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  1. WilliamWallce

    Still crashing since hotfix

    Immediately after the hotfix yesterday, the game started to crash anytime I joined a skirm server. I left it for a while, came back and everything was hunky-dory but I've just logged on again today, tried to play 3 or 4 games, and have crashed straight after warmups every time. I saw a couple...
  2. WilliamWallce

    Unban Request - The Boss

    Name i was using - (It is rather offensive and immature) Boss_Nigger Servers i was banned from - Eu1 What was happening when i was banned - I was about to leave and change my name like requested after leaving a comment when i was banned... Time and Date - 12 pm 16/08/12 Timezone - Gmt (Bst) User...
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