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  1. Is M&B Banerlord EA the weirdest game development experience ever?

    you have reduced the number of options and each one is a negative. You did not give options to : The greatest ever, the optimal, the somewhat less optimal, it is like you are trying to influence people into negativity either on purpose, or subconsciously or create pressure to make things happen by this negative outlook compared to the greener greens after you are heard or obeyed. Maybe you are right now in a groupthink, where all tell doom and gloom and reinforce one another and you are in need of such reinforcement, just to be sure. I do not watch TV, radio so I'm very free of the doom and gloom and all the deception and cognitive dissonance that is in there.

    So, options, to where I would say that Im actually in awe of how things are going great is not in. How about to have options that do not reinforce your personal taste ? I wont vote, since I didnt play the game since january, so I do not know if it moved anywhere or in what I would consider the right direction.
  2. Damage in this game is Ridiculous

    From my experience, the really bull**** shots happen because of speed. Like charging into a group of looters on horseback. It will get you killed. Funnily enough, those rocks are deadly because they deal blunt damage. Besides that, damage in this game seems rather normal. If you're not eating hits while speeding, it doesn't hurt that much.

    Getting hit in the face hurts a lot tho. Not sure if it should hurt that much, but it's pretty damning. Enemy's handling also comes into play. When you get hit at the right timing, it will hurt more than when it's at the beginning or end of the swing. Is that damage difference fair? I can't tell, to be honest.

    look up the previous post, above yours. Rock weight, kinetic energy, momentum can all be easily counted with the device that some folks use to measure arrow, bolt, bullet velocities.

    If the developers looked at these things I made, added their own, for others who have different historical reproduction bows, crossbows, ballistae, springalds, whatever. This stuff can be reproduced, effective range. And the game can use it, it can change arrow weights, it can change velocities and it can drop like the real ones much more. All that kinetic energy and stuff is great when deciding on whether it will penetrate what kind of armor however, as in hunting, vs unarmored small target it is warhead that does damage, and excessive force is not required. Somebody has to arm that 'excessive force' otherwise.
  3. Damage in this game is Ridiculous

    1257 lb (large) composite crossbow (1257lb = 570 kg)
    bolt mass 0,32kg
    Bolt speed 51,62 m/s
    Kinetic energy 426,34 J
    Momentum p = 16.5 kg·m/s

    bolt mass 0,222 kg
    bolt velocity 58,08 m/s
    kinetic energy 374,43 J
    momentum p = 12.89 kg·m/s

    1200 lb composite crossbow (smol, 544kg)

    bolt mass 0,0813 kg
    bolt velocity 69,3 m/s
    kinetic energy 192,8
    momentum 5.613 kg·m/s

    bolt mass 0,0811 kg
    bolt speed 69,85 m/s
    kinetic energy 192,82 J
    momentum 5,589 kg·m/s

    longbow in yewtoob myth debunking video

    arrow speed 55 m/s (10 m away, 52m/s 25 m away) possible 57m/s upon release
    arrow weight 0,08 kg
    kinetic energy 130 J at 57m/s, 123 J, at 10m, 109 J at 25m
    4.56 kg·m/s,
    4,4 at 10m
    4,16 at 25m

    Steel prod 850 lb

    weight 0,08 kg
    speed 50,9 m/s
    kinetic energy 100 J
    momentum 4.072 kg·m/s

    weight 0,093 kg
    speed 49,4 m/s
    kinetic energy 111 J
    momentum 4.557 kg·m/s

    weight 0,159kg
    speed 41,5 m/s
    kinetic energy 133 J
    momentum 6,159 kg·m/s

    I havent seen any 1250lb + steel prod crossbow bolts being chronographed.
  4. Smithing breaks the game

    This guy... after that 5-page essay about how cheaters are bad, he admits to using a mod to cheat blacksmithing and make all patterns available. This absolutely concedes that A) he knows smithing is broken and B) he literally cheats himself, invalidating everything he said. I'm not even going to bother replying to the TW white knights, you guys are so balls deep in delusion that absolutely nothing positive can result from a dialogue. Btw, I did stop smithing for levels and money, but the damage is done and I'd have to start a new game... I suppose that's the experience you want for every user, right? It's all fine. Lol.
    You fail at discussion.

    Why ? Because you want to win. It is like you start at the end, 'my opinion is right'. And 'I only need to prove it/attack the rest.'.

    How you will proceed ? Those who disagree with the truth that is my opinion are either haters, or liars or something, the inferior. At least the ignorant and lacking in self-reflection/perception do that. All they spill is hatred for not being able to force their worldview, that power over others was denied to them. This is how mini-dictators work IRL. Then they bring in pain to break you. If that fails, they are at a loss. And you win.

    So, lets do some deconstruction of your accusation of hypocrisy.

    The other person admitted that unlocks arent fun and such. And admitted to using what you called cheats. The difference between you and he/she is that they dont want to take others freedom of action away, unlike you. Because unlike you, they are more likely to understand that their understanding of what is fun to them is not universal. Which you obviously do not fathom. You on the other hand imply that everybody lacks self control and that everyone reasonable (exactly just like yourself) is only trying to win, because only the win is where you try to reach. (pretty shallow goal imo) Your lack of self control is used as a justification to limit (control) other people, because you imply the rest are (lacking in self control) like you. (basically, raping others freedom of choice and making them too stupid to choose for themselves, it feels like you think that you are above the rest actually) It does feel like, oh well, there is lots of beer in the shop, there is lots of hard alcohol. And you got all the money, you lack self control, you buy it all, drink it all, claiming unresponsibility for your actions. At best you end up in hospital from alcohol poisoning, in worse scenarios, you end up beaten of beat someone or end up in a coffin. :smile:) And from the coffin you would call : All alcohol needs to be banned, IT was responsible for my actions! Because you failed to say no to your urges. Children are generally taken as not being responsible for their conduct. Until certain age. Narcissists stay children, they accuse their victims of wrongdoing, they dont take responsibility for their very own wrongdoing. If an alcoholic beats you, you are responsible, YOU looked at them wrong !

    A knife in the kitchen can slice bread and it can murder also. People who do not take responsibility for their actions, who claim they are unable to control the wrong in them, (claiming to have never done any wrong) people like this will ban knives, thinking it is the knife that is responsible. But I hope that you understand that the knife is not the problem, it is the user. A knife is a facilitator through which to carry either evil intent or to defend, or to slice bread. Mentally ill people (like old children) should have no access to weapons of course, because they are often, unable to control their crave to power over others. And violence, physical, mental and otherwise, is the weapon of choice, when it comes to enforcing ones will. This kind of people do all they can and can not to get to top positions in their respective places. They enforce their rules, of unfreedom yet they themselves ignore all laws at will. Because laws are for the inferior.(in their heads)

    Do you understand that you come to wrong conclusions ? You start with conclusions and search for their justifications.

    What you should do is first question whether there is a basis for your conclusions, why did you do it. Put your person off the universes center, and instead, watch from the side. What will more likely happen is that you might start seeing perspectives that you did not have. It might help you from trying to force your viewpoint onto others. Hurling insults. After the rage quits, that self-your validation didnt work out, do think.

    Why is your motivation trying to limit others freedom of action ? Especially when it doesnt affect anybody else. Who do you think you are, who do you think gave you such right ? Who gave you the right to command others on how to think ? Who gave you the idea that makes you think that you are in the right ? And if you are not in the right, then why do you not rethink your 'axioms' ? Or is it an insult to be challenged ?

    In another forum, not on this site I was called a phobe of this, phobe of that, and got 'some' nice permabans. People got enraged and they took their hurt feelings, and them being insulted as a proof of my wrongdoing, as if a proof without proof, well, really, it was gaslighting. And ones feelings and senses are not objective reality, those are not objective facts. I can only hope that there is still some hope that people do not submit to that evil groupthink of perversion. Because these people take their pain as a basis for trying to cause others pain, an example of self-righteousness. Because they choose to live in their subjective fake reality, when you strike the bubble with truth, they explode with hatred. Them telling you that you shut your mouth, yet they continue with their stream of their wicked tongues. In such a situaiton, who is the cause of the bad stuff ? The tongue, or its user, or the truth-teller ? Do you see that their hatred is inside them ? Do you see the hypocritical double standard ? They let their tongues speak, yet demand obedience and to shut up. Who do they think they are ? To me they are dumb. Because it will come back to them.

    If you ever attended a university, even if the teachers there tried to enforce your compliance, through writing otherwise useless krep, if you try to write what you think is right, prepare to get challenged. Especially if you dont say yes to everything they say. (generally dont challenge them outright, especially if you pay for the university, they will fire you by not letting you pass) While you might get discriminated against, while others get easy pass, just cause they want a university title, or even a PhD., even if you dont get too far due to opposition and subversive actions, by the group installed there, them trying to take you down or change your viewpoints, calling evil people great philanthropists, and such, you will still gain in the ability on how to logically form your argumentation. Greatly aiding in your personal development, helping you hold ground against groups of wannabe chieftains who have no legitimacy to demand your obedience. The sheep who just obey whatever those in higher positions demand get it all easy, yet they dont really even live, things like values are so abstract to them, and you trying to tell and explain is very often something that resembles a professor and a person who just finished 9-10 years in school total. While I thoroughly hated my long stay in university, including the thought control enforcement in a 'democratic' country, I did manage despite the heavy opposition that was mostly about groupthink, even though they claimed that you go to universtiy to become a scientist, but when you strayed from their approved views, ohh no, enemy of their 'science' :razz: Because universities are mostly brainwashing people with total ideological bs designed to take away critical thinking skills from you because university students are things to be brainwashed and controlled. When you dont fit, you face serious discrimination. But the washed get it all easy, if you stay on course, you will grow exponentially as a person who searches for facts and objective truth. You will see how powermongering university teachers are so often. How they wield it is primarily through unsuspecting naive young student. They tell them how awesome they are to join the uni, and those easy to take compliments are easy to mislead.

    So, I know what I wrote is blunt, provocative, but I do believe what I wrote as truth. Do not try to control what others do or think. Because the motivation behind it feels like getting yourself in the spotlight, for whatever reason, and get people provoked for your trying to steal their freedom. Freedom to do both good and evil. If you are prevented from doing evil by censorship, they you dont get to experience or get the understanding of why evil is wrong. You do have free will to decide, and I do not think that you are God Almighty to tell your subjects about what is right and what is wrong, because that was written very long ago already anyway.
  5. Athletic vs Riding

    do you want to know how to level up athletics or not ?

    I guess you are not, since you just keep blabbering.

    When on foot, swinging attacks give very small exp to athletics.

    Thrusting attacks give something like 10x the amount of exp to athletics. Or more.

    But youll keep blabbering :grin: I told you, but I wont repeat myself to too self-important individuals.
  6. Viking Culture Must Return Back (Please)

    I would say the Sturgians are more than the Kyjevan Rus, some names are obviously not current Russian or what is now Ukraine. Or is it just me ?

    Vercheg - vershek/vershok - small / little hill,
    Omor / pomor - pomorie - place/area/shire by sea. More = as in latin, mare, non-nostrum :smile:
    belgard or something, biely/bely = white, in eastern gorod is a city, in the west, a castle. White city or castle. Gard is most likely nod to nordish, but it fits more just as an intentional misnomer. Like Myzea Myzia, Lycaron Lykaon, Zeonica like Thessaloniké/modern Saloniki or something like that. Im no great cartographer, just pointing stuff that came to me.
    In Russia there is a Belgorod, in Serbia what they call Beograd we overhere call Belehrad. Stolný/Stoličný Belehrad is a city in Hungary and in Hungarian it is Székesfehérvár I believe.(saekeshfehaervahr)

    name zlatka :smile: in russian, gold is I believe zoloto. or zalato, by sound. Zlato - western slavic. Zlatka is basically a gold coin:smile: Not that you see them around these days. Gold-a in modern would be Zlatica, for westerner, C read as Ts, or Tz, not K. Like ingame Tzkurion axe.(I dont understand greek at all :p I heard it once spoken near me and I was wondering what the language might be :smile:)

    Then you have names that are most likely of the polish subtree, I believe there is Lashonek. Or something like it. -onek and such, very polish style.

    But overall it is quite fun when you cn understand a lot when you use a bit of twisting of sounds or change pronunciation from English to say French. Where OU = U. Where Ch is Sh and so on. Westerners usually cant read German so for proper pronunciation Tsch (Č) or Sch (Š). English sux when it comes to proninciation of Ch, or X they say Kh, which is nothing like it :smile: Some then go in extremes, only use G, or only H. From Chleb, bread, they go Hleb, even vulgarisms :grin: It is quite funny. Sun goes from solnce, slunce, slunko, slonko, solnko, slnko from place to place :smile: and I dont even know the rest.

    Names are from all over the place with some nordic touch here and there. Last week I found out that not far from here we have descendants from current Norway who came during anti-catholic (more or less, anti-Habsburg) wars. nd they say people barely migrated after the main waves in early almost medieval times. There are many places with Rus around here, because they were invited and usually formed the base for local defense cause they generally werent afraid of fighting at all :smile:)
  7. A nord invasion as an end-game disaster?

    endgame boss crises ... copycats.

    You can basically follow how empire ends, khuzaits end up beaten by khergits, Vlandia turns to Swadia, Greens turn to Rhodoks, even though it would be more fitting for vlands to make both.(or former imperials) Or greens disappear by subjugation. Sturgia turns to Nordia and Vaegiria. I forget about the yellow ones name.

    And you can have units use updated gear, like after each 25 years :smile:) to signify changes in technology. With all that stuff, you can have an invasion by a 'conspiracy', a horde army conquering, making others their own.

    The current pace of how fast castles fall, cities, factions, how they dont really get to rebuild ? Warband would take place just in 20 years at best :smile:

    Some armor is way too much into the future and some very much into the past.

    You could invite a new nation to your lands too if you have too ffew folks, even build new cities and castles.
  8. Just my end or are Battanian Castles laggy atm ?

    well, I had a siege, lots of fires and smokes up the hill. Or is there sth else ? It was quite choppy.
  9. There is no challenge in1vs1 AI combat...

    cavalry ability to hit you with spear when youre on the ground is much better,

    go to vlandia, use the bill, before the blunt damage patch, it took 7-8 hits on the head through the block. Now it takes 2. Because ... blunt is so much ignoring armor like it almost wasnt there.

    Its headshot modifier it however just 1,2 afaik, compared to 2x of others
  10. For those who needs tip about leveling up the Leadership skill

    it is extremely slow to reach 125, when you have your guys 400 of them, from 30 to 125 skill it can take some 4 years. Calling in lords to boost your numbers does help ofc, but having 5 focus with say 4-5x exp modifier ? Extra slow.

    At the beginning, recruiting gives 1 exp times the modifier. So you recruit and throw them away until you can have your parties.Sieging seems to help, like when your trebuchets hit enemy or something. Maybe there is a trickle of exp. Leadership seems to go also from damage not from your party, but by your allies parties. Unneeded added complexity and gating behind entering a faction.

    With 0/1 leadership skill, leveling it without army is near impossible, with recruits being the only feasible way. Still, very inefficient. Once BS gives you 105k gold per harpoon, this is a non-issue. Nothing is then too expensive.
  11. Athletic vs Riding

    they need to give 2H sword and xbow to tutorial, (like brothers add-on equipment) make hunting crossbow the lightest one. Light one is too good for tutorial, and make it shoot from horse
  12. Athletic vs Riding

    athletics outpaces your 1h skill if you use thrust attacks.

    I made my last char in tutorial to 175 1H and 125 athletics. If you have spiked club, from the brother, you should be able to stab 2x in the head at first without killing, then club the radagos raider.

    This way youll have 7 targes in each run. Retreat before radagos fight.

    My last build was 8 vigor at start, 5 1H focus asap, I witheld leveling up endurance and gave no focus to athlecits unti l75 1-handed.

    Why withold exping athletics at the start ? Well, it will kill your exp rate from 14x very fast otherwise. Still, you need 175 athletics (or 2?) for 9th vigor and 225 smithing much later on, its fine at lv-18-20.

    If you dont level up your melee in the tutorial, forget about it later on. 1H skill and adding up athletics will build you levels. - and decrease your exp income. So choose carefully to not waste early levels on filler stuff. The higher your skill ceiling in an area, the more you can gain levels from total exp. I currently have something like 230 1H and 205 athletics, I used no speed buffs, Retreating looters no prob.

    Athletics dont almost level up from ranged. swing attacks do barely, but thrusting, as with 1H, 2H, Polearms does the job. If you later on do 300 pierce with 1 handed headshot, exp will keep flowing.
  13. The case for Battanian pikes (Schiltron formation)

    so, suggestions are as usual ridiculous, as well as modders trying to be the center of attention with their similar bull.

    You guys are awesome, find a problem, make a solution that is even worse than doing nothing.
  14. Thank you TW for breaking all the mods again, sigh...

    Bruh...the trollest of the troll statements ever.
    why trolling ? It was my opinion about some folks who feel entitled to many things which I believe is trying to make a career out of modding. Not my cup of tea. And to me this is pretty self-centered pov that some people are seemingly pressuring tw. I hate attention-seeking behavior and to me it felt like this. This is why I went with the center of the universe kind of thing. I tend to be quite accurate when guessing people, because they tend to be self-centered, my profit in the future etc. It is also self-promotion, I, modder, my mods are gerat etc.

    I do not like mods much, last time I played for WB for 1257 back in 2010. Most ideas added, their implementation was about change for the sake of change. There might have been some other projects, but usually it was about the projections of their maker, in general, warped ideas, ridiculous gameplay. BL so far is pretty barebones and in need of improvements some of which are not hard to make. I used to edit some modules back in the day as well, but it tended to take hours and hours. I did consider about game making way back, it was something I was really into, but never for the money. If I did ever do something for money, I would feel obligated to do much more, something I do not like pressing myself into constant overwork. So in general, I wouldnt be able to work for a gaming company in principle. So I left it there, never going seriously for it.
  15. Taleworlds Could Use An Action Plan

    my goodness, nerfs to player income ... dont play with cheats or exploits - you wont so dont limit others. Unless you want to force people to not play the game at all, so only elitist you remain and boast, the game is made for you.
  16. Thank you TW for breaking all the mods again, sigh...

    so, I make mods, my future is a game dev and I get there by making mods. Base game can be broken, only then I will shine, that I used the broken game, did all in my power to prevent proper devs to fix it. Fixed things mean I cant boast of my superb skills, so all the mods in my portfolio mean that I will be getting paid in the future- the more non-working base game the better. With a working base game, my achievements will seem miniscule. My agenda is against fixing the game, while this is not in the interest of the majority, I am so above everyone else that my voice only counts, disregarding the rest who do not play (my) mods. The game is mine to decide whether it is getting patched! Hear it TW ?!!! I, the center of the universe demand you obey my selfish whims and do as I command !!! I simply cant let you, TW, ruin my game dev future ! I demand compensation, 'youve stolen my childhood' !!! :wink:
  17. Archers need a nerf.

    my goodness, I heard it that RL doesnt matter. xD Sure it really does.

    Especially physics. Too high velocities, reduce them, then you might tweak some numbers, or increase number of arrows etc if deemed not so strong.
  18. Combat Experience: the Problem of Infantry vs Ranged/Cav

    problem with ranged is too few bolts, arrows, and way too fast = daamging projectiles to to very inefficient armor.
  19. Why the hell is the Tannery so overpowered?

    This thread again is a testament to what I believe is fully blown narcissism - elitism of lots of players. Instead of getting everyone to use the same set of rules, to a narcissist, this is a foreign concept, because rules are to be imposed on others, but dont you try to put them in the same category.

    When you listen to these game is too easy, needs cheats, what you have is : 'I am stronger than the game, I beat it !!!' It is then all about the narc. The narcs will to impose rules on others ? Just like another thread - they need hardcore !!! Too EASY !!! It is all fake ofc, because they try to use any exploit so they dont play by the rules, so yea with this hypocrisy in your head, where you see problems in the 'lesser' people, instead of your glaring stupidity, good luck, because there is no way satisfying people like you ever.

    If you cant cheat, if the game is unplayable due to difficulty, you narcisstic types will again come with deceptive 'game IZI' because you want to be seen as some elite, even though you are trash on the inside. Mod your game, then tell everyone 'IZI' without telling. Cheat yourself 100 k gold, then say factories are IZI.

    It is the same Leveling IZI, because you cheat your characters anyway, but want to still impose rules of super slow leveling on others. I mean, it does look like you tell yourselves that the center of the universe is none other than you, but with having a group of elitists here, about which one does the universe revolve then ? Deceptions, exaggerations, this is the language of a mentally sick person, I, I beat the game, I better than you lesser minds. I wonder what kind of complexes you have and what youre compensating, but I would guess it is the very thing that you impose on others - inept, cant play on equal terms and tries to intimidate the rest, like a small dog being the loudest. And if by accident you actually werent just lying in everything, which is to be expected however, nobody is really interested in your boasting, other than your own elitist fellows. In which case, you should have a narcisstic subforum to take all your inverted logic, circular arguments there, so the saner people might have space to express themselves without having to go through this manipulative illogical mess of yours.

    So, cheat, mod, dont tell anybody, and tell everybody in order to get noticed, IZI. Then you can tell them you are superior to them, yea lol. Mental asylum material.
  20. AI cheats in recruiting

    when somebody tells that helping the AI cheat is necessary, that means the AI is weak and in need of improvement. It is also a kind of lowering of expectations where most games are really bad at. And cheating doesnt even work right.

    When you tell that it needs the cheats because you do 20 years of modding ? What does your modding experience tell you about the need to cheat ?

    Just because you are doing something, it doesnt give you an insight whether other people - unlike you really think so.

    Circular argument is : I know it needs cheats because theyre needed. It means you have no idea, because it is nonsense and you are operating with nonsense as a starting point.

    If you like the AI cheating, that is entirely on you. For me cheats take away immersion for the sake of artificial increase in difficulty. When AI uses the same rules as you, has nothing extra, it would seem your reaction would be : It needs cheats to make it more challenging without elaborating, just going to your prior belief, that it needs to cheat. To me it really does not and there is absolutely no reason to skew the game by cheating. If there is balance made without cheats on AI part, your cheating will completely destroy it while you would stay in your bubble - it needs to cheat- without any reasoning whatsoever.

    Cheating first of all is disgusting. Whether it is the AI or another player. Whether you want it easier is entirely up to you. Whether you want it harder to experience the adrenaline or leetness is also, up to you. As such, your imagination that AI needs to cheat is just a belief based on your needs. Because you are it would seem, looking for a 'challenge', to 'beat the game', something many other people might not get the concept of.

    For such difficulty spikes that your challenge kind would want, I would assume, there needs to be a difficulty lever, where the player can get less money, less experience, gets increased damage to even 500%-1000%, because I bet your challenge kind are that good and can do it. Then you can brag about it to like-minded people that the difficulty is still not 'big enough', or the game being imbalanced. But for the rest of people, who do not suffer for the craving to prove themselves in front of others or themselves, for normal people, such levels of unplayability would result in frustration and unwillingness to play the game. So your 'I want cheats' will turn most other people away. And you will think it would be cool and that dumb non-elite masses are leaving as a sign of good stuff.

    If you join a faction, there should be an option that your faction immediately suffers similar penalties as your player does, because it needs to be a challenge. You bet it does. I would be quite sure your likes would still come up with somne exploitative means of how to 'beat' the game. How big the difficulty was and what you exploited instead of playing by non-exploits and other unintended things. Also there would need to be things that weakening of your faction is reverted the moment you leave it to prevent easy onslaught by exploitative players as well.
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