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    Dear moders and players pls help i need flute musics from mod :D

    hello guys already 1 year and more passed after my lastaction in warband MM battalion so today i wanted to hear that old flute song from game my favoret track 2 but was unable to find them so if you can pls somehow  give them to me only flute ones there are only 3 or give me name of that...

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    how to decrease kings, lords party sizes? i know how to do that with bandits, manhunters ect. also tweakMB cant help me cuz cant edit any mod. it only offers already made mods editing for warband.

    i sarched around forums with different ,,keywords'' but wasn't able to find any useful info and i don't have enough time :sad: so pls help

    thanks :smile:

    Play Custom Settlements in Warband 1.143

    hmm......  :?: :shock:  :?:  how? iam still hoping that mod devs will make new version for warband :smile:

    The Wild Wind Tutorial!

    press TAB then from left side choose shop it is down above white cross :smile: good luck finding it 

    WesternCraft v1 - Development Thread

    i agree with Lannistark. mod must have its point :smile: we need more action, shooting , looting, robing, invansion, team working, sherifs, bandits, commoners, smiths, little towns, orginesd crimes, ambushs, hunting :smile: this mod is great i like it very much but only building and eating isn't interesting. i think with some help of mod devs and good server admins everything will be fine :smile:

    The Wild Wind Tutorial!

    pls somone make crafting guide :smile: i was trying to craft colt for 2 hours and failed.

    SP Native Malik Faris's Companions and Native Enhancement [1.166]

    pls combine with PBOD 0.92 :smile:))

    [S] The Vision LE (v1.003 bug fix released 14/03/2012)

    this mod+PBOD= new warband! :grin: good job, i like your ideas and thank you for mod :smile:

    can you give me a hint how to combine PBOD and this mod? (i am total noob in things like that :sad: )

    is it possible to get a refund

    :smile: you see? you cant contact them  :razz:

    is it possible to get a refund

    you tryed to contact DEVS?

    is it possible to get a refund

    refund? :smile: mate check youtube videos or read somthing about thing you are going to buy :smile: but i think you will like game from time to time :smile: i advice you to download Mount and musket. shooting is very simple :smile: (it needs a lot of luck) and go to 1 of clans as private they will train you and when you will be on massive LB events then you will know that  20$ worth of it :smile: ofc you can try other mods too, or set everything on very eazy in game settings or a tlas t use cheats to make god like char :smile:. if you bought game from shop you have a little chans about 4-5% as i know. there is another thing too you have serial key so if you give back disck back you can take serial and download game from TW :smile:  and nobody will buy that game from you cuz you may use serial key and that person who will buy it from you so key will be banned :smile: damn i wrote so much :smile: i think nobody will read this :razz:  good luck

    [S] Teutonic Campaigns

    it works with 1.43 :smile: at last it worked for me

    MP Modern World War 3 - Discussion Active on last 5 pages

    Slawtering said:
    .. Fight in the British commonwealth just like they did for last two world wars.

    thats right :smile:

    MP Modern World War 3 - Discussion Active on last 5 pages

    bigdaddy95 said:
    Bit of a wild assumption there for the Middle East Union buddy..... cuz clearly they will have weapons of mass destruction on their side (at least thats what I will be telling myself when I enter a pointless war with them).

    they wont be able to use ,,nuke'' :smile: America will put anti-rocket  shilds around :smile: and bum! their nukes will be used against them  :razz:

    MP Modern World War 3 - Discussion Active on last 5 pages

    burbboy1 said:
    k all im asking is is the maker can put black troops in the game wether it be for the south american faction or the american 1 there is never that many black troops in any mount and blade games thats all i'm saying call it what u want  :razz:

    you don't trust specialist's skills?  :razz: (ye it is really interesting :smile: )

    MP Modern World War 3 - Discussion Active on last 5 pages

    so many days without coment ????  :shock:

    come on ask somthing  or spam a bit. for example which faction will be better and why?? i think midle east union will be weak and africa(if it will be  :razz: ) too :smile:

    B Native Musket Era [WB] Renaissance Mod - Beta Released

    new mod?  :shock: why i don't know anything about this mod?  :oops:
    looks very interesting! already downloading
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