavalry to only attack enemy cavalry and not charge into enemy infantry.
  19. Waybook

    Please buff tier1 recruits by giving them better basic gear to make the game more challenging and immersive.

    Currently lots of NPC armies have 20+ recruits, who are easily mowed down by archers. They feel too weak and they make the NPC armies look like peasant rebellions. This could be solved by giving them shields and maybe some basic gambesons to make them look more like actual military recruits...
  20. Waybook

    The pregnancy system is awkward currently. My ideas on how to improve it.

    Game has no problem sending pregnant women into combat. Even if they get knocked out. My character's wife gave birth and then was pregnant again 3 days later, while I was nowhere near her. Game has no problem making me fight my own pregnant wife in tournaments for people's amusement. If a woman...
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