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  1. Australians, how many are there (of us)??

    hey pete you got a license for those weapons? If not that IS highly illegal in australia and what was up with those grows some balls and some brains crack? And btw the pistol is alot more illegal than the 22. because no one would use a pistol for hunting. I wouldnt be suprised if you just plain cant get a pistol license in aus.
  2. Australians, how many are there (of us)??

    Haha david hicks not a terrorist just holding an !RPG! with two other torrorists in ski masks beside him and he got funding from al qaeda(sp) hmmmmmm not a terrorist my ass this is aus all guns are illegal let alone rp-friggin-gs  :lol: :roll:
  3. SP Musket Era Modern Wild West Mod

    Haha I should sig that post  :smile: and I knew it wasnt possible I just thought it would be funny........dont worry its a personal joke  :smile:
  4. Australians, how many are there (of us)??

    that all sounds very bad, I think im in trouble hehe except the part about david hicks I say he is a terrorist remember the picture of him holding an rpg? most condeming evidence ive ever seen :smile:
  5. SP Musket Era Modern Wild West Mod

    thats a very nice looking gun for your 2nd modelling attempt  :smile:

    and just one small question will this mod have tumbleweeds  :?: :grin:
  6. 213 things Skippy is no longer allowed to do in the army

    Haha you got that right hmmmmmm but I know he didnt do most of that but Id like to think he did :grin:
  7. ANZAC day

    Haha someone reported me to the admins for saying stfu in my post to the insensitive pricks who posted before me. More than likely he skimmed my post for something to report me on and found it ignoring the rest of my post completely  :evil:
  8. ANZAC day

    Now people are starting to see what I was so angry about, archonsod  put IT perfectly its not about where but why and how these men fought .They fought for freedom and against the evils of the world war 1 era, they fought with bravery and even when faced with certain death they still fought again and again and again.They fought for their mates and their brothers and if you guys dont get it yet if germany had won the war against brittain they most likely would have gone on to take over most of the world including aus.

    And if you didnt know russia was an ally of germany at the start of ww2 then germany thought they can fight both the russians and the allys and that is the main reason why germany lost ww2. Now would the people from other countries stfu and go find a thread which they actualy know something about
  9. forum vets and m&b vets

    I was wondering who else here has been playing m&b or posting on the forums for more than one year? I bought the game about 1 year and a week ago and joined the forum I think about 3 weeks after that. I did a little spurt of posts, about 13, and then went into the dark corner of lurking.Then...
  10. ANZAC day

    :evil: **** you guys we aussies were definately a part of the war we fought and died against insurmountable odds and you guys want to mock and redicule them  :evil:
  11. 213 things Skippy is no longer allowed to do in the army

    Haha most of my teachers would laugh their asses off (im from aus everyones pretty layed back over here) but also there are some prudish old teachers as well........the bastards  :lol:
  12. Australians, how many are there (of us)??

    Haha good point but watch on the news tonight johnny will come on saying something about the road death toll this year and then theyll flash a picture of kim beasely saying something along the lines of "I disagree blah blah blah political crap"  :lol:
  13. SP Musket Era Modern Wild West Mod

    Haha I could just picture it a whore walking around with boots that go up to her waist and when a man doesnt pay she just pulls out a huge rifle from her waist-high boots and blows him away  :lol:
  14. OSP Fantasy 3D Art The 2by4 of Death > Released!

    Haha thats funny as hell. I am lvl 50 with full stats and everything so its a 1hit kill for me :smile: I ride into battle against the biggest armies swinging my lump of wood with a nail in its funny stuff  :grin:
  15. SP Fantasy Oriental Fantasy Japan VS Mongolia Mod.[Work In Progress]

    This sounds like a very good mod 2 completely diffrent sides 1 horse reliant 1 foot and sword reliant side

    Also you will get alot of support from the other modders because they themselves are making mods with japanese and mongolian troops and buldings.This mod could be very good by the end  :smile:
  16. SP Musket Era Modern Wild West Mod

    Haha I definately dont think a whore would walk around with a blunderbuss. I would say its most likely they would walk around with maybe a small pistol such as the derringer consceled maybe in a boot not with a large rifle such as the blunderbuss  :lol:
  17. Modding currency

    That is a very good point because when you think about it many mods are historically accurate ones which would definately not use the denar such as the japanese mod called onin ra or something.Also many mods are around 1300ad in europe so maybe they would like to use the currency used at the time.
  18. Fifa WORLD CUP 2006

    Danm I thought this was a thread about the actual world cup which it should be. The aussies are finally in :lol:. Too bad we have to go up against brazil 1st off  :cry: oh well better luck next time for us  :smile:
  19. modding pc

    Oh dear god god what the hell did you just say  :?: :lol:
  20. anyone know what this means in english?

    No no your all wrong it says "Im teh 1335 h4x0r"  :lol:
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